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7 Pro Tips for a Successful First Date: Conquer Your Love

by Blaky
First Date Tips and Ideas

Is this your first time meeting? Here are some general guidelines for making a strong first impression on a first date.

Have a Support Plan

If you were planning on travelling to the beach, the weather could change, the location you planned to visit could be closed for renovations, and even your concert tickets may not always grant you entry…

First Date Tips

For all of these reasons, and many more, it’s a good idea to have a back-up plan in case your date takes an unexpected turn.

Be Punctual

First Date Tips

Being late on your first date is the ultimate sign of disrespect (or interest). Prepare ahead of time by getting directions and arriving early, and demonstrating to your date that you care about him or her and the plans you’ve made.

Plan a Short Date

First Date Tips

Begin with a short appointment of 1-2 hours. You can always extend the appointment if everything goes well. There’s nothing worse than spending an entire date day planning and then realize there’s no way out after five minutes.

Dress Properly

First Date Tips

If you’ve made plans to go somewhere nice, sympathies with your partner about the dress code he or she will follow. I concur (or implement warn him how you are going to go). Nothing is more humiliating than one person arriving in a fancy suit while the other is dressed casually. Give compliments, but not too many. Kind words make everyone feel unique, but constant remarks about the other person’s looks, body, attitude, and so on might make them appear desperate…

Don’t Go Overboard on The Drink

First Date Tips

A few drinks can help to de-stress the date, but don’t imagine you’re at a party with old coworkers… Drinking too much will most likely remove components of your personality that aren’t very appealing and will hurt your prospects.

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Keep a Balance between What You Talk and Listen To

First Date Tips

Keep track of how much time you spend talking and how much time you spend listening. If you go in a direction where people are listening…

Don’t Talk about Past Love Experience

First Date Tips

“My ex-lover liked this or that…” and so on. They exhibit insecurity as well as a lack of tact. Deep discussions can be saved for later. Our advise is to avoid discussing sex, religion, politics, disappointments, personal difficulties, etc. on your first date. The goal is for the other to enjoy themselves. And be sure to make your coworker laugh a lot. Make a strategy for having a good time. Life’s depths will reveal themselves gradually.

Do you have any more pointers or tricks for making the most of first dates? Please share them with us.

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