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How to Decorate a Small Apartment for Christmas (Step by Step)

by Blaky
Christmas Decoration Ideas

If you live in a small apartment with no spare space, Christmas decorating can be difficult. This does not rule out the possibility; all that is required is for the decoration to be simple and proportional to the size of the area.

Step 1:

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Install lights around the edges of the windows. Because you do not have a front patio to decorate, the lights will take up very little room. It is also an excellent method to display your home’s decorations.

Step 2:

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Directly on the windows, place little ornaments. To adhere to the glass, you can use snowflake stickers or hang decorations with snap hooks. In this way the decorations will not obstruct the space and will also be visible from outside the apartment.

Step 3:

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Select a tabletop or small Christmas tree. Living in a tiny apartment does not rule out the possibility of finding a Christmas tree; you only need to choose a modest one, such as a potted rosemary tree, and decorate it with a minimal number of lights and ornaments so as not to overburden it.

Step 4:

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorate the doors with mistletoe. This is a different approach to make use of the apartment’s vacant areas, such as windows, doors, and other entries. In addition, there will be more opportunities for two individuals to stand under the mistletoe at the same time in a small apartment.

Step 5:

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Light candles in a festive manner. Replace any candles you already have in your home with ones that have Christmas scents or colours. In this way, the apartment will have a festive atmosphere and aroma. You can even create the feeling of a home by grouping several candles on the coffee table.

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