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5 Ideas to Make Your Handmade Advent Calendar

by Blaky
Advent Calendar Ideas

Christmas is almost here! The wait will not be much shorter with these calendars, but it will be much more attractive.

The Christmas celebrations are about to begin, and both young and old are eagerly looking forward to getting started.

The Advent calendar is undoubtedly one of the typical pastimes that the entire family likes, as it mixes the excitement of counting down the days until Christmas with the delight of receiving a modest daily present.

We’ve taken on the work of gathering the most trendy ideas to produce a unique advent calendar that also looks amazing in your home.

1. Black and White

Getting away from the traditional Christmas hues doesn’t have to be boring, as seen by the creative design of this advent calendar.

We recommend arranging the boxes in the shape of a Christmas tree, avoiding numerical order and varying the sizes, since this will offer it more variety.

2. The Christmas Touch

Advent Calendar Ideas

This advent calendar is great for people searching for a more classic touch. Get an embroidery hoop and wrap some of your pine greenery around the hoop. Don’t forget to add a couple of pine cones for a forested, holiday feel.

Fill envelopes with gifts or messages and hang them along the frame. Ready! You already have an advent calendar in your living room that will look wonderful.

3. Multicolored Joy

Advent Calendar Ideas

If Christmas means anything different to you than the traditional green, red, gold, or silver colors, this is the advent calendar for you.

This calendar is cheerful without losing its sense of holiday excitement, as it is inspired by decorative lights. It can be displayed on a bookcase or on the Christmas tree.

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4. Holiday Village

Advent Calendar Ideas

It’s a 2×1 choice because it may be used not only as an advent calendar, but also to beautify your coffee table.

When you add a luminous series in a white tone, you have a highly sophisticated and unique alternative that will appeal to both young and old.

5. Pom Pom Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Ideas

Nothing says holiday cheer like pompoms, and Christmas is a fantastic time to use them as decorations for our advent calendar.

It will look great on a bookcase, a wall, a corridor, or even on the Christmas tree, and it will delight your student every time you look at it.

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