4 Vibrant and Stylish Kids Bedrooms

Bedroom Ideas

How to furnish a youth bedroom with space for leisure, study, and sleep. Optimize space, find storage solutions and combine rest, study, and play. These junior rooms meet (more than enough) all these requirements. Take a look at the photos below and choose the style you like the most that best suits your needs. Given below are the 4 of the great bedroom décor ideas for kids for sure.

1. Bedroom for two brothers with Folding Bunk Beds

Bedroom Ideas

Take advantage of the space to the millimeter to install two beds and a study area without the room being motley: that was the objective in the kid’s bedroom of the image. A bunk occupies one of the walls, and there is still space to place a shelf with drawers embedded in the excess space. The table has been arranged under the window. Great composition in “L.”

Energize with color. A wood tone as the back wall of the bunk beds serves to delimit the rest area. Soft blue has been reserved for the study area. With this color code, the environments are “separated” visually, and the whole is much more attractive.

2. Blue and White Bedroom with Plinth

Bedroom Ideas

The plinth is the absolute protagonist of this room and gives it personality. The plinth painted in such an intense tone stands out against the white walls and floors and also makes the furniture stand out – the bed and the beechwood table. Besides, the yellow sparkles (chair, accessories, and textiles) are luxurious. Look out for the niche next to the bed: this shelf is perfect as a mini bookcase and fits into the wall very discreetly.

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Multipurpose bedThe bed choice is very successful, since it can also be used as a sofa and, as if that were not enough, it has a removable nest. The approximate minimum measurements for a similar piece of furniture with a 90×190 cm bed are 201/215 cm wide and 100 cm deep.

3. Green and White Bedroom with Many Drawers

Bedroom Ideas

Multipurpose furniture is a great resource in rooms with the meters counted. In this bedroom, equipped by Ikea, the bed is also an important storage “container.” Another good idea to take advantage of the space: the shelves recessed in the wall or with a minimal depth, and the flown shelves in the upper part of the walls, for light objects or stuffed animals.

Green frames. The simplest ideas often deliver great results. The shelving unit has been framed with moldings and painted in a moss green to match the door frame, and which coordinates – intentionally – with the wallpaper that enlivens the wall. Of ten!

4. Attic Bohemian Bedroom with Wooden Beams

Bedroom Ideas

Minimal furniture (just enough) but excellent decorative ideas make any space unique. It is demonstrated in this bedroom, in it, textiles play a decisive role. The striking bedspread and contrasting cushions. The two overlapping rugs, one with zigzag motifs and the other in shearling wool. The finishes with a “fake aged” of the furniture accentuate that beautiful and modern bohemian chic style.

Effective solutions. In small bedrooms with sloping ceilings, it is best to use fundamental furniture. The bed in this example does not have a headboard or footboard, and it consists of box spring and mattress. And to hang the clothes, nothing like a “donkey” of the simplest.

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