20 Games and Traditions for New Year to do with Children

New Year's Eve Game Ideas

The celebration of New Year’s Eve and New Year provides the ideal opportunity for all members of the family to get together, take stock, and reflect on the events and experiences that have transpired over the course of the preceding year, as well as on the purposes or goals that they have for the year to come. This is a very special occasion for the younger members of the family because… they get to sleep in until noon the next day! To add a touch of magic to the occasion, the team here at Guiainfantil.com has put together a collection of the most enjoyable games that can be played at New Year’s with kids. A one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-kind way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with the family in a fun way that prevents the children from becoming bored in any way.

Ideas of Activities and Games for New Year with The Children

The evening of December 31st is considered a very significant date for adults because it symbolizes their departure from negative vibrations and their introduction of fresh aspirations and objectives for the coming year. However, what about young children? How can we get them to experience and comprehend the present with the same desire and enthusiasm that we do? With the help of these New Year’s games and activities with children, we will be able to keep them entertained and include them in the festivities that take place on New Year’s Eve.

Countdown in Balloons

To start New Year’s Eve, we can do a countdown in which a balloon stands for each hour. Inside every balloon, there will be a task to do. As each hour goes by, we’ll pop each balloon to find out what family game or activity we have to do. Some examples are board games, riddles, singing, dancing, and so on.

Build Musical Instruments

In order to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, the child can transform plates into tambourines or empty bottles into instruments by filling them with rice, coins, and other objects. They can then use these instruments to perform a concert for the family on New Year’s Eve and sing songs together.

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Costume Contest

We should get ready to dress up, so we should prepare hats, masks, glasses, mustaches, trumpets, and any other “props” that come to mind. This includes both adults and children.

The Photocall

Get the whole family in on the photo-taking action by donning masks, mustaches, and other props and using them to create a photo album to cherish forever. In addition, you can design your very own Christmas-themed photo booth! The resulting images will be stunning.

Magic Tricks

Magic tricks are always a hit with young children. It is not necessary for them to be difficult tricks. Create an illusion in which something has vanished, and use your imagination.

New Year’s Eve Scramble

New Year's Eve Game Ideas

To play, shuffle a sheet of paper with many New Year’s Eve-related words written on it. Whoever correctly guesses the most words gets to choose who among them will have the powder in their mouth while telling jokes.

Guess as a Family

Card words. Table the cards. Two teams must sit facing each other. Start a stopwatch. The first player must pick a card from the set and get their teammates to guess it in one minute. They get a point if they guess before time. Repeat until the words run out. To determine the winning team, add the points.

Treasure Hunt

Hide individual bags of candies in various rooms of the house, and then write cryptic clues that point to one another and ultimately to the gift. The kids are going to have a wonderful time, and they won’t get bored for a very long time.

Neither Yes, nor No

During conversations at New Year’s dinner, the goal is to get no one to say yes or no. If it’s said as a question, the person who asked it gets the point.

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The Time Capsule

A small box with a lid can be decorated by the whole family. Then, they can put pictures of your family, newspaper clippings, a letter, and other small things that show what your family was like at the time the capsule was made in it. Each child can choose a special thing from the year to help them remember it and put it in the capsule. You can open the time capsule the next year, or you can leave it to shut for a few years before you open it again.

The Disco at Home

After dinner, or after the chimes, you could set up a dance floor in the living room so that you can bid farewell to the old year or greet the new year by dancing to the songs that we enjoyed the most from the previous year.

The Variety Show

This is a great outing for the whole family if you all share a passion for the performing arts. The show will be broadcast from its own facility this year. Everyone in the household is welcome to join in. The adults can plan a puppet show for the kids, while the kids can organize dance routines and songs for the audience. In addition, Karaoke is welcome.

Story Telling

You have until the evening of December 31st, or, if they are feeling up to it, until they go to bed that night, to get this done before the new year begins. ‘The New Year’s Fairy’ is a great way to teach kids that a fresh new year means a fresh new chance to take on and accomplish goals and dreams they’ve always wanted.

New Year’s Eve Traditions to do with Children

There is no better time than the evening of December 31 to educate young minds on the various customs practiced in the hours leading up to the stroke of midnight. We’re going to issue a challenge to him now, suggesting that he see not just how things are done in your country, but around the world. What about it? Read on to learn about some of the more unusual customs people observe on New Year’s Eve.

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The Twelve Grapes

New Year's Eve Ideas

When ringing in the new year, it is customary for children to eat twelve grapes while listening to the sound of bells, although they should take care not to suffocate. Those individuals who do not enjoy the taste of this fruit have the option of substituting it with bite-sized pieces of apple, banana, and/or olives.

To The Rich Plate of Lentils

This ritual, which originates in Italy but may seem out of the ordinary to some, is actually quite ancient. The main course at the big New Year’s Eve party will be a dish of lentils. We’ll also let you know that it’s not just an Italian thing; in fact, you’ll find supporters of this custom in some parts of Chile.

Night Walks With Your Suitcase

Be prepared for this tradition if you’re spending New Year’s Eve in Colombia. On the last day of the year, pack your bags and take a stroll around the neighborhood. It’s a way to bring in positive vibes for the coming year and guarantee exciting experiences.

Read The Future

Make sure you have an egg on December 31. Leave it under the bed overnight if you catch it or on a plate if you break it. Watch it first thing in the morning. The question is, what form does it take? According to this Peruvian ritual, its meaning can foretell your immediate future.

Yellow and Red, The Colors of Good Luck

Tradition in Mexico dictates that on December 31st, those seeking professional and financial success should wear yellow, while those seeking romantic fulfillment should don red. Even though the color pink isn’t typically associated with love elsewhere, this tradition has been touched on all over the world.

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