How to Choose the Right Wooden Doors for Your Sauna?

Wooden Doors for Sauna

If you start building a bathhouse, you will need to install a door at the final stage. You need to carefully approach its choice, especially when it comes to the entrance structure to the steam room. During operation, it subjects to various loads associated with a sharp change in temperature inside and outside the room and humidity because a high level of steam concentration is a constant companion of the bathing process. It is necessary that the door tightly insulates the steam room to retain heat, while it should emphasize the interior and style of the bath. A well-installed structure will create an atmosphere and emphasize the atmosphere in this room, which will match your taste preferences.

The Choice of the Design of a Wooden Door for a Bath

Wooden Doors for Sauna

Wood is a reliable material that can use practically even under high loads. We advise you to purchase everything together with the door frame – this will guarantee that the canvas will completely adhere to the doorway cutout, thereby achieving complete thermal insulation. Otherwise, significant heat losses may appear, which will negatively affect the use of the bath.

Important! To obtain the maximum heat preservation effect, the entrance structure to the steam room is made small.

A height of no more than 1.5 meters is often found, and a high threshold is also used to prevent drafts. The door in the bathhouse opens to the outside, and this solution has the goal of preserving heat, preventing its loss.

Advice! Do not use double-leaf wooden doors because this can lead to additional losses of thermal energy.

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Design Features of the Door

In appearance, the design used for the bath may not differ much from the ordinary interior door to which we are accustomed, but there is a difference. These are not only the materials that are used for its manufacture but also the design features of the canvas.

Wooden Doors for Sauna

Features of a Wooden Door for a Sauna

  • Door Frame Execution

The most optimal solution is to make it from hardwood. It can be aspen, oak, etc. Fastening of the “thorn” is carried out using the furniture method using special wood glue (non-toxic), as well as a dowel.

  • Complete Absence of Cavities

Frame cells that are in interior doors must be filled with honeycomb materials. It can be cardboard or fiberboard. It is recommended to fill the structures directly for the bath with basalt wool, which does not have toxic properties and does not burn.

  • Frame Cladding

For cladding the frame, it is preferable to use wood species that benefit the human respiratory system and emit coniferous resin in moderate quantities. It can be linden, aspen, etc. As the cladding wears out during operation, it can be replaced, during which the frame will not be disturbed, and there is no need to remove the door from the hinges.

  • Vapor Barrier

A particular film is stretched under the sheathing. The purpose of its use is not to let hot steam through and to protect the door leaf and insulation from moisture and high temperatures.

  • Heat-Resistant Glass Inserts

Equipping the curtain with inserts of different sizes contributes to safety and makes the whole structure lightweight.

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Manufacturing Material

The most popular material used in the manufacture of sauna doors is linden. Due to its properties, the operation of such a structure can take place for a relatively long period. Such a door does not allow heat to pass from the steam room and does not lend itself to deformation from exposure to high temperatures and different humidity levels.

Take a note! Linden is not subject to high heating, swelling and practically does not emit tar.

In practice, other materials are also (but less often) used to make doors, for example, Canadian cedar or ash. These materials have a longer service life, they are resistant to the processes of decay, deformation, and their most important difference is their relatively high cost compared to linden.

Take a note! Today many people use oak. This material perfectly retains heat, and due to its strength characteristics, it has been used for quite a long time. The main drawback is a considerable weight.

Pro Tips for Choosing a Door

Wooden Doors for Sauna

To correctly choose the bathroom door, you first need to decide on your desires and financial capabilities.

Advice! The most optimal and economical will be a product made of solid linden.

Appearance, color, and style are also important, and such moments are negotiated with the manufacturer on an individual basis. You can purchase a ready-made structure for sale, or you can apply for personal products according to your needs and wishes. When custom-made, you will receive a product that fits perfectly into the opening, and you will not need to carry out additional work on its sealing (although when buying a ready-made door, such a need may also not arise).

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Remember safety!

  • It is necessary to choose the right accessories, as the door handle heats up during the operation of the bath. If it is made of heating material, you risk getting burned; therefore, the use of a handle for a door to a bath made of metal or stone is strictly prohibited.
  • The structure must be as fire-resistant as possible. You can treat it with unique compounds, which, in addition to extending the service life, contribute to increasing its resistance to high temperatures and fire. This criterion is perhaps the most important because it guarantees the safety of both the owner and his guests staying on the premises.

Of course, the choice of a wooden door for a bath depends on the tastes, desires, needs, and financial capabilities of the owner, but the main thing should be remembered – the main property of the product is resistant to high temperatures as high humidity. Make the right choice, and your rest in the sauna will be as comfortable as possible!

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