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8 Best Colors to Decorate Small Bathrooms

by Blaky
Bathroom Color Ideas

Decorating a small bathroom is not difficult, as long as attention is paid to details; storage space, the natural and artificial light… But, above all, you have to know how to choose the right color. Colors do wonders, so don’t hesitate to choose one. These are the 8 perfect colors for small bathrooms.

Black and White

If there is the perfect color combination, it is white and black. With a positive effect and that, well used, an elegant contrast can create the perception that space is larger.

The black color should cover the back wall, giving a sense of depth. White, on the other hand, will dress the rest of the walls. On the floor, you can use the same black color as the background to give a sense of continuity, or a gray tone, to create greater contrast.

Bathroom Color Ideas

Very Important: to use black in a small bathroom, space must have good lighting, both natural and artificial. Otherwise, when you enter the bathroom, you will start to feel overwhelmed.


Bathroom Color Ideas

Some believe that strong colors should never be used in small spaces. However, a color like yellow creates an atmosphere of encouragement, joy, and strength. In addition, it produces the visual effect of spaciousness.

It can be the main color, but it can never be the only one in this room. It must be combined with white to add more light or black to provide another nuance. A color that you can introduce both on walls and furniture.


Bathroom Color Ideas

Of all the colors used in small bathrooms, blue is the jewel in the crown. A color that transmits peace relaxes and creates a feeling of spaciousness. A light blue can be combined with subway porcelain tiles, which produces the effect that space is visually duplicated.

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Can darker shades be used? Of course, an intense blue combined with white, preventing the dark tone from visually damaging the space. Together with a white marble floor, the combination is perfect for small spaces.


Bathroom Color Ideas

Use color as powerful as pink in a small bathroom? It is not a bad idea, as there are several ways to take advantage of it. For example, covering the walls, together with a white wooden tile, with a wallpaper in a soft tone. Combined with romantic-style furniture, the result will be a bathroom out of a fairy tale.

The other option is to combine pink tiles with black and white, to add character and personality to the bathroom decoration. Very important: In a small bathroom, you should never use two different shades of pink because it is visually stressful.


Bathroom Color Ideas

For professional decorators, gray is a must for any space in the house: kitchens, bedrooms, patios … and, above all, bathrooms. Like white, this color gives a feeling of spaciousness, is relaxing, and very easy to combine with other colors.

The walls can be painted in gray or use tiles, with a floor in a slightly darker tone, and combine with white furniture in a Nordic or minimalist style. Apart from white, it is a color that contrasts perfectly with black, red, blue, and yellow.


Bathroom Color Ideas

A color that adds maturity to space? Beige tones are perfect for this work. Ideal for decorating a shabby chic, boho chic, or romantic bathroom combined with baroque tiles in golden tones.

It is a color that brings warmth, delicacy, and elegance to space. When this color is the primary, you have to add notes of brown throughout the furniture. Another thing to keep in mind is that beige absorbs light, so it can only be used in bathrooms that have a lot of natural light or that will have good artificial lighting.

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Bathroom Color Ideas

It is not only used in nautical decoration. The marine watercolor can be used in a modern, rustic, chic, and minimalist small bathroom. It is a relaxing tone, ideal for small spaces as it provides warmth and a marine atmosphere.

It should be used on the back wall to achieve more visual depth. In the rest of the walls, a white tone or a slightly darker blue enhances the strength of this color.

Is it too burdensome to put it on the walls? It can also be introduced through the furniture, with walls dressed in white or in a very light gray tone.


Bathroom Color Ideas

For those who want a bathroom in which lively and vibrant tones are the protagonists, you should try coral or salmon. Again, an ideal tone for the walls, improving the lighting of the space.

However, it is cumbersome to look at. So it must be combined with other colors such as white, adding white marble walls. Another possibility is to combine it with the green color in a very soft tone.

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