50+ Christmas Inspired Girl and Boy Names for Your Baby

Christmas Baby Names

Christmas is a time of excitement and delight for many parents, whether Christian or not, who are looking for a name for their baby.

Whether your baby is born on these dates or you wish to give it a name that is associated with this Christian festival, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas baby names with their origins and meanings: 50+ Christmas-inspired names for girls and boys.

Christmas Inspired Boy Names

Alfredo: Some believe it means ‘guided by elves,’ and that it relates to the Christmas elves that work on gift wrapping.

Angel: Angelus is a Latin word that means “messenger.”

Angelo: Angel has an Italian version.

Baltasar: Assyrian in origin. It is one of the three Wise Men’s names.

Claus: Saint Nicholas’ moniker is “Triumph of the Peoples,” which means “victory of the peoples.”

Cristian: It is of Greek origin and meaning “Christian” or “Man who Follows Christ.”

Cristiano: It means “follower of Christ” and is a variation of Cristian.

Christ: The phrase literally means ‘anointed,’ and refers to the sacramental act of impregnating with fragrant and consecrated oil.

David: It comes from Hebrew and meaning “beloved and precious” or “God’s chosen one.”

Doroteo: “God’s gift” is the meaning of this Greek name.

Epiphanius: Epiphany is the day on which Jesus revealed himself to the world.

Immanuel: It means “the God who is with us” and is of Hebrew origin. In the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth is referred to as “Immanuel” in his original form.

Stephen: Saint Stephen’s Day is observed in the Latin Church the day after Christmas (December 26) and in the Slavic-Byzantine Churches on December 27. On this day, Christians commemorate Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

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Gabriel: In old artwork, the archangel Gabriel kneels in front of the Virgin Mary. He is the one who brings God’s Word to the people. It means “God is my strength,” “God’s strength,” or “God’s man.”

Gaspar: It is the name given to one of the three Wise Men recounted in Matthew’s Gospel. It is of Hebrew origin.

Jesus: is derived from the Hebrew word Yehosuá, meaning Yeshua. “Salvation” is its meaning.

José: It is the name of Jesus’ father, and it is of Hebrew origin.

Lucio: Lucia is a masculine version of Lucia, which meaning “one who provides light.”

Manuel: Its meaning is ‘the God who is among us,’ and it is of Hebrew origin.

Melchior: It signifies ‘the king of light’ and is of Hebrew origin. He is one of the three Eastern Kings who travelled to Bethlehem to deliver gifts to the infant Jesus.

Natalio: originates from the Latin word “natalis” and refers to Jesus’ birth.

Nicolás: Saint Nicholas is the character associated with Santa Claus in Nordic and Anglo-Saxon traditions.

Noel: It’s a male and female name that meaning “Christmas” in French. This was the name given to children born on December 25th in the past.

Rodolfo: is Santa’s favorite elf’s name. It means “He who triumphs in war,” or “He who seeks glory.”

Salvador: Ieixua is a Hebrew word that means ‘God saves’ or ‘God is salvation.’ As a translation of Jesus, the first Christians adopted the name Salvatre (m).

Silvestre: San Silvestre, which means “from the jungle,” is commemorated on December 31.

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Sukil: The Christmas trunk, hallowed in ancient traditions of Sun worship, inspired a Basque name.

Yule: It means “winter solstice, born in winter” and is of English origin.

Christmas Inspired Girl Names

Christmas Baby Names

Adoration: It is of Latin origin and refers to the East’s veneration of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

Aitana: The name means “splendor” in Basque.

Angela: Angel’s feminine counterpart. The word angelus derives from the Latin word angelus, which meaning “messenger.”

Angeles: The name Angela is of Greek origin and means “messenger.”

Angelica: Angelic is a term used to describe something that is associated to angels.

Angelina: Angeles is a diminutive of Angeles, as well as a variation in English.

Annunciation: It is of Latin origin and means “announcement.” It relates to the point in the Virgin Mary’s life when an angel informs her that she would be the mother of Jesus.

Bethlehem: It derives from Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born, and is of Hebrew origin.

Belinda: Santa Belinda is celebrated on December 25th, and her name means “pretty” or “beautiful.”

Bianca: It comes from the Italian and meaning “white.”

Carol: A ‘Christmas Carol’ is a fictional Christmas novel by Charles Dickens that was adapted into a film of the same name. It literally translates to “Christmas song” or “Christmas carol.”

Celeste: originates from the Greek word “Caelestis,” which meaning “from heaven,” as in Christmas gifts.

Cristiana: Cristiana is a feminine form of Cristian, which meaning “follower of Christ.”

Cristina: Cristina is a feminine form of Cristian, which meaning “follower of Christ.”

Dorotea: “God’s gift” is the meaning of this Greek name.

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Edurne: In Basque, it means “snow.”

Elena: It comes from the Greek word “resplendent.”

Hellen: Hellen / Ellen is a diminutive of Hellen / Ellen, which meaning “bright” in English.

Incarnation: It is of Latin origin and refers to God’s son taking on human form in order to save the world.

Epiphany: It derives from Our Lady of the Epiphany’s Marian invocation, which refers to the Catholic feast of the Epiphany, also known as the Adoration of the Magi.

Hope: The Virgin of Hope, sometimes known as the Virgin of Sweet Hope, is a Marian invocation associated with Advent, or the period leading up to Christ’s birth.

Stela: The star of Bethlehem is referenced in this variant.

Star: in reference to the Bethlehem star that led the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

Eva: It signifies “the one who provides life” and is of Hebrew origin.

Evangelina: It comes from Greek and means “glad news.”

Evelina: In French, Eva is shortened to Eva, which means “the one who gives life.”

Gabriela: Gabriel’s female counterpart, the archangel Gabriel, was sent by God as a messenger.

Gloria: God’s splendor is alluded to in this Latin name.

Manuela:“God is with us,” says the feminine form of Manuel.

Mary: Jesus’ mother’s name is Mary.

Miri: Slavic variant of Maria, a diminutive of Miriam.

Miriam: The Hebrew form of Mary, Jesus’ mother’s name.

Natalia: It is of Latin origin and derives from the word natalis, which refers to Jesus’ birth.

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