Christmas Crafts for Kids by Age – Easy Homemade Decorations

Christmas Crafts for Kids

Creating holiday crafts with kids is an excellent option for celebrating the season. Those cozy December afternoons by the fire, the Christmas tree decorated beautifully in the living room, and the kids laughing and creating ornaments to put on it. Yes, you do understand what we’re talking about. Write down our suggestions if you’re stuck for ideas, want this year’s Christmas decorations to be extra special, and want the kids to have the best holiday season ever. Please take into account the children’s ages when planning an activity like this for them.

The best Christmas decorations are the ones you make yourself, and the best ones to make with kids aged 1 to 8 are simple and original.

1. Christmas Crafts for Kids from 1 to 2 Years Old

If you want to make a Christmas craft with a child under the age of two, you need to pay close attention and choose the right materials so that they don’t get hurt and you can have a quiet afternoon with the family.

Christmas Decorations with Cardboard

Using the cardboard from a box, you can help the kids make beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree. You will have to do the first part of this craft yourself before you can give it to your child to finish. It involves drawing and cutting out simple shapes on cardboard, like circles, stars, moons, hexagons, etc.

Once it’s cut out, use scissors to make a small hole in the top. When you’re done, put the scissors away so your child can’t get to them. The time has come for the child to join the scene! Now it’s his turn to paint the figures different colors and, with your help, put a thread through the hole at the top so he can hang them on the tree later.

Christmas Crafts with Macarons

Let’s put away the macaroni and have some fun with our baby. The idea is that you make a cone shape out of a piece of cardboard. This will be your unique Christmas tree, made just for you. Once the cone is made, your child will need a lot of patience and help to put the macaroni around the whole thing one by one to decorate it. You can add some red bows to the top to make it stand out. Now all you have to do is find a place for it in your home.

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2. Christmas Crafts for Kids from 2 to 3 Years Old

However, despite the fact that children of this age are developing more skills, the Christmas crafts that you do with them should still be simple. Here are some wonderful suggestions:

Christmas Balls with Balloons and Wool

Our Christmas tree will have the most beautiful balls in the whole world this year. If your child is between the ages of two and three, this is a great craft for him. However, since he is still very young, you will have to do a lot of the work and help him a lot so that he can make some very beautiful balls. The first thing you need to do is blow up a few balloons (they can be of different sizes).

Then, you’ll need to mix three parts of glue and one part of the water in a container and brush this mixture on the balloon. This is where the little one can help.

The next step is to put a circle of wool around the balloon. You can make the balls look different by using wool of different colors. When the ball is dry, the last step is to pop the balloons (you will have to do this as it is dangerous for the child). And all set! Your Christmas balls are all set to go!

Christmas Tree with Ice Cream Sticks

This Christmas craft for kids ages 2 to 3 is very simple. Just three ice cream sticks and some watercolors are all you need. We’re going to make a nice Christmas pine with these things. Glue the three triangle-shaped sticks together, then paint and decorate them however you like. Simple, right? Don’t worry that the child will get paint on him; you can put him in old clothes and wash them. Let’s have fun!

3. Christmas Crafts for Kids from 3 to 4 Years Old

If your son is a bit older, that’s fantastic because it means he’ll be able to start making Christmas crafts that are a bit more challenging. Without a detour, what’s up with that? We would like to suggest two wonderful and entertaining ideas:

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Plasticine Nativity Scene to Make with Children at Christmas

Children love plasticine, so if you tell your child that he can use it to make the people in the nativity scene, he will be very happy and you will keep him busy all afternoon. It’s about how, slowly and with a lot of patience, you give each character a shape: Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus; the Mule and Ox; the angel; the Magi; and so on.

Use some props and pay close attention to the details to make it look more real. For example, you can make the Virgin’s hair with yellow threads. For the Three Wise Men, you can make a crown and a long cape. Attention: This craft could keep you and your kids busy all weekend.

Christmas Tree Garland with Cardboard

What do you need to make this craft for kids at Christmas? Green paper, scissors with round tips, a pencil, and a ruler. Take the cardboard and fold it several times across the width. So, with the cardboard folded, you need to help your child use the pencil and ruler to draw a Christmas tree. Cut the cardboard out carefully according to the drawing. Clever! Now, open up the cardboard, and you’ll see that you have a beautiful garland.

4. Christmas Crafts for Kids from 4 to 6 Years Old

Crafts are a big deal to kids in this age range, so plan to spend the holiday season with your kids making homemade ornaments. To that end, we have two fantastic proposals to make.

Christmas Wreath with Tweezers

If you have a child this age, you probably have some beads and wire at home that can be used to make bracelets. You must shape your Christmas wreath with them. You will need to put wooden pegs, which you can paint ahead of time in different colors, between each trinket. To hide the wire, glue gold tape around it. Just decorate the top with a bow, and you’re done!

Toilet Paper Reindeer: Christmas Craft for Kids

Remember to save a finished toilet paper roll, because you will need it to make this craft with your four- to six-year-old. The paper roll will be the deer’s head, and the task is to decorate it. How? You can make the mouth and eyes with watercolors, and the horns with two long strips of pipe cleaners. Have you thought about where you’ll put your personalized Rudolph yet?

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5. Christmas Crafts for Kids from 6 to 8 Years Old

If you have a child of this age, it is likely that he will come up with an idea for a Christmas craft to do on his own, but you can still surprise him with one of these other suggestions:

Original Cork Nativity Scene to Make with Older Children at Christmas

This Christmas craft is great because it teaches kids the value of recycling and lets them make their own nativity scene at the same time. Since these kids are older, you can let them do the craft on their own. You just have to make sure they have everything they need. To make a Christmas nativity scene, you need bottle corks, felt, wool, and markers.

Figurines will be made out of corks, and the kids will just need to decorate them by making their clothes out of felt, their hair out of wool, and the different parts of their faces with a marker. Crafts are no longer unique.

Felt Christmas Crafts

Your kids can make dozens of different Christmas decorations out of felt and a little imagination. They can make bells, an angel, a boot, a house, and more. This time, we’d like to make a nice snowman.

The idea is to draw the shape on paper first, put it on the felt, and cut it out using that shape. Then you can help your child sew the edges so that the doll stands out more. Finally, you just need to glue some beads on the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons.

Have you already begun putting up Christmas decorations in your home? Are you going to show your children how to make different crafts? Share with us some of your favorite homemade ornaments and decorations.

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