30 New Year’s Resolutions and Ways to Fulfill Them

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are personal goals we set for ourselves when we reach the end of December, but do they exist? Are there real-life examples of people who follow them?

The fact is that, whether they are feasible or not, they provide additional motivation to begin the year, even if they are not fulfilled. That doesn’t matter; what matters is that they exist. Those who do not have them do not know the satisfaction of seeing them fulfilled the following year, or the frustration of laughing with family or friends remembering those from the previous year, a few hours before the end of the time to fulfill them.

Original New Year Resolutions

  • Start saving for the trip of my dreams.
  • Do more sport.
  • Read more books.
  • Write a blog.
  • Hang out more often with friends.
  • Say “I love you” more times.
  • Drink less alcohol.
  • Use your mobile less.
  • Face the problems.
  • Say “no” more often.
  • Be less selfish.
  • Stop taking things personally.
  • Stop depending on my parents.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Spend less money on things I don’t need.
  • Go out more on the weekend.
  • Don’t look for excuses.
  • Being more disciplined for the things I set my mind to.
  • Don’t envy what my neighbor has.
  • Get out of my comfort zone.
  • Ask my grandmother for her recipes.
  • Appreciate more what I have.
  • Be a better example for my children.
  • Smile more and complain less.
  • Call my parents more on the phone.
  • Have the courage to fail.
  • Be a little more optimistic.
  • Give up smoking.
  • Stop making good resolutions that I will not fulfill.
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How to Fulfill New Year’s Resolutions without Dying Trying

New Year's Resolutions

Every year around this time, we review the previous year mentally, the things I liked and disliked, the things that could be improved… and I re-imagine what my life would be like with a few minor changes.

To make things easier this year, I’m going to focus on original New Year’s resolutions for each month, so we’ll have a clear objective each month. By the way, the calendars’ thousand-and-one design options are fantastic: you can choose from a variety of backgrounds, large or small photos, montages, and even font and size!

January: Enjoy My Family More and Do It 100%

No more sitting with the kids and frowning at the emails that arrive in the inbox. No more taking advantage of grandparents’ visits to iron “and take away a couple of washing machines.” I’m going to enjoy them all, with all five of my senses.

February: Play More

“Take advantage and play more, you will forget when you are older,” says a song from the play “The girl who lived in a shoe box,” music composed by Antoni Tolmos (highly recommended, play and soundtrack). So, starting in February, I’m going to spend a lot more time playing with my kids.

March: Make It Clear to My Loved Ones Who is The Priority

I’m going to start bending down to look the children in the eyes when I talk to them, and I’m going to get the children to dress themselves, giving them more time to do so.

April: Be Punctual

I am going to propose and fight with all my might to be more punctual, which means that I have finally accepted that I will have to stop doing some things because it is impossible to accomplish everything. This has been my main goal for several years. It’s I “quit smoking” pledge. Will I be successful?

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May: Prioritize

I propose categorizing things as priority, urgent, or important and acting accordingly. There are no regrets. The first is always the first.

June: Order Photos and Videos and Make Copies for Grandparents

I should free up some space on my phone’s memory before the year-end performances so that the camera doesn’t have to skip a great “memory full” moment in the middle of a song. Horror! Make copies of the most memorable photos from the year and give them to your grandparents to remind them of you whenever they look at them.

July: Take Out The “Good” Camera to Take Really Cool Photos

Although taking pictures with a mobile device has its advantages, the quality isn’t always great, and we all want cool photos.

August: Teaching My Children to Swim The Way I Learned…In The Sea!

To me, an indoor pool is no fun at all because of the noise, the smell of chlorine, and the heat.

September: Stop Blaming The Lack of Time for All My Ills

I can’t make more time appear in the day, so we’ll need to figure out a different method of coordination (and reinforce the resolutions for April and May). Doing this in September, when kids are heading back to class, seems like a good idea.

October: Travel More

Incorporate weekend getaways, particularly of a rural nature, into the routine, trying to simplify the suitcase and the preparations to simply go out and enjoy. You can complete your weekend getaway in just over 24 hours. Practically nothing beyond an adventurous spirit and a hunger for discovery is required. There is so much to see and do in the world… This is too important for me to keep missing. Without denying the possibility of trips across international borders.

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November: Have a Detail with The Grandparents from Time to Time

They play a crucial, fundamental, and crucial role. They are the selfless ones who give to others without expecting anything in return other than wet kisses. And they should be given more credit, more time off to spend with their kids, and more respect for their efforts.

December: Learn to Make Almond Soup

The last time the bull had me was on Christmas Eve, and I didn’t eat it then or ever again. This year, beginning at the start of the month, we’ll be doing something more conventional.

A quick question: how are you doing today? Regarding New Year’s resolutions, what is your outlook? Affordable? Pick your favorites and add your own so that by the end of the year you will have accomplished everything that matters most to you.

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