Basic Kitchen Decorating Ideas and Tips

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Our lifestyle and the tastes that we have significantly mark the style of decoration that we choose for our house and, specifically, for our kitchen, where we will spend more or less time depending on what we like to cook, and the time we have to do it. Or whether the house is big or small.

For this reason, because we know that each of the people who come to Prodecoración has their reality, we wanted to develop this mini guide to essential kitchen decoration to find the best ideas to design your kitchen or give it a new style.

How to Choose the Style of Your Kitchen

You have to ask yourself several questions before looking for kitchen furniture, kitchen taps, kitchen paper, blue, etc. The questions that I want you to ask yourself below are those you will be asked in any business where they sell and design kitchens.

The first one is: how many meters of kitchen do I have? Is it long, narrow, or wide? In short, how is my kitchen in terms of measurements? And it is that the design you are going to do in a large kitchen has nothing other than in a small kitchen.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Next, it is also essential to know if it is a new kitchen or an old kitchen. With the first, there is no problem because you start from scratch, but with the second, you do have to take into account factors such as the plumbing or know if you only want to renew a part of it or redo it completely.

On the other hand, you must also take into account your lifestyle and your way of being. Someone who has time to be at home likes to cook and enjoys being in this space is not the same as someone who is the opposite. Considering these first three questions, you can get an idea of ​​designing and distributing the kitchen.

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A kitchen has its own space, that is, it has four walls. A door is not the same as a kitchen integrated into the rest of the house, often the case in many lofts, where there is not even a separation between the kitchen and living room or dining room, beyond what you want to put, such as a screen. A lot will depend on this, for example, the choice of the extractor hood, which will have to have more force if it is all in the same space to, as far as possible, avoid odors.

Finally, it is also essential to know what style of decoration you like or what the rest of the house is like Nordic, vintage, rustic, classic … this is where the choice of furniture and furniture will come into play. Rest of the kitchen accessories that we are going to see below.

Kitchen Tiles: What to Consider

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Tiles are the most widespread option to cover the kitchen walls and the floors of most of them. But what do you have to take into account when choosing them? Answering the following questions:

  • What color will the kitchen furniture be: everything has to be consistent.
  • Where am I going to put the blue ones: on all the walls or just in some areas? Depending on this, you will choose more or fewer meters. In fact, more and more kitchens are being taken that leave the walls exposed or with paper to decorate kitchens, to the detriment of tiles.

Once you have answered these two questions, keep in mind that the quality of those you will choose is of quality and, above all, that they can withstand the temperatures and the ingredients in the kitchen, without the need for you to be constantly cleaning.

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Paper to Decorate Kitchens

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

It is one of the current trends in kitchen design and them and bathrooms. Why? It allows you to play more with colors, also, it gives it warmth and modernity (even if the kitchen style is classic or rustic).

The variety of kitchen papers is so wide that, practically, you can choose it depending on the style of decoration and your tastes. For example, brick wallpapers are great for industrial kitchens because they cover the wall and give it that industrial touch. On the contrary, for those that are more modern and colorful, multicolored papers are chosen. Still, the Sauvage style is also used a lot: one that represents the elements of nature and tropical forests, in particular.

A tip: the kitchen is a part of the house that is changed every many year, so we recommend that you choose the ones you choose that are timeless so that you do not get tired and always feel comfortable in your kitchen.

Trends in Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Here too, the answer is varied, depending on the style of decoration you choose. The distribution of the kitchen itself will also have a lot to do with it because depending on this you will have to choose one or other furniture.

Some of the trends include the following:

  • Kitchens with island: they arrived years ago, but they never go out of style; only the styles change. They are ideal for large and spacious kitchens or for those that are kitchen-dining rooms, so that it fulfills the function, on the one hand, of separating the room itself and, on the other, help you gain space because in the Own island not only cooked, without also one can sit down to eat or enjoy a snack. It also helps save on auxiliary furniture because they are spacious tables and have many drawers.
  • Natural wood furniture: they are back on trend and are perfect for different styles, both minimalist, Nordic, or rustic.
  • Kitchens and vintage colors: they are a trend today, both in terms of furniture and kitchenware. However, the reality is that unless you are a lover of this kitchen design, it is a style that can get very tiring. Please take this into account before opting for it.
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Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kitchen Decorating Ideas

When small kitchens can not always choose the furniture that one would like, however, it can be used well and even appear to be larger, taking into account the following ideas:

  • Light and natural colors: if you wanted dark blues (very in vogue today) or other colors far from the light ones, forget it. Opt better for whites or light colors that give light and a feeling of space to the kitchen.
  • Very functional furniture: choose the right ones but functional ones so that you only have the basics and essentials.
  • Peelable and on a single front: especially if it is a narrow and elongated kitchen. In this way, you give a feeling of greater space, and you will have more space to move around the kitchen. Having paneled furniture means that everything is more hidden, and it does not seem that there are so many objects in it.

All this that we have told you does not remain a mere theory, and we pass you some images so you can see what the result is.

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