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Money Tree Plant: How to Grow, Care and Maintain Money Tree

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How to Grow Money Tree

Succulent lovers must have at least one representative of the fatty woman in their collection. An unpretentious money tree is elegant interior decoration. With proper care, the Crassula will resemble a real tree with round sheets in the form of coins. There is a belief that a big-money tree attracts wealth and prosperity to the house. Grown from a sprout can improve the home environment, bring aesthetic pleasure, and be useful in treating many diseases.

About Money Tree Plant

Therefore, indoor perennial native to the Southern Hemisphere countries prefers the sunny side and dry land. Watering is naturally necessary but at long intervals. The tree to start working and bring wealth to its owner should be placed in the apartment, according to Feng Shui, near the southern, southeastern window opening. The financial situation of the family will depend on how green and fleshy the leaves are.

The deciduous ornamental plant belongs to the genus of succulents. It tolerates drought perfectly due to the special structure of the leaves – they accumulate moisture. At home, a coin tree can grow up to 2 meters. In nature, there are 4-meter specimens.

Most of the fat women are perennials, but there are also annual species. They die immediately after flowering. To see the money tree blooming, you need to work hard and be patient. Delicate white flowers will only appear when the plant is kept in the right conditions.

Types of Money Tree

How to Grow Money Tree

In total, there are about 300 types of coin trees. Many specimens take root well not only in special greenhouses but also in simple apartment conditions. For example, treelike, ground cover, spike-like, decorative, and flowering crassula species are designed for room maintenance.

The “money tree” belongs to the tree-like plant species. This group includes the usual fat women, which have a characteristic stiff trunk, dense leaves. However, some specimens may outwardly differ radically from each other, have a different description. In turn, they are divided into the following varieties:

  • Ovata. It also has the name “Coin tree,” “Bear’s ear.” The maximum height of the tree is 2 m, the thickness of the trunk is 30 cm. Small elliptical leaves of bright emerald color. Some varieties of Ovata have a red border around the perimeter of the sheets. The plant blooms in white, the inflorescences are collected in the form of umbrellas. From such a money tree, it is easy to form a bonsai, a branched composition.
  • Ovata Minor. Representatives of the species have a beautiful, non-trivial shape. The miniature plant barely reaches a height of 20 cm with a maximum trunk width of 2 cm. The interesting color of the green leaves with a scarlet tint makes the plant ideal for making home compositions.
  • Ovata Sunset. It stands out for its expressive red-yellow-white painting on the leaves. A beautiful hybrid must be kept in a place with abundant natural light at all times. Otherwise, the leaves of the plant will lose their unique color.
  • Face. The leaves of this species are oval with a pointed tip. The leaf plate is large with a raised end and sides curved downward.
  • The hobbit. Breeders created the hybrid by crossing a common toast with milkweed. The result is leaves turned outward, connected from the base to the middle. The trunk is more branched than that of simple Ovates. The hobbit perennial has several variegated varieties, which are called Gollum, Chimera, and others.
  • Undulatifolia. The non-standard grade of the fat woman stands out with silver-blue flat sheets. The tips are slightly wrinkled and have a reddish tint.

Tips and Rules for Growing and Caring for a Money Tree Plant

How to Grow Money Tree

Most often, flower growers grow a fatty woman of the Ovat type on their windowsills. However, an unpretentious money tree with a thick trunk and oval leaves does not require special detention conditions. It is enough to remember his love for sunlight to consider the period of growth and rest. By choosing the right pot, soil type, and top dressing, you can get natural home decor with ideal characteristics.

Soil and Pot Size

It is possible to determine whether the land has been chosen correctly for the money tree by the state of its leaves. If they are bright green with red tips, dense and fleshy, then the soil is doing an excellent job of its nutritional function. For the fat woman to grow strong and bloom, she needs to create all the conditions.

Only loose soil with a lot of sand and drainage is suitable for a money tree. The breathable structure will prevent liquid stagnation. After watering, excess moisture should go into the pan and not remain in the soil.

Plant growth depends on the quality of the soil. For an underdeveloped root system, a special composition consisting of several layers will be required. The bottom layer of 1 cm is laid out with pebbles, broken brick. In the middle is a soil mixture of earth, river sand, humus. The top is covered with expanded clay.

The root system of the bastard will develop well in a wide, shallow pot. The width should be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the crown. The container must be stable with a flat bottom to exclude overweight and overturning of the plant. The size of the money tree depends on the depth of the pot. If it is planted in a long flowerpot, it will stretch upwards in a low planter – the natural branching will occur.

For planting a money tree, you cannot use mixtures based on peat or moss. Such soil retains moisture for a long time, which will lead to the decay of the plant roots.

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How to Grow Money Tree


For crassula, the usual room temperature is 20-25 ° C. The minimum threshold is 10 ° C, and the maximum is 32 ° C. In the summer, the pot can be taken out to the balcony or veranda. To lower the temperature, the fat woman can be rearranged on the floor. If the temperature goes beyond the comfortable limits for the plant, the flower goes into a state of complete fading.

In winter, it is better to move the money tree to a cool place. The temperature should be maintained in the range of 14-16 ° C. The fat woman can winter on the loggia, on the northern windowsill. The condition of the plant must be constantly monitored to notice changes for the worse in time.

Air Humidity

Coin tree does not need wet environment control. Dry room air in summer does not harm it. The plant calmly sprouts and grows leaves. Once a month, it can be sprayed with a spray bottle or doused with water from the shower. In the latter case, it is imperative to cover the ground with polyethylene.

All types of succulents are accustomed to low humidity. Plants with high moisture requirements are not suitable for them as neighbors on the windowsill. Do-it-yourself dust and dirt from the leaves should be removed with a damp cloth.


The ideal place for representatives of succulents is the windowsill. It is better if the windows face south, southeast. The plants will have to be shaded on the south window when the sun is at its zenith. The north side is not taboo for the fat woman. But, the money tree will grow upward, branching will stop, and the stems will become weak and stop growing stiff.

For these plants, lighting plays the most important role. With a lack of light, Crassula can completely stop growing, get sick, and even die. In summer, in addition to light, the plant needs fresh air. If it is impossible to take the pot outside, the room must be periodically ventilated, caring without drafts.


How to Grow Money Tree

The money tree strongly dislikes excessive moisture. Excess moisture will lead to rotting of the roots, trunk, branches. After which it will be impossible to save the plant. If the ground is constantly wet, fungal diseases will develop, the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.

Due to the constant accumulation of moisture by leaves, excessive watering is a greater danger for Crassula than its lack. Such a plant will delight those who constantly forget to water it with a lush and green crown. The fat woman grows freely without water for a month. Recommended watering schedule: in summer – once a week, with the onset of cold weather – once every two weeks.

Topdressing and Fertilization

How to Grow Money Tree

Fertilization is necessary for the plant at all stages of growth, especially after transplantation. A special top dressing is included in the soil for certain plant species. It is recommended to plant a money tree in a mixture of soils for succulents and ficuses. As the soil is depleted, the nutrients originally contained in the soil will need to be replenished. For a fat woman, fertilizer is the same as for cacti.

It is necessary to start feeding in early spring. Determining the appropriate period is easy. As soon as pairs of leaves appear, it is time to intensify the activity of the growing season. Mineral fertilizers are supplied to the soil once a month. You can do the procedure more often, but then you need to reduce the number of nutrients.

Fertilizers in the granular form are applied to moistened soil and mixed. This is done to avoid scalding the roots. The dry matter will decompose slowly and will not reach the roots too quickly. Therefore, active feeding should not be prolonged.

Crown Formation

Due to branching shoots and their strong growth during the growing season, the plant may lose its decorative appearance. The formation of the crown will help to restore its former attractiveness. In addition to increasing decorativeness, pruning is carried out to improve color stability, model a strong trunk, and facilitate the care of a representative of succulents. There are several schemes for the formation of a crown:

  • To strengthen the central trunk. In young fat women, branching shoots and foliage in the lower part are removed. At the age of the tree, all newly formed branches are removed at the time of fertilization.
  • Hanging shoots from the tops. The bonsai-style crown formation can be carried out after strengthening the trunk. Otherwise, the flimsy base may not withstand the load.
  • Low, compact bush. You can stop stretching, give pomp and volume if you regularly tear off the leaves on the trunk. Temporary irrigation stops will help slow growth.
  • Sprawling shrub. The money tree will grow in width if you constantly pinch the shoots at the top of the bush. Removing the shoots from the apical buds will provoke branching of the shoots from the sinuses below the cut.
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The best time for planting a fat woman in a new ground is the first half of March. During its development, the plant will more easily tolerate the change of soil and pot. In summer and autumn, Crassula is transplanted if necessary. If the container does not fit in size, diseases or pests are found.

According to the transplant rules, all plants need to change the soil and pot every year. Flowers from 3 years old and more should change their habitat once every two years. Frequent transplants are contraindicated for a fat woman. Each activity is stressful for the tree, and it takes a lot of time to adapt and recover. In addition, excessive movement can damage fragile leaves. To make money, an adult plant is transplanted according to the following scheme step by step:

  • Clean a new pot, prepare a mixture of soil, drainage, humus;
  • Lay crushed stone, broken brick on the bottom of the flowerpot;
  • Cover the substrate with fresh soil;
  • Make small holes around the trunk, loosen the tree and remove from the old pot;
  • The soil at the base is not removed. Only dead, rotten roots can be removed;
  • Lubricate the cuts with wood ash;
  • Leave the plant to dry for a few hours;
  • Place the money tree in the center of the new container;
  • Add soil to the root collar and water abundantly;

If rotten roots are found in the process of transplanting a fat woman, for resuscitation, the plant is planted in a mixture of sand, turf, and humus.

How to Grow Money Tree


To see a money tree covered with white inflorescences is a great success. However, this plant does not often please with color since it grows slowly and requires special conditions for the appearance of buds. If this event occurs, then the owner of the fat woman will be delighted with small white flowers, similar to stars, tied on some or all of the young shoots.

Crassula can bloom at any time of the year. Most often, this happens in the fall or winter. If this moment does not come for a long time, you should find the reasons for the lack of bud formation. The money tree will not bloom under the influence of the following factors:

  • The plant is constantly exposed to light;
  • The soil is dense and acidic;
  • The earth is constantly moist;
  • Pests damage stems and leaves;
  • The bush is affected by fungus and other diseases.

Reproduction Methods

There are several ways to propagate a fat woman. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the purpose and expectations of the grower. Each method has its own characteristics. Therefore it requires a clear definition and detailed explanation of the actions.

Cuttings and Leaf

The easiest way to divide the money tree, especially if it is necessary to preserve all the characteristics of the variety. With the help of cuttings, you can quickly grow a young but already grown plant at home. Breeding material can be taken at any time of the year. Young shoots remaining after crown formation and small shoots that have taken root from the leaf will take root well.

Cuttings for propagation can only be healthy, well-developed shoots. Curved, thin twigs will not work since the growing tree will take the same shape. A 5-10 cm stalk with at least 3 nodes and 3 pairs of leaves is considered a good material. Cut it off from the top of the stem. For root, a part of the plant is placed in water. Processing with special means to speed up the process is not required.

Removing a money tree from a leaf is a long process, but real. Roots form quickly, which cannot be said about the sprout itself. A dense green leaf is suitable for dividing in this way. It is better to shoot material from the middle of the branch. After cutting, the leaf is placed in water or directly into the ground. It should just be on the surface in a horizontal position. The base of the sheet should be immersed in the substance by 5 mm.


How to Grow Money Tree

Reproduction by seed is rarely carried out. This is due to the long process of plant formation, high time, and labor costs. However, this method is used by breeders to grow new varieties, hybrids. At home, planting and caring for the seeds of the money tree is carried out as follows:

  • Small containers wash and disinfect well;
  • Fill them with potting soil;
  • Seeds are poured onto the surface of the leafy ground and sprinkled with sand;
  • Sprinkle with water from a spray bottle and cover with glass or film;
  • After 2-3 weeks, the first shoots appear;
  • For seedlings, other pots with sod-leafy soil are prepared;
  • When the plants grow up to 5 cm, they are transferred to light soil, placed at a constant temperature of 15-18 ° C.

Diseases and Pests

How to Grow Money Tree

The main factors leading to diseases and the appearance of pests in Crassula are dampness and drafts. The reason for the development of all negative events is improper care—the most dangerous period for fat women in winter. Ailments appear at this time due to a lack of lighting, temperature fluctuations, and the operation of heating devices. With insufficient attention, the plant can suffer from the following diseases and pests:

  • Fungal diseases. The defeat by spores falls during the cold season. Gray, wet rot manifests itself as brown spots, constantly increases and spreads over the entire leaf. Treatment consists of transplanting the plant into disinfected soil, removing diseased shoots. Fungal spores will eliminate a decrease in the number of watering, airing the room, disinfecting the sections with a solution of potassium permanganate.
  • Bacterial diseases. Outwardly, they resemble a fungus. Such diseases are treated with fungicides. Then it is imperative to spray with products based on penicillin, gentamicin so that the leaves do not begin to crumble.
  • Shield. Female insects stick to leaves, stems and remain motionless. All affected areas must be smeared with kerosene, and the pests must be removed manually. Then the whole fat woman must be treated with a solution of laundry soap and tobacco.
  • Spider mite. The appearance of an insect is indicated by a silvery coating on the stems and leaves. Inaction leads to the yellowing of the plate and its death. A sharp rise in the humidity level will help to remove the pest. The tick does not live in such conditions. The money tree should be sprayed abundantly with water and placed in a plastic bag.
  • Mealy worm. It lives in the axils of leaves, feeds on their sap, plant tissues. This leads to a weakening of the immunity of the bastard, shedding of foliage. Remove the insect with a stream of water. The habitats of the pest are wiped with a cotton swab dipped in garlic infusion.
  • Rootworm. It is possible to detect a pest only when a plant is transplanted. Then, the roots will be covered with growths, the movements of insects will be noticeable. Until then, the reason for the worsening condition of the fat woman will be unknown. Then, the worms are removed under warm running water, treated with pesticides.

Healing Properties of the Money Tree

Many herbalists highly value the medicinal properties of the bastard. The money tree can have a positive impact on the emotional and physical health of a person. The plant has antiviral, healing, antiseptic properties. It also relieves itching, relieves pain, softens the skin. Crassula is part of various traditional medicine recipes.

For Skin and Hair

How to Grow Money Tree

The money tree is successfully used in cosmetology. Due to its amazing healing properties, the plant is in demand in the beauty industry. The fat woman is a raw material for hair, hand, and facial skincare products.

Crassula face masks have a rejuvenating, cleansing, soothing effect. A universal remedy can get rid of acne, saturate the dermis with useful substances. To do this, you need to cut off a few leaves, cut them lengthwise, wait for the juice to release. The place of the break must be lubricated with foci of inflammation.

The fat woman has an amazing effect on the hair. They begin to grow faster, strengthen, become resilient and resilient. The mouthwash is made from juicy green leaves. First, a small number of raw materials (5-10 pieces) must be washed, folded into a glass container, and filled with 1 liter of boiling water. The infusion is left in a dark place until it cools. Then it is filtered and used to rinse the hair.

For Joints and Blood Vessels

The juice of all succulents has anti-inflammatory properties. It is often used in the complex treatment of joint diseases. It quickly relieves the symptoms of arthritis, sprains, rheumatism. To make a miraculous lotion, you need to pluck the leaves of the money tree, chop them. Put this gruel on cheesecloth, cover the affected area. The compress should be fixed with a bandage or soft cloth and left for 2 hours.

The fat woman is used to treat a wide range of diseases. One of them is varicose veins. An alcoholic tincture is prepared from the plant, which relieves puffiness, relieves pain. Medicine is prepared from crassula sheets. Pour them with alcohol and insist for 1 month in a dark place. With this tool, hands are moistened, and foot massage is performed with benefit.

How to Grow Money Tree

For Mucous Membranes

Money tree drops quickly relieve a cold. Prepare the solution at a time. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice of one leaf, mix it with water 1: 1, and drip into two nostrils. For persistent rhinitis, you can prepare a rinse medication. We squeeze out the juice from 10 leaves, filter through cheesecloth, mix with water and use it for rinsing.

Crassula rinse solution will be an excellent helper in the treatment of angina. In addition, you can use the plant for stomach ulcers to restore damaged tissues. To relieve inflammation, reduce pain, it is enough to eat 2 leaves of a jersey in the morning one hour before a meal.


You just need to have a money talisman at home, even if you don’t want to check the healing properties. With good care, an indoor flower will look not only beautiful but also become useful – stopping the spread of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, households are guaranteed to improve their mood, improve sleep, and increase efficiency.

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