Chicco Fit2 Car Seat Review

Chicco Fit2 Car Seat Review

The Chicco Fit2 Car Seat is, as the name suggests, an infant seat that can be attached to the seat of your car to keep the child safe and comfortable. Understanding that parents fret over how to take their newborns or young children along with them in their cars, the product is made with perfect safety standards and an easy to use and attach push-on latch. It is large enough to fit infants up to 35 inches in height and can carry up to 35 lbs. in weight. The seat comes with a belt lock-off that can easily be attached to the belt of the vehicle seat and helps hold the baby seat in its position while preventing slipping. The baby seat has adjustable straps and an adjustable base that ensures both the safety and comfort of the infant.

Belt lock-off that prevents slipping

Adjustable base helps modify reclination

Unrestricted handle for smooth carrying

Adjustable height harness and a crotch strap
Cannot be attached to the vehicle floor as it doesn’t have a provision for a load leg.


  • The seat can carry infants of weight between 4-35 lbs. and height up to 35 inches.
  • The weight of the carrier seat is 12 lbs. while the adjustable base weighs 22 lbs. The base width is 16 inches, and the carrier width is 17 inches, with an overall length of 28 inches, making it the right size for an average car seat.
  • It has various attachments such as a single pull-front type harness height adjustment to accommodate infants of different heights and an adjustable crotch strap to modify the baby seat as per your infant’s size.
  • It is extra safe with the provision for a belt lock-off that helps attach the vehicle seat belt to the baby seat and prevents any kind of slipping or major movement when the car is in motion. The push-on latch connection helps attach the baby seat firmly to the seat of the vehicle.
  • It has a bubble base recline level indicator and a line carrier recline level indicator on both sides that tells the carrier the safe and maximum angle at which the seat can be used. The adjustable base facilitates the inclination of the seat as per the vehicle seat requirement.
  • The handle is unrestricted, making it much easier for the carrier to hold the baby seat at an angle they deem comfortable.
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Chicco Fit2 Car Seat Review


  • Safety:

The baby seat provides safety more than anything else. With its lock-off belt attaching to the vehicle seat belt and the push-on latch, the seat stays sturdy even when the car is moving. The crotch strap adjustment and the single pull up-front harness can be modified to the baby’s size and adds to their protection.

Chicco Fit2 Car Seat Review

  • Convenience:

The bubble carrier recline level indicator and the adjustable base with a line recline indicator help incline the base and back of the seat to match that of the vehicle seat easily. The unrestricted handle makes it smooth and easy for the carrier to carry the baby seat at an appropriate angle.

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