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How to Decorate a Pool Area with Stylish Design

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How to Decorate a Pool

Are you one of the lucky ones to enjoy a day in the sun by your pool? Consider a few ideas for a beautiful and practical artificial water area that will make your vacation even more enjoyable, especially when the summer is sweltering. Here you can find great ideas for stylish pool decoration. So get inspired and create one for your home.

Characteristics of an Ideal Pool Location

How to Decorate a Pool

Here are three criteria to consider when setting up a garden with a pool:

  • Activity. Organization of space by an individual purpose. On the one hand, there should be a seating area where you can read a book or relax by the water. On the other hand, create a friendly dining area where you will meet family and friends during your pool parties.
  • Wind. To avoid shivering from the cold, consider the local climate and the wind when leaving the pool. This will help you choose the location of the pool as well as the vegetation you are planting. When it comes to vegetation, choose deciduous or evergreens such as pine, laurel, or linden. This will prevent leaves from getting into the water and make it easier to maintain the pool.
  • Neighborhood. It is worth taking care of the proximity to the places of convenience, especially when you are in a swimsuit. At this stage, it is necessary to locate each component of the pool area to create a protected space from the eyes of bystanders.

The Pool at Home: How to Decorate the Beach around the Reservoir?

How to Decorate a Pool

The type of materials used around the pool is key. First, of course, people are guided by materials resistant to prolonged exposure to water and moisture. Here work, among other things, wood (properly protected) or wood-like panels, stone, ceramic tiles. Regardless of the type of surface chosen, attention should be paid to its slip resistance.

Several types of pool beaches depend a lot on inspiration or preference for a particular material. First, take a quick look at current trends.

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Wooden Beach by the Pool

How to Decorate a Pool

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for curb design. This type of beach offers a natural aesthetic that many people like:

  • Natural wood: solid and easy-to-work wood blends harmoniously with the garden. There are several types of wood for use, such as exotic or European.
  • Composite or synthetic wood: An alternative to natural wood, offering the same effect. Easy to clean, durable, and quickly adapts to your pool deck.

The wooden beach is quite easy to assemble because it can be cut and placed on the adjustable bindings—no need for a concrete slab underneath.

Mineral Beach by the Pool

How to Decorate a Pool

The mineral beach by the pool includes a wide selection of materials for all tastes:

  • Natural stone: its unique characteristics and natural appearance distinguish it. It is very durable and offers many possibilities (granite, limestone).
  • Tiles: The easy-care exterior ceramics come in different sizes and textures to suit every taste. The current trend is rather large pool tiles such as 40 x 40 or 50 x 50. However, be careful not to choose a too dark color to prevent heat build-up in the sun.

Also, make sure the beach is at least 50cm around the pool area. It will be easier to install a roof in the future. It is also worth considering installing sun loungers that are more stable on the beach. Thus, you can not only swim but sunbathe and sleep in the open air.

How to Decorate the Pool Area? Fashionable and Practical Solutions

Open Living Room

How to Decorate a Pool

Setting up an open-air living room next to the pool is the perfect recipe for high-end relaxation. Imagine a warm evening, refreshing drinks, delicious snacks, and great company! What do you need? Garden furniture with huge soft pillows, the covers of which are easy to wash and dry. Remember that the inserts must be waterproof, just like the material from which the furniture is made.

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Family Meal by the Pool

How to Decorate a Pool

Lunch in the pool can be a great pleasure. But, while some are enjoying the flavor of the snacks, others can cool off in the pond. All you need is a large table and chairs, preferably lightweight and foldable, that you can store in your garage or basement if the weather is bad. If you like unusual solutions, make a table bar from a plyboard.

Pool and Decorations

How to Decorate a Pool

Decorations around the pool? Why not! Natural look bet. Yucca palms, ficus, and large potted plants will create a pleasant, somewhat exotic atmosphere. Tropical cactus or cypress compositions will look like garden sculptures. If you want to cover the wall of a house or garage, choose a vertical garden. Plus, sidewalks in summer tones, sun umbrellas, mattresses, and pillows with nautical stripes create a great relaxing atmosphere around the pool.

Pool in the Moonlight

How to Decorate a Pool

In the afternoon – the sun, and the evening? Light points installed on the bottom or walls of the pool will help create a beautiful romantic atmosphere and make your evening water procedures more enjoyable, but that’s not all! Additional lights will help illuminate the plants around the pool or the most beautiful corners of the garden.

In What Style to Decorate the Pool?

How to Decorate a Pool

Nothing should limit your choice of the style of your dream pool. Just remember that the artificial reservoir is in harmony with the environment. Thus, you can choose between timeless offerings such as Roman, Monaco, or Greek style. In turn, fans of modernity will surely be delighted with innovative pools with shiny surfaces.

Modern Pools

How to Decorate a Pool

The modern pools are the perfect complement to the new architecture and design. Pools with geometric shapes can fit perfectly into the landscape. Glass-walled tanks will also be amazing, especially on the rooftops of buildings. Modern ponds should be lined with appropriate tiles and roof designs. Additional lighting and heating systems will provide the ability to use at any time of the day or night, without worrying about climatic conditions. Do not forget that today architects and designers can offer ecological solutions that will ensure relaxation in harmony with nature.

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Classic Pools

How to Decorate a Pool

For centuries, people have enjoyed relaxing in the water, so there are endless classic styles to choose from. U-shaped pools are ideal for relaxing and spending time with friends. The romantic and Greek-style is characterized by staircases for easy access and classic furnishings in an antique spirit. The rectangular shape is the most functional. It is also the easiest option to maintain.

The Pool as a Natural Body of Water

How to Decorate a Pool

Many people associate a garden pool with luxury. However, even this exclusive solution often does not fit into the aesthetics of the environment. Corner tiles or the inevitable damage and cavities in the joints lead to the fact that the pool spoils the landscape, and swimming in it certainly does not give a feeling of respite and communication with nature. Therefore, it is worth considering a solution that blends harmoniously with the environment, displacing heavy and unsightly concrete structures.

The revolutionary Biodesign Pools pool technology combines the natural landscape of a sandy beach on a transparent lake with the full functionality of a traditional pool. By choosing any pool day shape or quartz sand shades, you can create many solutions that resemble a mountain lake, an exotic beach or add small architectural elements to the pool, such as natural stones, wooden platforms, gazebos, luxury showers, and hydro massage devices. In addition, the wide range of possibilities for the introduction of varieties such as underwater seats, islands, swimming areas, and paddling pools of various depths (without losing surface and swimming space) make the pool not only a place to relax but also an area for meeting friends, where you can also actively spend time.

When choosing a pool in the garden, it is worth looking for a solution that will be simultaneously adapted to the architecture of the surrounding landscape and the ecology.

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