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How to Choose The Best Makeup Foundation for Your Skin?

by Blaky
How to Choose Makeup Foundation

What is the best way to figure out what your makeup base is? All doubts attack us when it comes to acquiring a cosmetic basis: how do I choose the perfect makeup base for me? Let’s face it: finding the correct cosmetics may be difficult.

The color and texture of your skin, as well as the texture of the product, are important considerations, but they are not the only ones. Do you want to learn more? Next, as if you were a true pro, we’ll discuss how to choose the correct makeup base in the following article. If you follow our tips to clear up your doubts, you’ll be able to select the makeup base that’s right for you. Take a note!

Choose The Makeup Foundation According to The Skin Tone

How to Choose Makeup Foundation

If there’s one thing to keep in mind while shopping for a foundation base, it’s to consider your personal skin tone. Makeup firms have significantly increased the number of hues available in recent years, resulting in a diversified and wide catalogue. So, how can you get the perfect makeup base? The general idea is to choose the hue that most closely resembles our natural skin tone. You can use the following approach to figure out what hues of makeup foundations go together:

  • Apply 3 separate colors of foundation base to the face, in the area of the jaw or forehead, that are closest to the hue of your skin.
  • The one that best mixes and merges with the skin should be picked from these three.
  • During the day, if possible, conduct this check using natural light to ensure complete success. You are not going to fail!

Choosing Foundation without an Even Skin Tone

What is the best makeup base to use? It is common for the skin tone to be uneven. How can we know what type of makeup base to choose in that case? The greatest choice is to choose between two different sorts of bases:

  • A cosmetic base that responds to the face’s lighter parts.
  • Another foundation for darker skin tones.
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If your skin is uneven, you should use foundation in specific places to achieve a natural and professional look. Another method for uneven skin is to mix both makeup foundations together; this allows you to apply makeup more quickly while maintaining a consistent tone over the face.

How to Choose Makeup Foundation

Choose The Makeup Foundation According to The Pigmentation of The Skin

Skin tone is crucial, but skin pigmentation must also be considered. We’re not just talking about whether it’s light or dark in this case; we’re also talking about whether it has a tendency to be pink, golden, or sallow. The undertone, or the scale of measurement of pigments in our skin that runs from warm to cool tones, passing through neutrals, is directly tied to skin pigmentation. Pay attention to the qualities of each group to figure out what your undertone is, since this will help you choose the proper makeup foundation:

  • Cold undertone: the skin contains a higher amount of blue or greenish pigments, resulting in skin that is exceedingly white and pink. The blue-green veins on the arm are clearly visible in this type of skin.
  • Warm undertones have more brown, golden, or yellowish pigments than cool skins.
  • Skins with a neutral undertone have a combination of cool and warm colors.

When purchasing a foundation base, you should determine your skin sub tone in order to select the one that best matches you. If you’re curious about how I chose my makeup base online, use the following trick:

  • Place yourself in front of a mirror.
  • Place a white sheet of paper next to your face to compare the color of your skin. The following are some options:
  1. Because the undertone of pink skin is cool, you should use a pink cosmetics base.
  2. If your complexion seems yellowish, it has a warm undertone, so use a beige or gold cosmetics base.
  3. We’re talking about a neutral tone if the skin doesn’t stick out (neither yellow nor pink), thus you should choose cosmetics that is as neutral as feasible.
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Choose The Makeup Foundation According to The Type of Skin

How do you choose makeup for your skin type? Another important consideration when choosing the right foundation base is to consider our skin type, as this will also influence our decision, given the many makeup formats available: liquid, compact, stick, and so on. Keep the following tips in mind while determining which one is ideal for your skin type:

  • If you have oily skin, choose a base with a velvety feel and, preferably, one that is oil-free. You can choose between compact and stick money, but the mattifying and powdery finish is essential.
  • Normal and dry skin: If your skin is normal or tends to be dry, liquid and fluid foundations with more substantial finishes are excellent.

Choose The Makeup Foundation According to The Finish You Want

You can choose a foundation base with one texture or another depending on the finish you want. What is the fundamental rule? Keep this in mind:

  • If you want complete coverage, invest in funds that have a hedging effect.
  • Light, natural foundations are best if you want your skin to show through.

Even if the principle is straightforward, we don’t always want the same outcome. In this scenario, a light foundation that delivers a lot of light to the face and creates a beautiful face effect can be used, and the finish can be modulated by applying a more covering base in places. In this case, bar bases are the finest choice for a modular look. On the other hand, keep in mind that the products you use before the base will have an impact on the final result. The finish will be influenced by illuminating and mattifying primers, as well as treatments having a filter effect.

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How to Choose Makeup Foundation

Finish Types

The following is a list of the many types of finishes:

Natural finish: To get a natural look and tone unification These are light-coverage bases, such as BBCream.

Matte: The foundations with a matte finish limit sebum production and leave the skin shine-free. Velvety and powdery finishes are common. If you have oily or mixed skin, this is the product for you.

Glowy or satin: They offer a brilliant and juicy finish, leaving the face looking younger and more radiant. This category includes foundations that range from satin to semi-matte to completely glowy. This foundation is best for skin that is dry, dehydrated, and lacks radiance or energy.

Choose The Makeup Foundation According to The Oxidation of The Makeup

When selecting the ideal foundation base, consider the skin’s temperature balance, whether warm, cold, or neutral. In this way, there are a variety of combinations that can help you figure out which foundation is perfect for you. For example:

  • If your complexion is oily and you have a neutral or warm undertone, you should avoid yellow tones since, while they can blend nicely with your skin tone, they can turn orange with time. This is due to the pigmentation of the foundation base oxidizing when it comes into touch with oily skin’s sebum and an acidic pH.
  • If you have fair skin with a neutral or warm undertone, always use neutral or beige bases to avoid oxidation and the makeup’s orange tone.

How to Choose Makeup Foundation

Letters and Numbers on The Makeup Foundation

Finally, you must consider both the letters and the numbers that appear on the makeup foundation while choosing the appropriate makeup basis for you. What exactly do they imply? Simple: As follows, the number denotes the shade (from lightest to darkest) and the letter denotes the undertone:

  • C = warm undertone with yellowish tones
  • NC = warm golden undertone
  • N = neutral undertone tending to beige
  • NW = Neutral undertone pulling more cool than warm tones
  • W = cool undertone

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