Best Gaming Mouse 2021

10 Best Gaming Mouse of 2021 – Comparison & Reviews

If you really are a PC gamer, you know that you need a gaming mouse for your games. There’s no problem using a controller like the Razer Wolverine Ultimate on a console or just on Steam games, but if you play competitive multiplayer games like Overwatch or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with a controller, you’ll need the best gaming mouse available on the market.

To help you emerge victorious in your gaming competitions, we’ve put together the best gaming mice of 2021 in a list , each of which responds to a different use case. And while a mouse should certainly be the most economical part of the whole computer, its high performance requires paying a little more.

1. SteelSeries Sensei 310 – Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a gaming mouse like no other, both in terms of price and performance. Its low cost keeps it competing strongly against other mice.

This gaming mouse offers a very convenient ambidextrous design. It incorporates a unique custom 12,000 CPI TrueMove 3 optical sensor, which is produced in collaboration with Pixart, which has a monopoly on the mouse sensor.

It offers you exclusive fire buttons , which provide you with a fairly low latency power. It has good quick-response tracking and offers vast click performance at impressive speed with its 6 programmable buttons .

This gamer mouse with built-in memory, shows impressive results in sensitivity, offers 50 million clicks for life and also incorporates RGB Prism lighting with synchronized lighting.

It is made of lightweight and durable materials to offer you a comprehensive gaming mouse.

Comfortable for Fingers and Palm when Holding in HandsNo Braided Wire

2. Logitech G903 – Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

Logitech also offers a new model that changes the image of the gaming G900 mouse, now with an electrifying mouse pad on its G903 model available on the market today. Undaunted by having maintained relatively high latency for a long time.

This new design features LightSpeed ​​wireless technology , which offers low latency and highly reliable performance.

The new Logitech G903 model is a slightly modified model from its predecessor, incorporating a Logitech PowerPlay mouse pad , which acts as a wireless charger.

It has an optical sensor with an interesting speed and precision for the development of the game.

It’s a wireless gaming mouse offering a high 12,000 DPI that rivals the best of Razer.

It offers an autonomy of up to 24 hours , even 32 hours with the LED off. Logitech’s new gaming mouse is a costly investment but worth it if you’re a regular gamer.

Wireless Connection is Accurate and Reliable

7 to 11 Programmable Buttons

Autonomy of 24 Hours of Minimum Duration
Very Expensive

3. Asus ROG Gladius II Origin – Optical Mouse Optimized for Fps Gaming

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

This 2019 gaming mouse is one of the best on the market and it is also a true beauty.

It is a striking and desirable model . Its efficiency and great design justify a high price compared to other mice in the same category.

It has interchangeable buttons, RGB lighting , a clickable scroll wheel, and a sensitivity switch, meaning it has everything gamers are looking for in a gaming mouse .

It also offers RGB lighting from top to bottom for an extension of your already very successful customization. It has Omron switches and its left and right keys are removable.

It is the best for Shooter , First Person Shooter (FPS) games, than for MMOs, 12,000 high DPI and 50g acceleration, 1000Hz USB poll rate, make the Asus ROG Gladius a gem, a despite the lack of some features found on some cheaper mouse.

Superior Gaming SensationsMore Expensive than Other in Same Range

4. Corsair Glaive RGB – Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

This Corsair gaming mouse is a good balance between comfort, performance, functionality and a harmonious look.

It offers Omron switches with a lifespan of 50 million clicks. It has a soft touch paint coating and 3 interchangeable thumb rests that push the ergonomics even further. Which makes it very practical and comfortable to spend hours playing.

The rubber-handled scroll wheel ensures high precision and ultra-fast response during game play. It also allows you to store your profiles with your own lighting effects, as well as macros and DPI settings.

At this point, the three-zone RGB backlight system is near perfect and the high-DPI Pixart sensor at around 16,000 dpi is a huge bonus for gamers, not to mention the three-zone backlit status LEDs.

Fluid Movements and Tracking

RGB Backlight

Reprogrammable Buttons
Almost Entirely Plastic Made

5. Gaming GXT 144 Rexx – Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

This model of gaming mouse is one of the best gaming mice, more precise and elegant to compete among the best on this list thanks to the quality price ratio of the GXT 144 Rexx Gaming .

This mouse is the only one on this list that meets all the characteristics of an ergonomic mouse but with all the features to be a gaming mouse. It is a High Precision mouse that reaches 10,000 dpi as well as having a comfortable grip for the thumbs, improving bad posture and possible muscle aches , tension and more.

It has up to 6 programmable buttons with a maximum speed of 100 inches per second and acceleration of 20 G. As if that were not enough, you will have customizable RGB lighting with the typical gaming lights.

Designed as an Ergonomic Model

Reaches 10000 DPI
The Shape does not Suit Everyone

6. Razer DeathAdder Elite – Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

The DeathAdder is Razer’s elite model and the most reactive in gaming mice in 2019 , making it an excellent purchase option.

This latest model of mouse for gamers offers a new eSports sensor and the same ergonomic and right-handed design as its predecessor, which fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand.

With 16,000 DPI , and an accuracy of 450 inches per second , 99.4%, gamers will be truly satisfied.

It also keeps two new buttons under the mouse wheel to change DPI or dots per inch quickly. Its switches are mechanical and offer a lifespan of 50 million clicks .

Although the DeathAdder Elite doesn’t have any more advanced features, like the free scroll wheel on Logitech’s Proteus Core, some of them are still intact, like the beautiful RGB lighting on the Razer Chroma . This is customizable lighting with 16.8 million color options through Razer’s Synapse software .

Super ReactiveNo Free Scroll Wheel

7. SteelSeries Rival 710 – Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

This model from SteelSeries is a gaming mouse that has a truly innovative LCD side screen and prism RGB lighting.

SteelSeries has ventured into an area few gaming mouse makers have yet done so. Rival 710 now offers an LDC display with cool features, while its rivals have been adding a black and white OLED display.

But Rival 710 not only offers a screen with superior quality , but also adds more functionality and a total of up to 16,000 DPI. Thanks to this, in the most demanding games, this endemic mouse can be used as a customizable tool to improve your competition sessions.

Its ergonomic design allows it to adapt to any style of grip, providing comfort and satisfaction during games.

In its least useful form, this gaming mouse model can also be used to display animated GIFs . Best of all, the Rival 710 is also scalable , giving you the freedom to attach and remove cases and even switch from a 3-6 foot USB cable.

It also offers programmable buttons and touch alerts , which are programmed to trigger vibrations when game resources are replenished and is compatible with SteelSeries Engine 3.

It offers 2 easily interchangeable cables , one twisted of two meters and another one of plastic of approximately one meter.

As for storage, you can save your profile with customizable schedules.

Very High End Gaming Mouse

Programmable Buttons and Tactile Alerts: You can Save your Profile
Less Warranty

8. Gaming GXT 900 Kudos RGB Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

Another mouse from the famous GTX brand that makes our list of the best is the GAMING GXT 900 Kudos RGB Mouse thanks to its optical precision and advanced programming features.

This gaming mouse has a high precision optical sensor with a resolution of up to 15000 dpi and an adjustable response speed of 125/250/500/1000 Hz .

The model has an integrated memory and 7 programmable buttons thanks to its advanced software and lighting effects thanks to its full and adjustable RGB LED with rainbow effect that makes it attractive to users.

Motion sensing distance is perfectly balanced, with adjustable USB response speed and smooth low-friction gliding pads.

Integrated Memory and 7 Programmable Buttons

Optical Sensor

Rainbow LED Lights
No Weight Options

9. Corsair Harpoon RGB – Optical Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

This 2020 gaming mouse model has a texture with a good grip and a really affordable price.

With a leather texture on the left side and a contoured design, this gaming mouse offers you a very pleasant feeling during games.

The price is not very expensive, although it offers a similar appearance to some gaming mouse that cost twice its price.

It offers 6000 DPI and a fast optical sensor for advanced tracking and 6 programmable buttons including a central DPI switch and front and back buttons on the side of the mouse. In short, it has everything you need to play any type of game.

The medium size makes it a good choice for both small and large hands , and the Corsair RGB logo on the back makes it look quite attractive when placed on the desk.

Additionally, it offers you a built-in memory that allows you to store your custom DPI settings.

Excellent Catch

Six Programmable DPI Buttons with Built in Memory
Complex Software

10. Logitech G502 Hero Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse 2021

The last of the models on this list is another model from the famous Logitech brand, the gaming mouse ligitech G502 hero with programmable buttons, light, customizable weight and more:

Sensor : One of the most important features is the hero optical sensor with an optical precision level of 16000 dpi without acceleration or filtering.

Lighting : the lighting technology is RGB LIGHTSYNC type customizable with synchronized effects and animation like many other Logitech brand devices.

Technology : you will be interested to know that this mouse has 11 programmable buttons and a high speed wheel with customizable mode so you can adapt it to whatever you are playing. In addition, you can increase the coherence of response with the buttons on both sides of the mouse thanks to the mechanical button tension system .

Compatibility : You can use it with Windows 7 or later, MacOS 10.11 or earlier versions, Chrome OS and with a USB port .

In addition, it should be noted that unlike other mice, the weight is customizable, adjusts to the touch and includes 5 weights of 3.6 grams so you can configure it to your liking and measure.

Customizable Weight

11 Programmable Buttons

Available with or without cables
High Price