5 Staircase Remodeling Ideas to Enhance Your Home Beauty

Staircase Remodeling Ideas

It’s time to pay attention to this space and redesign your staircase to add a cosy and fashionable touch to your home.

Your living room is immaculate, your kitchen is stylish, and your bedrooms are comfortable, but there is one area of the house that is frequently overlooked when it comes to decorating: the stairs.

If this is the case, you may have saved this space for last because you believe that to remodel your stairs, you will need to do a partial remodel, which will require construction, dust, tools, and a financial investment that does not appear to be the most practical.

However, there are several less expensive solutions to redesign your stairs and give them a new lease on life; all you need is a little ingenuity and an original idea.

Focus on The Railing

Staircase Remodeling Ideas

Aside from its utilitarian utility, the railing defines the appearance of any staircase, therefore changing its color drastically could help you look brand new. Instead of matching the rest of your house, strive for a stark contrast: pastel tones or a complete change from white to black (or vice versa). You can also try painting the handrails and ballasts one color while the baluster is painted another.

If you want to do it yourself and your staircase railing is made of wood, sand thoroughly to remove the previous varnish until the natural color emerges. Choose a particular acrylic paint for wood and, after a first coat, seal it with the desired finish. You’ll get a professional finish if you repeat the process with each coat.

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The first step in restoring a blacksmith railing is to remove the old paint and corroded pieces with a stiff bristle brush, putty knife, and paint stripper. For optimal results, use a water-based polish and always paint in the same direction.

Turn Your Staircase into a Gallery

Staircase Remodeling Ideas

Because the walls of your stairwell are the tallest in your home, why not decorate them like you would other walls? Keep this in mind while you climb and descend your ladder. What isn’t included in your tour?

If you have a round-trip staircase with a landing, the main wall would most likely need other elements in addition to the lamp to avoid looking barren. This will be even more apparent if you stand up and look down: you can cover the area with a mosaic of different chaotic photo frames or a portrait-format work of art.

Lighting is Key

Staircase Remodeling Ideas

When remodeling your stairs, lighting is one of the most overlooked details: a dark staircase with poor light inputs or a simple spotlight will give it a neglected and gloomy appearance, whereas a variety of curtains (if there are windows nearby) and a large enough lamp will create a completely different environment.

If you want to make an immediate impression on your stairwell, the greatest thing you can do is invest in a lamp or candle: choose a design that matches your home’s décor. Metal pendant lamps with warm spotlights have an antique or industrial feel, whilst finishes with geometric shapes and glass have a more contemporary feel.

Another alternative is to install recessed LED lights in the walls or beneath the stairs. This may entail a larger project, but it is no less complicated than the preceding options.

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Add a Tapestry

Staircase Remodeling Ideas

What is the best way to remodel the stairs without really touching them? Aside from lighting, the color of the walls has an impact on the amount of light in the stairwell.

If the space is dark, a light tone for the walls is the ideal choice; however, if there is a nearby window or lighting from the above floor, use a delicate wallpaper that complements the route and contrasts with the color of the railing and steps. You may also use a tapestry to create a unique effect by inserting it between the steps.

The outcome will be a comfortable and unique ambiance if, in addition to decorating your staircase, you add a tiny mirror, old furniture, or another detail such as a wall coat rack at the end.

Consider a Rug

Staircase Remodeling Ideas

Adding a carpet to the path is an excellent technique to lessen the creaking of a staircase while also maintaining the temperature during the winter. It is not necessary to entirely re-upholster the staircase; instead, a long and narrower mat should be placed in the middle of the stairs.

To extend its life, this mat should be constructed of synthetic fiber and may feature basic designs in contrast to the steps and in conjunction with the railing or handrail. Although it may appear to be a simple task, it is preferable to get the assistance of a professional decorator to ensure a faultless and long-lasting result.

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