10 Best External Hard Drives of 2021 – Analysis & Reviews

Technological evolution offers us an incredible number of facilities, a lot of multimedia content, high quality audio and video recorders, as well as powerful computers that can process information efficiently. However, it is increasingly necessary to have a memory capable of storing all this information that we generate day after day. A good way to solve it is through an external storage unit.

In addition, it is an important element for Smart Working, sharing information, bringing home and taking documents, images and essential information to the office to work anywhere.

In the following list you can select the most competitive products on the market, in a single click and at a really affordable price. The article contains the best external hard drives that will help you solve your storage problems.

1. Samsung T5 2TB – External SSD Solid State Drive (2TB,USB)

Best External Hard Drives 2021

If you are looking to solve your computer data storage problems, we bring you the definitive solution! This Samsung T5 hard drive is one of the best external hard drives on the market today.

Storage Capacity : It is a hard drive with 2 TB of storage capacity , enough for any job and profession.

Measurements : It is small, it only measures 74 x 57.3 x 10.5 mm. The package incorporates two USB 3.1 Gen2 cables .

Features : Ultra-fast and very solid , like all external SSD hard drives, this computer is very resistant to shocks and drops. It is based on flash technology, compact and improved.

This is the latest release from Samsung, an updated device with better reading and writing.

Excellent Read / Write Speed

2TB Capacity
Little Expensive

2. Toshiba Canvio Basics – External Hard Drive, 2.5 Inches (6.4 CM)

Best External Hard Drives 2021

The Canvio Basics hard drive is the latest innovation in external hard drives from the Japanese giant Toshiba.

The most updated version of the Canvio series, it has an updated design and offers more lightness . This, of course, thanks to its more COMPACT character , but still ROBUST . And it even has a nice software design whose fundamentals coincide in beauty, simplicity and efficiency .

Storage Capacity : 1 TB RAM and 1000 GB Hard-Disk.

Measurements : The Toshiba Coavio Basics 2.5 “case is elegantly SIMPLE AND INFALLIBLE, but versatile in terms of USB because it takes into account both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Thanks to its weight of 150 grams it is ideal for transporting it from your home to the office, do freelance work, etc.

Features : The supplied cable is USB 3.0 for easy connection with ports to current standards.

Without a doubt, we can say that the new Toshiba model is one of the best, or even the best external hard drive of the moment .

The device offers excellent value for money with an ergonomic, lightweight, compatible storage space.

It offers Speed in Reading (110MB / S) in Writing (95MB / S)

Ultra Dynamic Wight of just 150 Grams
Comes without Built-in Software

3. Seagate STEA2000400 – 2TB Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drives 2021

Seagate STEA2000400 is considered one of the best on the market ; it has a compact design and extremely light weight.

Storage Capacity : Variable capacity between 500 GB and 5T with the same design and performance in all its models.

Measurements : At just 1.2 cm thick, 12 cm long and 8 cm wide, it is one of the smallest products on the market , making it completely portable.

Features : The design has a simple and discreet appearance that replaces a more attractive design, compared to the previous version. It is made of plastic, which makes it fragile but gain in lightness.

Regarding performance, the Seagate has data transfer rates close to those of the Maxtor M3. In addition, it has the great advantage of being a silent device .

It has excellent performance for a product priced as small as its size, including great storage potential.

Excellent Performance

Wide Range of Variable Capacity Available: 1T, 2T, 3T,4T, 5T
The Plastic Cover Makes the Disc much more Fragile

4. WD My Passport – 4TB Portable Hard Drive and Automatic Backup Software

Best External Hard Drives 2021

My Passport from Western Digital is one of the best external hard drives you can buy at any electronics store.

It is a computer with a modern appearance and ergonomic design with two silent textures.

Storage Capacity : 4 TB portable hard drive. Available from 1TB to 4TB depending on your storage capacity needs.

Measurements : It proposes an interface is USB 3.0 to match current standards, and its size of just 7 cm makes it a PORTABLE equipment par excellence .

Features : The management is done through a wide range of utility software . At the stream level, this WD device shows slightly lower performance than many of its competitors. It is a device with a compact and colorful design. In addition, the aesthetics of its lines significantly distinguish it from other external hard drives in the series.

Software : For Mac compatibility, it will need to be formatted before first use.

This hard drive offers a palette of various customizable colors.

It offers you an automatic and intelligent backup at the software level that can protect your PC , as well as your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 video game console.

Original Design and Various Colors Available

Available in 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T
Format Required for MAC

5. SanDisk Extreme SSD – 500GB Portable Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drives 2021

We present you one of the best-rated hard drives in the Amazon store and other sales portals: the 500GB SanDisk Extreme SSD.

Storage Capacity: The cheapest SanDisk comes with 500GB of capacity, a more than decent capacity. However, you can choose between this and 250GB, 1TB or 2TB of capacity according to your needs.

Measurements: It weighs just 39 grams in total , with total measurements of 9.65 x 4.83 x 0.76 cm. Ideal to take it everywhere with you without noticing it.

Features: The most interesting thing about this hard drive is its high-speed transfer capacity of 550MB / s , ideal for storing videos, high-resolution photos and movies, or everything you want quickly.

Software: It is specially designed for MAC but it is also compatible with Windows.

The model is a robust hard drive that resists water and dust so you don’t have to worry. It’s compact and pocket-sized with solid, shock resistant cores. Designed to last for many years.

Attractive Design and High Performance

Compatible with Windows and MAC
Slightly Heavy

6. Silicon Power – Portable External Hard Drive for PC and MAC

Best External Hard Drives 2021

Looking for performance on your storage device? We recommend the purchase of this Silicon Power brand external hard drive, a device specially designed for PERFORMANCE and security.

Storage Capacity: 2 TB of storage.

Measurements : If you need to move from one place to another, this hard drive is perfect, because it has a portable design of (13.9 x 9.4 x 1.8 cm) and weighs only 272 grams. It is a large size for a portable external hard drive, compared to the Armor A30 which is thinner, but also lighter.

Features: It has the PX4 waterproof standard , which means that it is resistant to dust and water. Additionally it has protection against splashes, falls and other blows, thanks to its reinforced coating.

Software: Through Fat32 formatting , you can use it on Mac and Windows.

Additionally, this hard drive also shows good data transfer rates which are reflected in the upper part of the case. These reach the highest scores for writing and video file transfers.

It offers an attractive design with rounded edges and harmoniously highlights the black and lime green colors.

Various Security Standards

MAC and Windows Compatible Software
Significant Weight

7. Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM – 1TB External Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drives 2021

Now you can have one of the best external hard drives as an ally to guarantee the storage of all your data: Maxtor STSHX-M101TCBM . This Maxtor design retains the precise features for your requirement.

Storage Capacity : It is an external hard disk capable of transferring up to 2 TB of data , through the USB 3.0 cable . In reading and writing, this device has more than 130 MB / s. You will no longer have a problem transferring extremely large files.

Measurements : The Maxtor M3 is a simple, lightweight and compact solution that sports the square design of old Samsung HDDs. It is a very compact device, measuring only 12 x 8cm and weighing only 135 grams, which also makes it extremely light.

Features : It has a plastic casing, but its data transfer rates far exceed those of other competitors.

Software : Mac OS

It is very safe and reliable, since it has the Drive Manager application , which allows you to backup all files and create a key for storage.

Excellent Read and Write Speed

Available Backups
Limited Software Support


8. WD Elements – 3TB Portable External Hard Drive with USB 3.0

Best External Hard Drives 2021

If you need to buy an external hard drive with competitive features and at an excellent price, we recommend this device from WD, a safe bet!

WD Elements is an external hard drive that corresponds to a range of affordable and effective products.

Storage Capacity : This device comes in different versions : 500 and 750 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB and 4 TB, so you can choose the most convenient for your needs.

Measurements : 110.6mm x 82.1mm x 15mm with only 132 grams.

Features : The WD elements are compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cables , interesting if you are one of those who have not renewed their hardware for a long time. Includes a specific connector for this model.

Software : Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1 or 7 and with any other operating system by formatting it before using it for the first time. In addition, it comes with backup software and also offers you two possibilities to choose the backup mode: by folder or file type.

If you require a hard drive for daily information storage , this equipment is able to meet your needs effectively.

Compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Cables

Available: 1T, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 750GB and 500GB

Variable and Wide Storage Capacity
The Connector is Specific to this Model

9. Buffalo Ministation Extreme NFC 1TB – External Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drives 2021

When buying an external hard drive , in addition to storage capacity, make sure it is durable and reliable, like this Buffalo Mini Station design that offers high resistance to external aggressors and wear and tear.

Storage Capacity : 1000 GB

Measurement : This is a fairly small device at 2.5 inches (7 cm) that you can comfortably carry in your hand. It has a length of 14 cm and an extension available, in case this measure is not enough for your requirements.

Features : It is rated with high performance in transfer rate, offering speeds of up to 5 times over USB 2.0 . So it can easily exceed 110MB / s. In turn, it has IP53 technology , which means that it is highly resistant to dust and water.

Software : Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion among others. Product performance will also depend on the operating system.

It is one of the external hard drive that offers an updated USB connection with USB 3.0, and with cable included.

In addition, in terms of security, this hard drive offers you the opportunity to encrypt all your information , to keep it 100% protected.

Includes a very Complete Software

IP53 Technology
The Case is not Very Robust

10. Silicon Power Rugged Armor A30 – 2TB Portable External Hard Drive

Best External Hard Drives 2021

The Silicon Power Rugged is presented as one of the highest performing external hard drives on the market.

Storage Capacity : It is an external hard drive that offers you a truly “off-road” storage capacity of 2 TB , so you will no longer have problems saving your progress in games, photos or any other information that requires high capacity.

Measurements : 281 grams with dimensions of 15.6 x 16.2 x 4 cm.

Features : Incorporates a USB cable attached to the shockproof housing. Bit rates are quite generous thanks to the fast and efficient USB 3.0 interface.

Software : It is compatible with Mac and PC , however, it does not have the manufacturer’s software to manage backups.

It remains to be added that it has a robust Silicon Power casing that meets US Army standards, as it is highly resistant to shockproof . It also offers you a useful life of 3 years.

It can Connect on Wi-Fi

MAC and PC Compatible
No Software to Manage Backups