20 Living Room Design Ideas, Inspiration & Images

Living Room Ideas

The living room is the “face” of every home, and family members gather in this room every day. In addition, it is here that holidays are celebrated, and visitors are received. Therefore, its design must be approached with special responsibility. We invite you to explore the fashion trends in the living room design, which will allow you to create a stylish and functional interior!

Trending Ideas for the Living Room

The main trend in 2021 is the pursuit of sustainability. In the modern world, people are tired of solid synthetics, a constant flow of information, fast rhythm, and stressful situations, so we are drawn to natural materials and calm shades. Designers advise surrounding the apartment with details of natural origin, natural motives.

Another prerequisite for connoisseurs of fashion trends is simplicity on the verge of minimalism. This year, it is advised to remove lush decorative elements, extraneous details, and things you can do without interior.

Living Room Ideas

You are striving for minimalism does not at all mean complete asceticism. Nobody cancels the luxury, which is still permissible in the interior, but it should be manifested not in the abundance of decor but the quality of the details used. Expensive finishes, natural furniture, and works of art that match the decor in style allow you to create a beautiful living space and emphasize the elegant taste of the apartment owners.

Another requirement is maximum comfort for people living in the house, without which the nuances mentioned above do not make sense. A beautiful interior without a cozy warm atmosphere does not allow creating a modern living room design. Try to make the elements around you not only attractive but also comfortable.

Color Solutions for Living Room

To decorate the living room 2021, you must, first of all, decide on color schemes. If the palette is not pleasing to the eye, then the interior will not look attractive, regardless of stylish details.

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Green. It is best to use colorful shades in the interior, for example, grassy color. Such a living room will correspond to the concept of naturalness and an atmosphere of unity with nature.

Living Room Ideas

Blue. Shades of this color remain relevant in 2021. You will not be disappointed with the result, as blue tones allow you to create stunning interiors.

Living Room Ideas

Purple. Bright lilac will help get rid of the feeling of the burden of everyday life. Choose shades of purple to create an original living room space.

Living Room Ideas

The Warm Palette in Living Room

Red. This year, it also remains popular, with muted shades as a backdrop and rich reds as an attractive accent in the living room.

Living Room Ideas

Brown. This is a classic living room option. You can vary the lighting to create different effects. Pay attention to the earthy hues as well as the mustard color.

Living Room Ideas

Beige. Warm colors are relevant, as they are associated with home warmth, coziness, which meets the requirements for the interior of the living room.

Living Room Ideas

Monochrome Colors in Living Room

White. This is the most popular color and will be the perfect backdrop. Designers recommend complementing the white living room with expressive accents. This is necessary to avoid feeling sterile.

Living Room Ideas

Grey. For those who are not a lover of natural warm shades, gray tones can be recommended.

Living Room Ideas

The Black. This is a classic that will always look stylish and sophisticated. However, in a private house, it is not recommended to choose such shades. Give preference to a black living room when it comes only to a city apartment.

Living Room Ideas

Interior Styles in Living Room

Living Room Ideas

Experts say that in the current year, several styles are relevant, namely, loft, minimalism, retro, ethnic, and others. Let’s try to consider the features of today’s fashionable stylistic trends in more detail.

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Living Room Design in Loft Style

Living Room Ideas

America is considered to be the homeland of this trend. First of all, the loft was relevant for bohemians and people of art, but today it is increasingly being chosen by businessmen.

Such a living room should have a lot of light and free space. Excessive decorative elements are not allowed; the use of materials of natural origin is encouraged. Relevant are stone and brickwork, wood, various metal structures. If we talk about color schemes, the use of exceptionally light shades is appropriate.

Living Room Design in Vintage Retro Style

Living Room Ideas

This stylistic trend is relevant for true dreamers. If you’ve ever loved literature about adventure and bygone days, vintage retro is your option. A trait of adventurousness characterizes such a living room.

For a retro style, the use of natural materials and natural muted shades is relevant. You can use wood furniture, wrought iron lamps, and curtains with fancy details in the living room. Choose velvet, satin textiles.

Living Room Design in Ethnic Style

Living Room Ideas

The ethnic living room also uses natural materials whenever possible. It can be metal, wood, natural stone. Interior design in ethnic style requires a careful approach to the choice of details. Today it is fashionable to use colorful tones and intricate ornaments, which are typical for Eastern countries.

Living Room Design in Classic Style

Living Room Ideas

A distinctive feature of the classics is muted colors, strict lines, and restraint of forms. It is a versatile style that always stays in fashion. However, you can add variety to it with the help of unusual elements – fabrics, various paintings, original lamps.

Living Room Design in a Modern Style

Living Room Ideas

When they call “modern” style, they can mean several directions at once – from minimalism to industrial and fusion. Give preference to modern materials and technologies. For a change, designers advise paying attention to knitted details, textured wallpaper, velveteen upholstery.

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Furniture in Living Room Decor

Living Room Ideas

In accordance with the recommendations of the designers, we can say that among the pieces of furniture it is worth paying attention to the following options for the living room:

  • Exquisite furniture;
  • Sofas in eclectic style;
  • Ottomans with knitted upholstery;
  • Open shelves and cabinets;
  • Headsets in the form of modules.

If we talk about materials, they choose wooden, cork, bamboo, marble items this year.


Living Room Ideas

For the living room, it is crucial to choose the right upholstery of upholstered furniture. The best option would be a leather substitute or classic varieties of furniture textiles – flock, velour, tapestry, or jacquard. At the same time, it is desirable if the fabrics contain the majority of natural fibers.

If we talk about textiles in general, plush is becoming the most popular in 2021. With it, you can make the living room cozy and create a homely atmosphere.

Velour and velvet will help organize a luxurious, elegant interior; besides, no one has canceled the pleasant feeling from touching such textiles.

An integral part of the modern living room design is the use of fluffy fabrics and long-pile items. Such details allow you to make the atmosphere in the room cozy. You can choose a carpet with long fibers, a soft cover for a sofa, or an armchair – a genuinely homely atmosphere in such a living room will be guaranteed.

In conclusion, One should note that the primary trend is openness to experimentation. In the living room design, you do not need to be afraid to show individual preferences, so feel free to add details that characterize the owner of the apartment. Get creative and get inspired by browsing the selection of photos we’ve put together for you!

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