6 Trendy and Beautiful Dark Kitchen Ideas

Dark Kitchen Ideas

A kitchen is a very vital place in every home, so we are here to give you some ideas which will surely mesmerize your mind. We also refuted at least two well-known stereotypes – that a dark kitchen is not for a small space and that it is difficult to “beat” a dark kitchen.

We are absolutely delighted with these kitchens!

1. Kitchen in the Apartment for Rent

Dark Kitchen Ideas

Believe it or not, this stylish kitchen set was bought from IKEA. The decorator tried to make it look more expensive: the countertop and shelving were made to order, and a box was lowered over the kitchen for a beautiful installation and ventilation. At a low cost, they managed to create the feeling that the kitchen was made to order.

The highlight of the interior is the color scheme: dark gray kitchen facades, noble lilac color of the walls, and an unusual combination of several shades of the “hog” tile on the apron.

2. Kitchen with a Bias in the Loft Style

Dark Kitchen Ideas

This laconic and monochrome kitchen is located in a pre-revolutionary building, so there are high ceilings and original brickwork on the walls.

The linear kitchen set in dark gray with an island was made to order – it looks like an extension of the walls, and not as separate furniture. Five wood-look upper fronts, a glass stand over the island, and a luxurious black marble apron create a single ensemble – a stylish and unobtrusive accent.

3. Minimalistic Kitchen

Dark Kitchen Ideas

A U-shaped set for this kitchen was bought at IKEA – and it was designed for the size of the room, taking into account additional storage under the bar counter. The appliances include a dishwasher, refrigerator, built-in hood, and two-burner hob.

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Pay attention to how the countertop is played up – from the working surface it goes into the shelf for small things, and then into the bar table. An intricate glass holder with a shelf for indoor plants was placed above it. They also found a place in the kitchen for a small sofa to relax.

4. Dark Green Kitchen

Dark Kitchen Ideas

This muted green kitchen is housed in a small apartment that will be home to three women of different generations. For the kitchen set, the designer chose the modular system and combined two types of facades – EKESTAD with oak veneer for the upper cabinets and gray-green BODARP for the rest of the elements.

They took porcelain stoneware with geometric patterns on the floor. And for the apron, they chose glazed malachite tiles with the beautiful name Moss Green.

5. Kitchen in the Spirit of Normandy

Dark Kitchen Ideas

The idea of ​​decorating this space was inspired by travels to Normandy: the cold, slightly gloomy nature of the north with its alabaster rocks and houses with burgundy-red wooden shutters on the windows. All these shades and materials found their place in the project.

The highlight of the kitchen is the color palette. Despite the restrained shades, we managed to use interesting, even radical solutions that look advantageous: for example, burgundy tiles on the apron of a mouse-gray kitchen and porcelain stoneware in the style of Norman cobblestones.

6. Kitchen with the Spirit of “Old Times”

Dark Kitchen Ideas

The designer has created the appropriate atmosphere with the help of details – aged bricks, vintage pieces of furniture, and lighting.

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The kitchen set was moved to one of the walls of the kitchen-living room, part of the set was placed along with the window. The furniture fronts were ordered from a local manufacturer. There was no task to make a roomy kitchen, so the upper cabinets were abandoned.

“The materials we chose were simple but high quality. Of the unusual coatings – brick, which was ordered from a factory according to old forms with stamps. Slopes and window sills were made of thermal wood, resistant to temperature extremes. This added dignity and respectability, ”says the designer.

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