How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy and Special Everyday: 9 Proven Ways

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Beginning a relationship with a girl and becoming her official boyfriend is always a source of happiness and a rollercoaster of emotions. All of these feelings grow even more vivid when we have the pleasurable thought of having found the appropriate girl. These emotions are common at the start of any relationship, but they can quickly fade if the partnership is not properly cared for.

If you’re wondering how to make my girlfriend happy every day and want to keep your relationship going for a long time, keep reading the advice we’ve prepared for you in the following article.

Steps to Follow:

Step 1:

When a boy loves a girl, it’s natural for him to act as if he’s the ideal man for her. As a result, showing your girlfriend affection is the most common approach to make her happy every day, but what is the best way to accomplish this? To begin, you must recognize that every female is different, and that successfully expressing affection is solely dependent on their personality and demands.

It goes hand in hand to be a girl’s boyfriend and show her devotion. Using sentences to compliment her attractiveness or any other feature of her that you admire is always appreciated, but these statements must be spoken honestly.

“You are gorgeous,” “You drive me insane when you walk (speak, look at me, etc. ), “You are very brilliant,” “I adore you just the way you are, never change,” and other phrases like this, along with compliments on her accomplishments and qualities, are the greatest method to keep her pleased.

Step 2:

We are all aware of the significance of physical contact. Caress your girlfriend gently on a regular basis and at the appropriate occasions; make sure the caresses are courteous and lack a sensual or provocative tone.

Hugging her, walking with her hand in hand, and caressing her face are all wonderful ways to make your girlfriend happy every day. You will make her feel cherished while also protecting her by doing these affectionate actions.

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Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Step 3:

It won’t be difficult for you to put her needs ahead of your own if you truly care about her. But be careful; we don’t mean that you have to stay in the background all of the time; we mean that you will have to give in to her on sometimes, even if you really want to do something else.

Step 4:

We can’t talk about a couple’s happiness without including sex. It’s vital not to rush this conversation; treat your partner with respect and patience, and she’ll let you know when the moment is right for intimacy.

To keep your partner satisfied, you must improve this area of your relationship. It’s important to be honest and open about this topic; girls enjoy sex just as much as boys do, and being creative in this area of the relationship is something they’ll appreciate, especially if you combine intimate relations and romance.

Step 5:

Keeping in touch with someone is quite simple these days, especially if we rely on technology and the media. When you are not with her, you can utilize mobile applications such as the popular WhatsApp to compose beautiful messages, utilizing photographs or videos to enhance these shows of devotion, without feeling overwhelmed.

Step 6:

One of the most common complaints women have is that males do not listen to them. When a topic does not interest us, we go beyond it. This is not something that only happens with our girlfriends; it is a frequent practice among males. Making these displays of disinterest in a conversation can be uncomfortable when it comes to a girl, especially when there is a romantic relationship involved.

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It’s critical that you always listen to her, whether it’s about a frivolous topic or something that irritates or concerns her. Let her know that she can tell you anything and that you’ll always be there to listen.

Step 7:

Another approach to make your girlfriend happy is to always support her; however, this does not imply that you should undervalue her by convincing her that she is incapable of accomplishing anything on her own. Many women are fiercely independent and proud of it, which you should appreciate and adore. However, knowing that you are by their side, supporting their decisions or even defending them in public, will increase the value of your presence and, of course, make her extremely pleased.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Step 8:

Surprise her, be inventive, and never allow the passage of time to make you complacent, allowing you to take some things for granted and slip into routine. You may keep your girlfriend happy by attempting to make her fall in love with her every day as if it were the first. A present is usually favorably welcomed by a female, and we’re not talking about going into debt to obtain it; often, something simple but made with love may have the same impact as something more expensive.

You don’t need a cause to give a gift; what could be nicer than showing up with flowers, a card, or a teddy for no apparent reason? This act of kindness will astound you and will undoubtedly brighten your day. When it comes to a special date, it’s also crucial to set aside time; a thoughtful and well-prepared gift for an occasion such as your birthday or anniversary will always bring joy, especially if it comes from you.

Step 9:

Respect their individuality while attempting to strike a balance between spending time together as a couple and having time for each other. It’s critical that neither of you live in each other’s shadow. She will undoubtedly want to spend time with her friends from time to time, which you must respect, but it is also critical that you demand the opportunity to invest time in yourself.

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If you need a break from her, say it sweetly; it’s always better to send a pleasant message rather than a demand as if you were an alpha guy. “You know I love being with you, but I haven’t seen my friends in a while, do you mind if I go out with them this weekend?” is the ideal way to do it.

She will be content to divide her time between her personal life and her connection with you; also, spending time apart will allow her to miss you.

Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy


  • If you make a mistake, act like a man and confess it, apologies, and tell her how much you love her.
  • When she is serious, avoid laughing; there are times to laugh and times to discuss; if you treat all of her remarks as a joke, she will believe you don’t value her opinion.
  • Friends are usually a very significant part of any girl’s life. Never offend any of her, and even better, if you can become one of her friends.
  • If you want to make your girlfriend feel unique and happy, avoid discussing your ex at all costs; she will feel like she is competing with you and that she is just another relationship on your list.
  • It’s fine to be friends with different girls before getting into a relationship, and many women appreciate it. However, if you notice that this is becoming an issue, attempt to establish some distance between these buddies and your relationship; your life will undoubtedly be easier, and your girlfriend will be happier as a result.
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