How to Glue Wood to Concrete in Simple Ways?

How to Glue Wood to Concrete

You may need to attach wood to concrete during your DIY task. Only then are you hesitant to cut holes in the concrete because you lack the necessary instruments? Why not simply glue the wood to the concrete? If you choose your glue carefully and follow certain principles, this solution will be faster and easier to execute. We explain all you need to know to get a successful outcome.

Why Glue Wood Directly to Concrete?

The fundamental reason for this is that anchoring sessions are required whenever an element, regardless of its material manufacturing, needs to be fixed in concrete, whether on the ground or on the wall. It couldn’t be more time-consuming, especially if you don’t have a hole punch on hand.

Depending on the circumstances, you may prefer to glue wood to concrete rather than screw it. As an example:

  • To build a timber deck directly on a concrete slab outside.
  • For installing wooden parquet on a concrete slab inside.
  • To fix treads, as well as wooden risers on a concrete staircase.
  • To fix skirting boards, cleats, cham plats, paneling, and wooden sticks on a wall or a concrete floor.

This list is far from exhaustive, but if you find yourself in one of these or other scenarios and want to avoid drilling, installing dowels, or screwing, the answer that can come to your rescue in all effectiveness is the employment of glue.

What Type of Glue to Use?

You should be aware that any sort of glue will not be enough to secure wood to concrete: a proper adhesive is required to ensure adequate adherence. For example, attempting to fix a wooden part to concrete with adhesive mortar would result in failure, because this form of adhesive mortar works on other supports, such as tiles, stone, and so on, but not on wood.

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Here are several types of glue you can use to bond wood to concrete:

  • Polyurethane glue, also known as PU glue, is an adhesive comprised of polymers and other chemical compounds.
  • MS polymer glue is a putty made of modified silicone (SM) that was formerly reserved for specialists. This glue is odorless and solvent-free. Furthermore, it is distinguished by its high versatility, as it may be utilized both indoors and outdoors.
  • Special wood sealant: This product can be used both indoors and outside.
  • If you choose liquid neoprene glue, you will need to make double gluing. That is, in order to profit from high adhesion, you must apply glue to both the concrete and the wood. Because of its strong odor, it is best to use it only on small surfaces, especially because the ultimate resistance is only reached after 72 hours.

Rules for Gluing Wood to Concrete

If you wish to glue wood to concrete, don’t worry; the process is simple and accessible to everyone. However, in order for your college to persist, a few ground rules must be followed.

Support preparation is a critical element for the success of your project. You must keep the surfaces clean, nice, completely smooth, and flat. Here’s what you need to do to get this result:

  • Begin by sanding the two surfaces in question.
  • Then carefully vacuum them up.
  • If the surface of the concrete is not flat, you must patch it in order to have a perfectly smooth and flawless surface.

Take care not to skip this stage, because the outcome and final rendering will be dependent on it.

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As previously demonstrated, use appropriate glue.

How to Proceed?

To attach wood to concrete, perform these steps:

  • Prepare the surfaces as previously described. This will most likely take the most time.
  • Apply the adhesive on the support, drawing waves throughout the entire surface. If you purchased pot glue, apply it with a notched trowel. Take care not to produce a ribbon that is too thick or too wide to prevent the glue from overflowing when the element to be attached is put and pressed on the support.
  • Place the adhesive section on the support and press firmly for a few seconds. For added strength, use a clamp to hold it in place.
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