10 Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas to Inspire You

Minimalist Kitchen Design

What do you think when you see the word minimalism? Please do not be scared; we will not ask you to throw all your belongings out the window, but to think a little more about Marie Kondo’s philosophy to order your life and your spaces.

With the rise of the minimalist lifestyle today, it is common to see this carry over to other spheres, such as fashion, architecture, and decoration. Minimalism is not about getting rid of everything but about finding what things are important to you and living a life with more meaning and less accumulation of objects.

That is why in decoration, minimalist spaces are usually associated with functional, attractive, and organized, as they facilitate our daily life and project a sense of serenity. This article will show you some ideas to bring minimalism to your kitchen and why not to your life.

1. Go for Light Colors

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Light, serenity, and cleanliness produce light colors in a space. Undoubtedly, the white color best suits this style since it is a very harmonious and flexible neutral tone that looks good in any space.

With a white kitchen, you will make the space look bigger and brighter and very neat and calm. This color is also very flattering in small spaces with little natural light.

2. Integrate Different Textures

Minimalist Kitchen Design

A minimalist kitchen does not mean a kitchen without design; to decorate without saturating, you can use textures on walls or furniture and integrate design and color. It is advisable not to opt for very complex designs, as they can attract too much attention.

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In this kitchen, we see how the furniture and white countertop are chosen, a geometric pattern in black for the wall. The design is finished with wooden cabinets, providing different, exciting textures to space.

3. Kitchen Design in Dual Color

Minimalist Kitchen Design

If total white is not your thing, you can choose two colors to decorate your kitchen and create contrast fully. Minimalist spaces should choose neutral colors, one of the most chosen pairs being white and black, which creates exquisite spaces.

4. Blend Everything in the Same Color

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Make your minimalist kitchen “disappear” from sight by choosing furniture, countertops, and walls in the same color. In this kitchen, we see how all the white elements are used, which makes them unify in a very harmonious way and with the next space.

5. Select Functional Furniture

Minimalist Kitchen Design

As we already mentioned, functionality is one of the pillars within the minimalist style. There should be no clutter in kitchens of this style, as this disturbs the eye and creates discomfort.

To do this, we must choose functional furniture with a lot of storage space, and that can also hide some electrical appliances, creating a unified color plane throughout the space.

6. Enclosed Kitchen Cabinets

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Use open furniture or shelves with caution, as they can give the impression of clutter and visual disorganization. It is better to opt for closed furniture to store everything you need and leave the spaces open for design or decorative elements.

In this kitchen in the photo, it was chosen to highlight the open areas with another material. The shelves were decorated with a few white elements and plants, respecting the kitchen color palette.

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7. Leave the Airspace Free in the Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Design

To give air to space and visually reduce your kitchen’s size, leave the top part, where the cabinets would go, free. No doubt this is an idea for large spaces or saved in other areas kitchens, but it gives space A look minimalist and contemporary.

With this idea, the kitchen is reduced to a single horizontal line on the floor, giving the feeling that space is composed solely of that element. You can use this sector of the wall to place open shelves and subtly integrate decoration.

8. Disguise the Furniture with the Color of the Wall

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Minimalism also means less visual heaviness, so by painting your kitchen furniture the same color as the wall, you can make it “disappear” from sight and create a very original kitchen. In this example, it was also avoided to use the upper space with cupboards to give it more space.

9. Add a simple countertop to your Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Countertops also play a significant role in decorating your kitchen. In minimalist spaces, it is better to look for designs that do not have very dense patterns or opt for a completely smooth countertop with materials such as Silestone not to overload the environment.

10. Organized Kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen Design

In a minimalist space, everything must have its place. It is vital to organize the kitchen to achieve an aesthetic and functional space, which you can use at any time. For this reason, this style requires a lot of storage space and personal training to store everything when we finish using it.

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Bring Minimalism to Your Kitchen

With the resurgence of minimalist spaces, the rules have also been changed. It is no longer about having the bare minimum but about having functional, beautiful, and harmonious spaces with everything we need to develop our daily lives.

This style is great for a highly organized and useful space in kitchens, vital in a service environment like this. Regardless of your kitchen’s size or the style of your home, we are sure that you can apply one of these examples to integrate minimalism in your space and transform its use.

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