What to do When Your Bathtub is Leaking?

How to Fix Bathtub Leaking

Depending on the type of housing, the damage produced by a water leak can quickly become widespread, whether at your home or that of your neighbor. This is why it’s critical to respond fast. As a result, we recommend that you research the appropriate steps to take in this type of situation.

Why is Your Bathtub Leaking?

Regardless of the type of leak, it must not be ignored under any circumstances. It can have various origins. You can investigate what’s going on. However, if you are unable to pinpoint the source of the problem, it is recommended that you seek the advice of a specialist.

  • It could be a clogged or damaged drain.
  • The siphon could be ruptured or positioned incorrectly. Similarly, the siphon seals may be worn and no longer perform their function, or they may have been fitted wrongly.
  • The overflow pipe may also be defective, resulting in a leak during baths.
  • It could also be a drip, as in the case of a degraded silicone seal surrounding your bathtub, which no longer ensures the seal, or something else. The leak is more difficult to notice in this circumstance since the amount of water flowing is less significant and hence less obvious.
  • If your bathroom is very new, there could have been an error during installation, so double-check that everything is in place.

In any case, if you do not detect the presence of a water leak as soon as possible, serious difficulties can arise. This could be the situation if you are not at home or if the leak is not visible. On the other hand, if it is clearly apparent, it is critical to cut off the water at the meter as soon as possible.

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What are The Risks?

Even if a leak is not inherently dangerous, it can cause enormous damage. This is why it is critical to intervene as soon as you notice the first indicators. Among these are, among others, the following:

  • Leakage
  • Floor and wall deterioration
  • A few huge puddles of water on the ground
  • A higher-than-average water bill

Access The Plumbing

If a leak at the silicone seal is ruled out, your only option is to investigate what is going on at the plumbing level in order to pinpoint the source of the leak and determine what is wrong.

However, the tub surround frequently conceals the entire mechanism. You only need to open the inspection hatch. This is a hole in the casing that allows you to see what’s going on beneath the bathtub. To see clearly, you’ll probably need a torch. Unfortunately, on some bathtubs, this inspection hatch does not exist, leaving you with little choice but to remove the complete covering or call in a professional to ensure that this procedure is effective.

What to do When There is a Leak Under The Bathtub?

You can try to solve the problem yourself if you are a handyman. However, the necessary repair may be complicated and necessitate the use of tools and abilities that you do not possess. It may thus be preferable to hire an expert. Remember to call your insurance company as well!

What you can do is as follows:

  • Whatever decision you make regarding professional intervention or not, the first instinct to have in the event of a leak, whatever it is, is to cut off the water. This will reduce the harm and give you more time to act. Depending on the age of your lodging, you may discover a tap near the bathtub. It is possible that this is not the case, in which case you will have to cut off the general water supply. If this allows you to avoid aggravating the issue, the problem is still not solved.
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Then, depending on the malfunction discovered, you must behave differently:

  • The entire siphon may need to be repaired or replaced.
  • You can inspect the overflow and make sure the drain pipe is properly fitted into the siphon. Damaged components must be replaced.
  • You can redo the silicone sealing if necessary.
  • When in doubt, consult a professional. Do not be afraid to take the time to obtain several quotes. Indeed, some unscrupulous craftspeople may take advantage of the situation’s urgency to increase prices.
  • If your bathtub does not have an inspection hatch, it may be time to install one to minimize future inconvenience.
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