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How to Plant a Tree in the Garden: 3 Easy Steps to Planting a Tree

by Blaky
Planting a Tree in the Garden

Please take the spade! It’s time to get some dirt on your hands. Purchase a fruit tree and plant it in your garden. Three in one: fresh fruit, shade, and a more beautiful garden!

What You Need:


  • Cube
  •  Gloves
  •  Shovel
  •  Small shovel
  •  Scraper
  •  Rake


  • Pomegranate
  •  Substratum

Step by Step:

Mark The Position of The Tree

Consider what a tree will look like as it grows when deciding where to plant it. If there are other trees in the area, make sure there is at least 3 meters between them. When you’ve made your decision, mark the place where you’ll plant it in the ground to make things easier. With a scraper, for example, you can assist yourself.

To protect your hands, put on protective gardening gloves.

Prepare The Hole

To transplant your tree, measure the root ball – the mass of earth linked to the roots – and dig a hole the same depth but two or three times the diameter. To get it, use a spade to assist yourself.

Plant The Tree

After you’ve dug a hole in the garden, it’s time to plant the tree. If it comes in a pot, carefully remove it so that it suffers the least amount of damage. Remove the pot by tilting it to the side. Put it in the hole once you’ve gotten it out.

In a bucket, combine the dirt from the hole with universal substrate; the tree will grow better with this combination of soil. To do it, use a tiny shovel to assist yourself. When you’re finished, pack the earth firmly to keep air out and water the roots thoroughly to help them settle.

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Planting a Tree in the Garden

Planting your own tree in the garden is that simple. It will take time to mature, but the effort will be worthwhile. Do you have any reservations? Please leave a remark!

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