Ideas to Decorate Gazebo and Verandas with Transparent Curtains

Gazebos and Verandas Decoration

The rapidly gaining popularity of transparent curtains for gazebos and verandas can solve the eternal dilemma of residents of country houses between design and functionality. Robust, reliable design easily fits into the interior and protects from the external environment’s adverse effects. Simultaneously, everyone in the gazebo retains an excellent view of the surrounding landscape, and outwardly the structure looks harmonious and stylish.

Transparent curtains are equally well suited for any open space – gazebos, verandas, terraces, balconies. With their help, staying in the country or a country house will become more comfortable both in hot summer and with the first frost.

Why do We need Curtains in the Gazebo?

The design of the space of the gazebo or veranda is often not given due attention, leaving these rooms as they are, at the most, furnished with wicker furniture. But after all, everyone wants comfort, home coziness, and you shouldn’t forget about style in a country house either. Therefore, curtains for a gazebo are as much a necessity as, for example, comfortable seats or a barbecue.

The accessory does an excellent job with decorative functions, complements the gazebo’s interior or veranda, emphasizes its features and style.

An open space with curtains becomes more comfortable, the effect of protection from the external environment is created.

Thanks to the curtains, you can hide many shortcomings of the gazebo or veranda, effectively emphasizing the advantages.

Curtains create a barrier from flying insects that can darken the rest in the gazebo.

Even transparent or translucent curtains refract the sun’s rays well, protect from bright light.

A sharp cold snap will not become an obstacle to rest in the country because the curtains reliably protect the open space from the wind and improve the room’s thermal insulation.

Transparent PVC Curtains for Gazebo and Verandas

Gazebos and Verandas Decoration

Today you can buy curtains for gazebos, terraces, verandas for every taste, from a variety of materials. But in a changeable climate, experienced summer residents prefer high-quality synthetic materials that can withstand the environment’s aggressive effects without losing their appearance.

Most often, transparent curtains for a veranda or other open spaces are PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This material has several advantages:

  • High strength, elasticity.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Not afraid of water – high humidity, precipitation, wet cleaning. Resistant to temperature extremes, withstanding both the highest and the lowest (from -35 ° C to + 60 ° C).
  • It is fireproof. Therefore it can be used near sources of an open fire, for example, a barbecue.
  • Biologically stable, mold and fungi will not form on the surface.
  • Hygiene, health safety.
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PVC curtains can be safely used outdoors, and they will last a very long time without losing their appearance or protective qualities (from 10 years and longer). Also, everyone has the opportunity to choose the color of the material, its density, the level of transparency, which allows you to buy or make such curtains of a suitable design.

Protective curtains for PVC gazebos can be translucent or completely transparent, imitating glass both externally and in properties but significantly inferior to it in cost. A transparent film can transmit up to 90% of sunlight, so it will always be light and comfortable inside the room. Such designs are often referred to as “soft windows” because, visually, the curtains resemble a glazed veranda.

The transparent awning structure serves as a limiter and has a stylish design that blends harmoniously with the surrounding landscape. Such curtains reliably protect the interior from adverse weather conditions while providing a good illumination level and excellent visibility. Also, they can be used all year round. The material is not only not afraid of low temperatures but also reliably retains heat inside the room.

Polyurethane Curtains

Gazebos and Verandas Decoration

In addition to PVC, transparent curtains for gazebos and verandas can be made of polyurethane film. It is slightly thinner (400-500 microns) than a similar one made of polyvinyl chloride, but is in no way inferior to it in terms of performance, and in some ways even surpasses:

Due to their high elasticity, such curtains are almost impossible to tear, stretch or puncture.

The characteristics are maintained at temperatures from -80 ° C to + 60 ° C, as a result of which the film will not crack, retaining its original appearance for several years. Such curtains can not be dismantled for the winter but cleaned in the spring.

The high light transmittance of polyurethane is practically the same as that of glass, while the material reliably protects against UV rays, reflects up to 40% of infrared radiation. The latter factor helps maintain a comfortable temperature for a person inside the gazebo even in the heat and reliably retains heat in the cold season.

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Benefits of Transparent Curtains

Gazebos and Verandas Decoration

In addition to the performance provided by the characteristics of PVC or polyurethane, transparent curtains for gazebos and verandas have the following advantages:

  • Reliable protection from precipitation, wind.
  • Transparency provides a good overview.
  • Possibility of tinting the film or applying drawings, reflective compositions on it.
  • Minimum care requirements. It is sufficient to wipe the material as needed with a damp sponge with or without cleaning agents.
  • Unlimited life with proper use.
  • Simple assembly and disassembly of the structure.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • Relatively high cost.
  • Transparent curtains do not hide the interior from prying eyes.
  • The materials do not allow air to pass through; therefore, in an unventilated room, humidity or temperature can rise greatly.

Polyester Curtains

Gazebos and Verandas Decoration

Polyester is used to produce fabrics of varying degrees of transparency, which depends on the mesh base’s density. Polyester will not be as transparent as PVC or polyurethane, but it has many advantages:

  • It is not afraid of moisture, sudden temperature changes. Therefore it is optimal for outdoor use.
  • Long-lasting, does not deform over time, does not fade.
  • Possesses high strength.
  • The material does not burn, does not accumulate static electricity.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • The translucent texture protects more reliably from prying eyes, diffuses light better.
  • Any pattern or ornament can be applied to the curtain, which does not affect transparency and visibility.

Most often, roller blinds for gazebos and verandas are made of polyester, which is screwed onto a special shaft of open or closed type, allowing openings to be opened to the required height.

Soft Curtains for Gazebo and Verandas

Soft Curtains for Gazebo and Verandas

Curtains made of PVC or polyurethane are primarily considered protective; their decorative function is rather limited. If the room is used mainly in the warm season, it makes sense to buy soft curtains for gazebos and verandas.

Transparent or translucent fabric curtains are made from weightless materials such as organza or chiffon. Such textiles create a romantic atmosphere, add lightness, airiness, comfort to the interior.

Translucent textiles have high decorative qualities:

  • The abundance of colors and patterns on the fabric allows you to choose the gazebo’s ideal curtains.
  • Due to various draperies, you can form spectacular folds tie-up with ribbons, chains.
  • The curtains are a translucent canvas that will protect from the summer heat, bright sunlight in the unfolded state.
  • Affordable price allows you to choose material for every taste and budget.
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But textile curtains have several disadvantages:

  • The need for regular care (cleaning, washing).
  • Operation only in the warm season. Moreover, a thin fabric is not able to protect from wind, heavy rain.
  • They must be removed for the winter, ensuring proper storage in the house.
  • Short service life, unlike PVC.

Translucent organza or chiffon curtains can be combined with denser, stronger materials, such as linen, rough cotton, tarpaulin, or acrylic so that the gazebo is better protected from wind and precipitation.

Transparent Curtains for Gazebo and Verandas: Installation Features

It is quite simple to fix “soft windows” in the gazebo, even on your own. Along the canvas’s perimeter, there are special slots or eyelets into which the fastening fittings are inserted. This type of attachment allows you to roll up the curtain, fix it at the desired height.

Most often, the following are used as fasteners:

  • Locking belts tucked into rectangular eyelets.
  • Swivel brackets.
  • Staples with straps.

Brackets are installed along the perimeter of the gazebo openings by the location of the eyelets. Then you can apply the curtain and start fixing it.

The installation will not take much time since the canvases themselves are very light, and the fasteners are convenient.

Soft Curtains for Gazebo and Verandas

Eyelets or other fasteners (hooks, clips, carabiners) can be installed only in the upper part of the canvas, following classic curtains. In this case, the curtains are strung on a cable or a hollow tube, wire guide.

Besides, the curtains for gazebos can be rolled. In this case, special shafts are installed in the upper parts of the openings, onto which the canvases are wound. You can also install roman blinds, which are attached with Velcro, forming soft folds when assembled.

The choice of suitable curtains for gazebos and verandas largely depends on the purpose of these premises and the time when they are planned to be used. Correctly selected curtains will help create harmony and comfort at any time of the year, and staying in nature will become much more comfortable.

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