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How to Use a Rack Partition in Home Interior Design?

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Rack Partition Design

The partition rack is a fairly popular solution, which, due to its not bulky appearance, allows you to expand the usable space of the room, give it a lighter and more airy look, and organize the correct storage of things and various décor.

1. How can you use Partitioned Racks?

Several options for using shelving partitions.

For Zoning a Room

The racks used for zoning a room are a decorative artistic value of the entire interior, which can significantly improve the overall aesthetics of the space, make it much more convenient, more comfortable, and bring some zest to it.

Rack Partition Design

As Interior Partitions

Shelving models used as interior partitions provide an opportunity to competently divide the space and set the necessary boundaries while not overloading the situation.

Rack Partition Design

2. Types of shelving for zoning

There is a considerable variety of shelving designs that can be an excellent solution for any interior.


It is a structure modeled from various parts or sections, the location and layout of which may vary depending on their number.

Rack Partition Design


Monolithic shelving is a type of cabinet furniture, it has a more straightforward look, but at the same time, it has maximum strength. These models look very neat and make the room more ergonomic.

Rack Partition Design

3. Shelving Shapes

Partition racks can have completely different shapes, which allows them to be placed in almost any place.

  • Stepped

A rack made by a ladder can be a reasonably spacious, asymmetric structure with an open or closed slide, which easily fits into any room and allows you to arrange decorative things in it conveniently.

Rack Partition Design

  • Rectangular

The simplest and most classic version, reminiscent of a laconic furniture shelf, with a different number of shelves.

Rack Partition Design

  • Framed

Thanks to the frame consisting of shelves and racks, this model has a very light and weightless appearance. This design on legs can be filled with various magazines, books, photographs, or other interior items.

Rack Partition Design

  • Angular

Compared to straight shelving-partitions, such products have a larger usable area and are perfect for a sufficient number of things.

Rack Partition Design

  • Snake

The shelves, lined up with a snake, give the rack an unusual and extraordinary look. It is possible not only to bring some zest to the atmosphere but also to decorate the room functionally and conveniently. The open structure allows you to add lightness, sophistication, and airiness to the room and visually expand it.

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Rack Partition Design

  • Geometric

With the help of such a design solution, it turns out to personalize the environment as much as possible, making it more modern and unique.

Rack Partition Design

4. Shelving Material

Most commonly used materials:

  • Made of Wood A partition rack made of wooden boards or high-quality solid wood allows you to create a natural, eco-friendly, and at the same time, quite presentable design.
  • From Drywall This material provides an opportunity to design the usual rectangular shapes and create the most original design designs.
  • Metal Such racks are made of unique thin, but very durable metal and have a very light and compact appearance.
  • Made of MDF With the help of such a plastic material, you can create almost any shape. Models made of MDF can withstand heavy loads and retain their characteristics for a long time.
  • From Chipboard Universal and simple chipboard products have a relatively low price, but at the same time, they are distinguished by good environmental and strength indicators.

Rack Partition Design

The variety of materials used for the manufacture of shelving models turns out to choose the most versatile option suitable for any interior style.

5. Design and Decoration

Attractive decoration and design techniques.

  • With Drawers

Using boxes, you can hide the things you need from prying eyes and protect them from dust. Plus, the closed compartments are great for storing small items that might get lost on open shelves.

Rack Partition Design

  • Asymmetric

Will add extraordinary originality and creativity to the atmosphere. Thanks to its unique forms, the asymmetrical shelving unit always attracts attention and creates incredible effects in the room.

Rack Partition Design

  • With a Curbstone

This model is a great way to save space. You can put various things on the nightstand or place different necessary items on it.

Rack Partition Design

  • With a Table

A rack with a desk or computer desk is a reasonably convenient option for a home interior, allowing not only to delimit the space but also to decorate the work area functionally and comfortably.

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Rack Partition Design

6. Rack Filling Options

Several options for rack filling:

  • Television A rectangular TV screen located in the center of the partition wall will harmoniously fit into the overall geometric composition and be perfectly combined with other decorative elements.
  • Books Multi-colored book spines diversify the room’s color scheme, create a particular coordination accent, and become an integral decorative element of the entire interior.
  • Flowers Compositionally arranged indoor plants or pots with artificial flowers will form a beautiful and neat design that will not be overlooked.
  • Decorative Tableware Porcelain, crystal, or other decorative tableware, placed in plain sight, always looks elegant and elegant. Also, the glass will add visual lightness and transparency to the furnishings.
  • Kids Toys A rack with open shelves or cells filled with children’s toys will not only add a great mood to the room but also allow you to organize it in order.
  • Designer Accessories In vases, various accessories, souvenirs brought from travel, figurines, or caskets will significantly refresh and embellish the usual design.

Rack Partition Design

With the help of a variety of filling, you can radically transform the atmosphere and turn the shelving structure into a stylish decorative item that reflects and matches the style of the entire room.

7. Shelving Colors

For an intelligent choice of color, you should consider the overall design of the room, the shades of furniture, and other interior finishes.

  • White.
  • The black.
  • Brown.
  • Beige.

Rack Partition Design

A rack made in a specific color can be a functional and pragmatic piece of furniture and become an essential component of its beauty.

8. Rack Partition in Different Rooms

The use of shelving-partitions in the interior of various premises.

  • Kids Room

First of all, for the nursery, you should choose a safe, firmly fixed rack model, on which it will be possible to compactly arrange the child’s things, toys, designers, books, or other original content. Shelves in bright colors with modules and niches of different shapes, for example, cubes or triangles, located between beds or near the study area, will also be appropriate.

Rack Partition Design

  • Kitchen

Rack-partition for the kitchen is selected, taking into account the room’s overall palette and interior style. Such an element of decor is very convenient for the kitchen space since it is appropriate to store towels, potholders, napkins, various dishes, cookbooks, or fresh flowers.

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Rack Partition Design

  • Living Room

Shelving models with open or closed shelves, bedside tables, lightweight cabinets, or a place for a TV are quite a relevant decor for the living room. Narrow shelves decorated with lighting or spotlighting also look organic.

Rack Partition Design

  • Studio Apartment

With this zoning option, you can significantly save space, create additional space, and thereby get rid of the feeling of crampedness in a studio apartment.

Rack Partition Design

  • In the Attic

Shelving-partitions in the form of a ladder or model, repeating the shape of a sloped roof, perfectly complement the existing attic furnishings, emphasize the interior style, create an exciting accent in the room and allow you to make the most of the space.

Rack Partition Design

9. Rack Partition in Various Styles

Decorating ideas for popular style trends.

  • Loft

Metal black shelving with open shelves or wooden structures with vintage elements will be appropriate here. They should be roomy, mobile, functional, and have a relatively modest design.

Rack Partition Design

  • Provence

Uncomplicated, slightly worn wooden shelves with various wrought iron or openwork elements are always comfortable and straightforward in a Provence style interior. Designs in natural colors will perfectly fit into the setting, without unnecessary pompous and pretentious decor.

Rack Partition Design

  • High Tech

Metal or plasterboard lattice models in white or gray shades will add free space to a high-tech room with the absence of doors and drawers. Partitions with precise geometric shapes and straight lines will become an element of decor that fits into the interior.

Rack Partition Design

  • Classic

Luxurious shelving-partitions made of valuable wood species in natural colors are suitable for this style. They will become an indispensable and valuable piece that is perfect for storing various little things and, with their appearance, will give the room a touch of classic chic.

Rack Partition Design

The partition rack is an exceptional zoning factor and allows you to store, distribute, or display your favorite things. This design helps to dilute the atmosphere and bring a touch of novelty and originality to it.

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