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Balcony Decoration Ideas: A Complete Guide with Tips and Tricks

by Blaky
Balcony Decoration Ideas

Everyone wants to have a stylish and comfortable apartment where it will be pleasant and comfortable to live in. Particularly worth paying attention to is your balcony. This room can store unnecessary things and become an excellent area for implementing a variety of ideas. The main thing here is to apply imagination, skills, and desire to make a beautiful balcony design. Please read about how you can transform your balcony in our article.

Features and Benefits

If you have a balcony, this is already a big advantage. Living in such an apartment is much more convenient and comfortable. You can go out at any time to get some fresh air or dry things well.

Balcony Decoration Ideas

The Benefits also Include:

  • Possibility to equip the balcony at your own discretion. You will be able to create from this room not only a warehouse for unclaimed things, but also, for example, a relaxation area or an office where loved ones will not disturb you, and you can work calmly and fruitfully. You can come up with a wide variety of options yourself or invite an experienced specialist. Of course, the services of a qualified designer will cost much more, but you can save your time, nerves and, in some cases, money.
  • Positive mood. A clean, well-kept balcony will only create a positive mood for you. When you are in a room that appeals to you, then you experience only positive emotions. Accordingly, this attitude will contribute to successful daily activities.
  • An interesting design of the balcony will help you show off to friends and acquaintances and spend time there perfectly and comfortably in a friendly company. So may your meetings be warm and pleasant.
  • If you wish, the opportunity to create your own little corner of tranquility or realize your creative imagination. At the same time, you can feel like a designer. You yourself will choose materials, furniture, and other decorative elements.

Modern Balcony Ideas

Balcony Decoration Ideas

There are many modern interesting ideas for stylish and fashionable interior design on the balcony. You can choose or come up with the option that is right for you. At the same time, make sure that the design in the apartment echoes the style of the balcony.

Finishing inside the balcony, first of all, should start from the floor. Then, you can create an insulated version to make your stay in the room comfortable at any time of the year. But, of course, you should immediately decide whether you will use the balcony exclusively in the summer and you need more open space, or you will not mind the glazed option. Accordingly, you should draw up your own project in each case and strictly follow the established plan.

Note: First things first, you will need to clean the indoor space. Delete those things that you certainly don’t need. Do not forget to assess the condition of the balcony slab. After all, your life and the lives of those around you will depend on how strong the structure is. Accordingly, when all the main work has been carried out, and the balcony is ready, you should proceed to the very design of the room.

Combined with Room

Balcony Decoration Ideas

In some small apartments, combining a balcony with a living room or, for example, a kitchen would be a rather good option. So you can create a stylish option and at the same time expand the space. This idea can be implemented both in a panel apartment building and in a private house. A combined balcony can be created in a style that matches the overall concept of the apartment. This will be especially true for a small room, and it will help expand the space visually. Joining the hall would also be a good option.

In this case, in any case, you should remember a few points about how it will be easier and more comfortable to do it. For example, you can dismantle the window and door that lead to the balcony, make the appropriate repairs. However, there is another way, which is more costly. The part of the wall that separates the balcony from the room should be removed. However, such a redevelopment requires mandatory consultation of specialists since the wall can be load-bearing, and accordingly, changes can threaten the safety of all residents.

Advice: when you think about combining a balcony and any room, you should responsibly weigh the pros and cons not to be disappointed later. You will need a lot of effort, money, patience. At the same time, if you approach the matter wisely, you can make an excellent apartment design. Choose your favorite colors, preferably light shades.

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Bedroom in the Balcony

Balcony Decoration Ideas

Like a balcony, you can create a great place to relax and sleep from a small room. You can bring to life any design option or come up with your own concept. The balcony is a kind of place where you can create, for example, a summer bedroom, where it will be cozy and comfortable to relax and recuperate.

Even if you have a small space, you can install there, for example, a bed, decorative candles or lamps, your favorite flowers, a small table, blinds, ball-shaped lamps on a long chain. For the summer version, light pastel colors are perfect. It will have a calming effect on your nervous system. For example, a room where light green and pink colors predominate will become original. By the type of finish, you should also choose the wallpaper glued to the balcony walls.

Advice: Having decided on the design of the walls, you need to choose a floor covering. It is worth choosing a more practical option than a beautiful and slippery one. You can use laminate, parquet. These materials will be the most successful in this case. You can complement the interior with a long-pile carpet of a darker color. In this case, the bed can be of the most different type. Choose it based on your own preferences. For example, a wave-shaped sofa will look original. You can place candles and flowers around.

Workplace in the Balcony

Balcony Decoration Ideas

In a small Khrushchev, it is usually difficult to allocate a separate place for work. An excellent option would be a balcony, which will allow you to retire effectively and work productively at any time. Even the narrowest balcony can be creatively equipped as a study. Finishing can be made from lining or wood.

Advice: Put a small table in the right place, where you can comfortably work on important projects. Don’t forget about lighting. It is good if the place is located by the window, where there is a lot of natural light. In this case, you will need to install an additional lamp so that you can comfortably practice in the dark. You can create a lined and warm version for work in the cold season. Or you can create a stylish option from a blockhouse.

Wide Balcony

Balcony Decoration Ideas

An excellent option would be a balcony with panoramic views. The frameless design will look interesting, and it will help create the illusion of open space. This option is suitable for both a large and long balcony and a small room. You can enjoy nature in the morning and the evening, sitting in a comfortable armchair, slowly sipping aromatic coffee.

Advice: You can place wicker chairs and a table on the balcony. There you can comfortably get together with friends, discuss the latest news, and spend time in a friendly atmosphere. Complement the balcony with an element of stained glass, place your favorite flowers on a small glass table, and you will feel harmony and positive all the time when you want to go out into the fresh air.

Kids Space in the Balcony

Balcony Decoration Ideas

You can create a children’s room on the balcony. This beautiful and fashionable option is suitable for both young children and teenagers. As for the internal elements, here you can place what your children like. For example, you can put a comfortable low bed with oriental-style pillows and arrange small wardrobes if space permits. Use those shades that your child likes so much. After all, it is here that he will spend a lot of time playing or doing homework.

Advice: So, you can use the most basic colors that girls like – these are soft pink, orange, light green, beige, and others. For boys, green, blue, and other colors will be ideal. In this case, you should not use very bright shades. It is better to use pastel colors in the children’s room. Then, you can add bright elements to your design. So you can set all the accents.

Wardrobe in the Balcony

Balcony Decoration Ideas

A walk-in closet on the balcony is a great option for a studio apartment. Now you can conveniently and comfortably store your belongings in a specific place. In addition, you can decorate the space in the chosen style, where there are elements that resonate with the main room, for example, with a hall. This option is suitable for a round, semicircular, square room.

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Advice: At the same time, you can put a built-in wardrobe here, where you can conveniently store all your belongings. They will always be at hand. Or place two cabinets opposite each other. To save time, it is better to choose products from floor to ceiling. In this case, the doors may not be used at all.

Provence Style Balcony

Balcony Decoration Ideas

Do you like French motives? Then this style is for you. It is suitable for any space: for a triangular or non-glazed room, etc. You can put a table, armchairs/chairs or a sofa. If you have a connected opening with a hall, for example, then it is worth continuing the style concept in another room. This style involves the use of pastel shades: beige, green, lavender, sea, orange.

Ornaments, patterns, and bright details also have a place to be. Often in such an interior, you can find old brick, forging, weaving. You can pick up pillows, blankets, lampshades on lamps with interesting decor. Pots of flowers will fit well here. So, you can create an excellent greenhouse on your balcony. Both live plants and dried flowers can be located here.

Advice: The main concept of this style is close to every person – comfort, harmony, tranquility. Coming out on such a balcony, you will feel a storm of positive emotions, the warmth of the hearth, and the desire to have a heart-to-heart talk with your loved ones.

Thus, you can choose the most diverse balcony design and create a unique idea that you previously did not dare to implement. It is worth considering only your needs, capabilities, and tastes.

For a Width of 2 Square Meters

If you have a small space, only two square meters, do not despair. You can create a stylish option using creative ideas. So, for example, a comfortable study can be made from such a balcony. You can put a small table, proportionally select the rest of the furniture and accessories. Remember that light colors will help to expand the room visually.

Advice: It would be inappropriate to use bulky cabinets. It is better to pick up light shelves, install them on the side walls. All the necessary things can be conveniently stored there. A large mirror will be a good solution for a balcony of two square meters. It will also help to expand the space visually.

For a Width of 3 Square Meters

For a small room of three square meters, you can use all the same developments for 2 square meters. At the same time, you can successfully adapt the balcony for a study and a recreation room, a flower greenhouse. Among the little tricks that will help to enlarge the space visually: light finishes, mirrors, glazing.

Advice: Be especially careful when choosing furniture. It should be light in every sense of the word. You can put, for example, a glass table with openwork support. Chairs should be chosen in the same style. A good option would be to use wicker furniture. The wicker bamboo coffee table will perfectly fit into the interior.

For a Width of 4 Square Meters

For these balconies, it is supposed to use sliding window systems. Thus, you can effectively save space. It is also worthwhile to use corners rationally. At the end of the balcony, you can make built-in wardrobes. All household tools and accessories can be conveniently stored there. Also, designers recommend using light colors when decorating a room to expand the visual space.

Advice: An excellent option would be to use this space for a greenhouse. Such a winter garden will be an ideal place for relaxation and will help to cheer you up. You can also organize a small gym on the balcony. In addition, you can equip the Swedish wall, a small simulator, hang a pear.

Balcony Decoration Ideas

For a Width of 5 Square Meters

You can increase the space by integrating your balcony with another room, such as a hall or kitchen. It will be possible to put a small sofa, refrigerator, cabinet on the balcony. Decorate the space by the style concept of the apartment. A good idea would be to layout a multi-colored mosaic on the floor of the balcony. This will visually expand the space, as well as add more light and positive.

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For a Width of 6 Square Meters

The more space your balcony has, the more efficiently you can use it by adding interesting and creative ideas to the design. For example, there will be enough space for a balcony of 6 meters to transform it into a full-fledged study or a children’s play area. A good option would be to create a recreation area. Here you can admire the stars, relax after a tiring day at work, and be charged with positivity and energy.

For a Width of 7 Square Meters

The balcony of seven square meters seems to be capable of making all your design dreams come true. You will receive a large space for the implementation of your conceived plans. You can put a built-in wardrobe and create a dressing room where it will be convenient to hang things. Put a stylized bed, choose an interior in light colors. Such an additional bedroom has not bothered anyone yet.

Advice: You can make an excellent continuation of the kitchen from such a space. You will be able to dine and admire the beautiful scenery outside the window. Complement the space with stylish things, place bright accents with decorative elements. Choose your favorite colors for decorating the room, then every day, you will be charged positively and good mood.

For a Width of 9 Square Meters

A balcony of 9 square meters provides a wide field for your imagination. You can use the services of creative designers or come up with a design yourself. You can organize a kitchen or make your own gym. Everything will depend on your desire and imagination. Here you can arrange all kinds of interior items. You can put an exquisite table in one corner, where it will be cozy to sit drinking aromatic tea and to leaf through magazines.

Advice: On the other side, you can put exercise equipment to keep yourself in shape. An excellent option would be to use floor-to-ceiling glazing. Such windows will make you feel light and free. In addition, you will feel comfortable and at ease being in such a room.

DIY Balcony Decoration

Balcony Decoration Ideas

When decorating a balcony, you can resort to the advice and work of experienced specialists. Of course, they will help you do everything quickly and efficiently, but you will spend a significant amount at the same time. You can also save your family savings and make the decoration yourself. This is not difficult. It will be enough just patience, desire, and also some skill.

The design of a kitchen window with a balcony door can be done using beautiful curtains. Choose a product in your favorite color or to match certain accessories. It would be a good option to arrange flowers there, and they will add coziness and warmth to the room. You will be able to enjoy your favorite scents, feel comfortable and at ease.

Advice: You can create a small cabinet yourself that can hold various necessary things. Make a garment fixture to keep it from wrinkling and store it conveniently on the balcony. Then, you can glue the wallpaper of your choice or paint the walls with your own hand. Stick on your child’s favorite appliques, and so you get a fun and successful nursery.

You can use DIY design elements. So, create your own lamp or floor lamp. It will look great on a folding table, which can also be made by hand. At the same time, do not forget to use light shades because they will visually help expand the spaces. Also, a light color adjusts to good luck, gives a positive mood. You will feel confident and comfortable.

Thus, we have considered the main options for creative design and decoration of the balcony. You can choose the option that you like. Make your dreams come true, make your own room design. If you are not confident in your abilities, you should use the help of qualified specialists. They will help save you time, nerves, and money. And remember, the main thing is how you feel in the room. Let his style match your character, and then he will invigorate you and charge you only with positive emotions.

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