How to Decorate a Rented Apartment Easily and Affordably

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

When living in a rented apartment, it is common that we want to make some changes to feel a little more comfortable. However, a common question is what kind of adjustments to make without bothering the owner without investing too much money. At the end of the day, it is a temporary home.

Next, I will tell you how you can decorate a rented apartment to give it your personal touch and feel happier there:

Take Advantage of Fabrics

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

Fabrics are the great allies of decoration because, with them, outstanding results are achieved.

For example, if you are interested in updating the appearance of the sofa, use cushions, plaids, and blankets in a color that you like and go with the rest of the decoration. If you don’t want to buy new cushions, change the covers.

The curtains are also ideal for modifying the appearance of the rooms (and to hide imperfections in the windows). Ah! And if you don’t like the floor in your house, use rugs or vinyl to cover it.

Similarly, if the dining room table is not in good shape or looks old, a table runner/tablecloth and a nice ornament are sure to improve a lot.

The important thing is that all the textiles you choose for a room combine.

Change the Look of the Walls

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

To renovate this housing area, you have different options: paint, use vinyl or put some pictures, prints, and posters. The choice will depend on your taste, budget, and the house owner allows you.

If the owner lets you paint the walls, that is already a great advantage; but do not worry. You can use vinyl that simulates a wallpaper or thinks of other alternatives such as woven tapestries, baskets, or mirrors.

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If you cannot make holes in the walls, remember that you can rest the pieces on them or use adhesive strips to hold them. Another option is to paste images on top of the house’s paintings (make sure that these will not damage the surface of the original painting).

Custom Embellishments

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

Use items of your choice, such as ornaments that you really like or souvenirs that tell your story. This is one of the most effective tips to generate a sense of belonging to the spaces.

Take the time to review which corners need the most decorations and find the perfect pieces for them. The idea is to give the place your personal touch, not randomly place elements to “fill in.”

Advice: If you buy new pieces for your floor, try to make them of quality and very practical (easy to install and move). Remember that you will take them with you when you move in.

Play with the Light

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

Good lighting can make space look better and totally change the feeling it conveys.

To feel like you are in a more welcoming, cheerful, and healthy environment, try to keep your windows clear to let in as much sunlight as possible.

This light not only favors well-being but also allows the details of the decoration (colors, materials, shapes, and finishes) to be appreciated much better.

If you want to decorate your apartment to another level, you can buy some portable table or floor lamps that match the rest of the deco elements and complement the lighting at night. Remember that the type of light bulb you use will influence the electricity bill and the atmosphere in your house. A yellow light lends itself to relaxed, warm and traditional spaces.

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Order and Cleanliness

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

If you want a space to relax, keep it clean and tidy.

You may find it difficult to accomplish this task if the apartment is full of the owner’s belongings. If this happens to you, evaluate which you will not need and talk to him to see if he can remove them.

If there are things you can’t get out of the apartment, do your best to hide them. It seems superficial, but removing from your sight what bothers you or makes you uncomfortable will help you feel better every day.

Add Some Plants

How to Decorate Rented Apartment

Please take advantage of the fact that they go well with all decoration styles and run to a nursery! I am sure that there you will find plants of all sizes, types, and prices.

I advise you that when you go to buy a plant, you already have thought in which environment of your house you want to put it, so it will be easier to choose a species that suits your conditions (humidity and sunlight)

In a rented apartment, there will always be things that you cannot change, but in those cases, it is best to accept the rules of the game and try to use other elements to make the spaces look better.

Finally, remember that to feel comfortable in a house, you do not need to appear on the property title, but decide that this will be YOUR space and that you will do everything possible to take care of it and enjoy it.

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