7 Best Christmas Gifts to Give Architects and Designers

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas has here, and with it have come the gifts. As a result, we’re on the lookout for some of the best devices and products that will make both architects and designers pleased this Christmas.

These design products range from board games from well-known architecture firms to 3D drawing tools, and are great for boosting professional abilities or simply having fun.

The top Christmas presents for architects and designers are listed here.

1. New York City Skyline Chess Set

Christmas Gift Ideas

Because The Queen’s Gambit series has made chess one of the most popular gifts, this York Skyline model is a perfect choice for architects and designers.

This collection, which includes acrylic pieces of New York buildings, is a sleek and sophisticated object that evokes the nostalgic splendor of the 1970s. It’s a sensation, whether you’re playing or just collecting.

2. The Best Pencil in the World

Christmas Gift Ideas

While it may appear to be a basic present, the Eberhard Faber Blackwing 602, as one of the most effective pencils in design, is regarded one of the greatest gifts for architects and designers.

From Chuck Jones to Don Bluth, this pencil has been a favorite of prominent cartoonists and designers under the slogan “Half the Pressure, Twice the Speed.” It comes in black, grey, or white and is made of cedar wood with a hexagonal shape.

3. Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models

Christmas Gift Ideas

Frank Lloyd Wright Paper Models, a game that provides directions and templates for creating gorgeous kirigami models of Frank Lloyd Wright’s classic modernist architecture, is another great gift for architects and designers.

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This kirigami, which is defined as the Japanese technique of folding and cutting paper to form elaborate designs, will provide hours of entertainment.

4. 3Dconnexion for 3D Drawing Mouse

Christmas Gift Ideas

3Dconnexion, a mouse specifically intended to work in three dimensions in various computer programmes, is one of the best devices for architects and designers.

Because of its versatility and creative technology, this present will make the work of any architect or designer easier.


Christmas Gift Ideas

LEGO kits are still one of the best gifts for architects and designers, despite being a classic.

These sets are great for the whole family to participate in the creation of some of the most iconic buildings in architectural history, as they come in a variety of designs, sizes, and costs.

6. RAR Chair

Christmas Gift Ideas

The RAR chair, a rocking chair developed by Charles and Ray Eames, is another fantastic present for architects and designers.

This chair, with its exquisite and avant-garde design, is ideal for taking a rest or reading a good book while looking for inspiration for your projects.

7. Neufert

Christmas Gift Ideas

Neufert, regarded a “bible” of design, is one of the greatest books for architects and designers since it provides all of the required measures to build ideal environments, as well as rules to consider.

This present is great for architects and designers who want to make their lives and job easier, because the more they read it, the more they learn and find new things.

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