Well at Walgreens Vaporizer Humidifier Review

Well at Walgreens Vaporizer Humidifier Review

Individuals with allergies, asthma and flu might find it a challenge to breathe inside some houses. This is mostly linked to dry air. Long term exposure to dry air might result into the escalation of some conditions. Hence, try and balance the humidity levels in the house by using Walgreens vaporizer humidifier. The warm mist released by this humidifier also increases the temperature levels.

The auto off feature helps preserve energy and also acts as a safety precautionary measure.

The night light helps a lot of people.

It can operate silently when the settings are adjusted to low.

You can easily move with it.
Its performance isn’t effective after 24 hours of use.


  • It’s cord is 66 inch long. Thus, it’s easier to place it on surfaces that are a few inches from the socket or extension.
  • Walgreens vaporized humidifier is 2.05 lbs. Its weight combined with its overall design makes it easy to handle. Also, it is movable from one point to another.
  • The tank capacity of Walgreens vaporized humidifier is 1. 2 gallons. A single tank fill up can run up to 14 hours. The output setting and usage frequency influences the time the water tank will last.
  • Walgreens vaporizer humidifier releases warm mist in the air. This pumps moisture in the air. Also, it might slightly improve the room temperature and soothes congestion.
  • This humidifier has a medicine chamber apart from the water tank. Hence, you can pump medicine combined with vapor in your room.
  • Walgreens vaporizer humidifier is meant for 200 square feet rooms. That’s the only way of effectively analyzing the performance of this humidifier.
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Claimed Humidification Area150
Daily Output ( GAL )2.1
Claimed Maximum Run Time ( HRS )14
Cord Length ( IN )66
Claimed Wattage638


  • Antimicrobial materials– All materials used in designing Walgreens vaporizer humidifier are antimicrobial. This means moist or bacteria can’t build up in the humidifier.
  • An auto shut off feature– Walgreens vaporizer belongs to the latest generation of humidifiers that automatically go off when water levels are low. Hence, individuals should be guaranteed on their safety while asleep.
  • Night light– Walgreens vaporizer humidifier has a night light that can be turned both on and off. This light helps find your way around the room at night. Consequently, it’s not blinding when turned on.
  • Steam guard– This humidifier has a steam guard that diverts the warm mist away from people. It is one of the safety features on Walgreens vaporizer humidifier.
Cool Mist OnlyNo
Warm Mist OnlyYes
Dual MistNo
Antimicrobial ClaimsNo
Daily Maintenance RequiredYes
Weekly Maintenance RequiredYes
Need to Replace Filter or WickNo
Need to Replace CartridgeNo
Nightlight or Glow in the DarkYes
Indicator for Empty TankNo
Automatic Shut Off When EmptyYes


Have an easy time maintaining congestion and flu by relying on the warm mist exhibited by Walgreens vaporized humidifier. Furthermore, it is easy to operate.

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