How to Repair or Fix a Zipper? All The Easy Solutions for This Problem

How to Repair Zipper

Who hasn’t had a zipper undone on one side at the most inconvenient time? I’ll show you how to mend a zipper that opens in order to remedy this common problem that can complicate a busy day in a matter of minutes. Read the article!

Can a Broken Zipper be Fixed?

Before taking action, you should consider whether the zipper in question has a solution. Or, more specifically, whether you can repair the closure without having to remove and replace it.

Remember that this is dependent on both the type of zipper in question and the issue that affects it. There are four types of zippers or closures:

  • Metal zippers are far more repairable.
  • the injected zippers, which are made of plastic but are extremely durable.
  • Polyester zippers with no permanent solution.
  • The frailest and impossible-to-repair invisible zippers

However, in order to know how to fix the broken zipper, the first step is to figure out what happened to it.

How to Repair Zipper?

How to Repair Zipper

It will not always be difficult to fix a zipper that does not work due to a broken, trapped, or distorted zipper. Below are several possibilities and their potential solutions.

Without Stop

The upper or lower zipper stop frequently comes off simply from use. In such a circumstance, the solution is straightforward. Simply purchase a replacement bumper and snap it into place, sealing it tightly with pliers. It will only take a few seconds and you will not have to sew or unstitch anything. Of course, for an emergency repair, you can use a piece of fabric and a needle and thread to build a stopper.

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No Handle

As in the last scenario, you can replace the lost handle with a new one or with one from another closure that you no longer use. However, how do you get by with a fill-in shooter? Very basic, a simple thread, a paper clip, or a ring used to load keys on a key chain can serve as a handle until you find a more acceptable one.

No Cursor

It is difficult to close a zipper without a slider. If you have old zippered clothing at home with a slider that perfectly fits your broken zipper, all you have to do is remove it and place it where you need it. Remove the stops if they are present, then position the slider and pull it to maintain both sides of the closure firm and together. If you don’t have a cursor, you can buy one that fits your zipper and place it the same way.

How to Fix a Shutdown?

Sometimes none of the closure’s components have broken. The zipper, however, does not shut properly. The issues can be numerous; let us look at the most common.

That Opens

Do you have a zipper that opens, descends, or opens at the bottom? If this occurs, it is because there is a poor grip between the teeth, resulting in a deformed closure. The answer is to use pliers to adjust the car or cursor and be very careful until the problem is resolved.

That Got Out of Some Sides

If the zipper has come undone on one side, it has most likely lost the stop on that side. It will be required for you to reposition the car or cursor on both sides and, once resolved, to secure the stops so that this does not happen again.

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If it Missing a Tooth

If the zipper is broken because one or more teeth are missing, you must determine the extent of the damage. If it is merely a tooth, you may be able to save it by using a needle to slide the teeth to the sides of the missing one. With this method, you can cover the hole and restore the zipper’s functionality.


Unless clogged with fabric, a zipper that does not run, does not go down or up, and does not close is due to a lack of lubricant. The remedy is to run a graphite pencil along each side of the carriage or cursor’s internal portion. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily the traffic jam is cleared.

Fix a Zipper

Homemade tricks to fix a zipper or zipper cannot be overlooked, as they are an essential resource for a quick response to simple problems due to their simplicity and accessibility.

With a Fork

How to Repair Zipper with Fork

Did the cursor get lost? Don’t be concerned! Thread the two center tines of a fork along each side of the cart. Next, insert each side of the zipper until it passes through the cursor, and voilà! Your zipper will be operational once again.

With a Straw

In the lack of caps, you can make your own using a small piece of straw. Cut it to the appropriate size and place it. Pass the car or cursor through it to ensure that it is working properly.

With a Graphite Pencil

How to Repair Zipper 
 With Graphite Pencil

We’ve already demonstrated how simple it is to free a stuck zipper with a graphite pencil. Graphite is a great lubricant for zippers and zippers. Remember it, and it will get you out of more than one jam.

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