Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller Review

Doona Infant Car Seat Stroller Review

The Doona Infant car seat is both an amazing baby stroller and a car seat also. It has wheels connected to the car seat and legs, which spread when you release them, which turn it directly into a ready-to-go stroller with less comfort. The convenient design makes it only appropriate for infants and should be utilized as a rear-facing car seat. There are two steps to properly install it in a vehicle, which is done either through the latch or seatbelt. It satisfies all FAA specifications, all the protection measures have been taken into consideration, and everything about the hybrid design is made with assuring quality in mind. The stroller is very comfortable to achieve with only one hand, which is very beneficial if you have got a newborn baby. The super convenient and less space of the stroller and car seat combo is an exceptional feature of the product. Doona offers two types of travel bags in which he first is the standard travel bag, and the second appears with extra padding for more security of the baby.

Great Convenient for both baby and the parents.

Accessories attached with the car seat.

Easy to move around with one hand.
No Load Leg feature.

It is costly.

Heavier Car seat.


  • Doona Infant car seat can accommodate kids weighing from 4-35 lbs.
  • It can support babies of 32 inches or less than in height.
  • The seat weighs 28 lbs, and the carrier portion of the seat weighs 18 lbs.
  • The total width of the seat base at its widest point is 16 inches, and the carrier width is 18 inches.
  • The overall length of the Doona Infant car seat is 29 inches.


  • The convenient and rare design saves valuable time and also reduce large space issues.
  • A push-on connection is used for the efficiency of the latch system safe and correct installation of each place in a variation of vehicles.
  • The easy maneuvering feature allows you to slide through corners or edges by converting into an amazing stroller.
  • The base of the car seat includes suitable means of improving the height to achieve different recline positions on several vehicle seats as per the demands.
  • A line type of indicator is used to check the correct level of recline in rear-facing orientation on the carrier on both sides.
  • The indicator which is used to check the correct level of recline in rear-facing orientation on the base is the Pendulum type on both sides.
  • As the newborn can witness slippage during the travel belt lock-off feature to avoid this problem is also introduced.
  • There exist few restrictions to define the state of the handles of the car seat during the travel.
  • It has also been examined and certified by European and US airlines and is considered as the most convenient choice during any travel.

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