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10 Decorative Stairs to Add Style in Your Home

by Blaky
Staircase Ideas

At home, the stairs have become a more decorative and aesthetic element. Go up or down; that is the question when we think of stairs. But in these houses, they have become one more decorative and aesthetic element. Flying steps, with or without railing, avant-garde, or rustic … Which one suits you?

1. With Built-in Bookcase

Cobra staircase with built-in bookcase. The living area was located next to the staircase. It is a working design converted into a bookcase whose steps, covered with tiles from the living room’s original hydraulic floor. Space is well used. This will be quite a unique and creative idea to build your stair. It will give totally innovative look to your home.

2. Integrated Ladder

Staircase Ideas

With a metallic structure with flown wooden steps. No railing or vertical parameters that delimit it. It is a great idea to integrate the staircase into the living room through the opening space.

3. Decorative Element

Staircase Ideas

Staircase with a stainless steel structure and flying oak wood steps. An indiscreet glass panel delimits, exposing the spectacular structure of this staircase.

Touch deco: place pictures, paint the staircase’s wall, and decorate some steps with attractive accessories.

4. Work Staircase

Staircase Ideas

Work staircase finished in white and with a wrought iron railing. The curved detail of the staircase base makes the vaulted effect in that area of ​​the living room under the staircase. A brick staircase with an iron railing connects the bedroom with a mezzanine, equipped with a sofa-bed and a small table.

5. Warm and Current

Staircase Ideas

Staircase with glass railing and wooden handrail. In the background, from the work area, you can see the kitchen without a door. This will look sober and cool as well.

6. Industrial Air Stair

Staircase Ideas

The white metal steps and structure and the transparent glass railing make this stair an industrial element. The staircase that connects both floors was moved, now it is located between the office and a living area. Its design, in glass and metal lacquered in white, is very light, so it does not visually reduce space.

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7. In Chestnut Wood

Staircase Ideas

Staircase in chestnut wood, coordinated in the finish with exposed beams. The hall is a good example of the style so particular and characteristic of each room. The earthenware floor, the beams, and the wooden staircase add a rustic note.

8. Integrated Colors

Staircase Ideas

Staircase with flying steps in wood and steel with railing in the same materials. White integrates it into space.

9. With Cupboards Underneath

Staircase Ideas

The distribution revolves around the dining room, attached to the kitchen island. This occupies the bottom of the plant, less luminous. The gap under the stairs is a precious space. In this case, an oak-paneled wardrobe has been created under the staircase.

10. Rustic

Staircase Ideas

Rustic, with stone details. Work railing on one side and an iron bar installed on the wall, which facilitates holding when going up or down. The stone wall that frames the staircase area gives it that rustic air.

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