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Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas with Design and Trends

by Blaky
Living Room Furniture Design

We always want a change in the decoration of our homes and the latest trends for the living room. In this way, we will add a trendy touch to the room while we replace the winter fabrics with lighter ones, remove the rugs, or directly embark on a total renovation. Whatever your purpose, today you will know everything carried out in living room decoration, from the most modern living room furniture, to where to get it. If you want to buy designer furniture, we show you examples of great environments that will inspire revelation. If you are thinking of changing the decorating your living room, our article today is for you! Do you accompany us to know the latest in salons?

Living Room Furniture Design

We can summarize the trends for the living room of 2021 in these simple concepts: functionality, versatility, well-being, neutral tones, and nature. The pandemic and confinement have left us with a rediscovery of home and a new conception of priorities. It has changed our lives, and this change extends to all facets, including architecture and interior decoration.

Versatile and Adaptable

Living Room Furniture Design

Our needs have also changed. This 2021 the rooms must be above all functional and versatile. Multipurpose areas where all family members converge and various activities take place. A space that encompasses multiple aspects of our daily routine, working, doing homework with the children, playing, watching TV, reading, exercising, resting, etc … Or what is the same, a room to live it. Today’s modern furniture expresses all these new needs and has adapted to change. If you also need a multipurpose room, trust the professionals, such as the Estudio Ambiente team, the Furniture Store in Valdebebas,  who owns the environment that we show you below.

Cozy and Warm

Living Room Furniture Design

The commitment to well-being prioritizes over design. Creating relaxing, warm, and comfortable spaces is the maxim of current designers. We spend more time at home and value comfort more. You can get a cozy living room if:

  • You favor natural light, but don’t forget the ambient lighting by placing different points of indirect light.
  • You integrate natural wood furniture. Wood can connect us with its raw material, the tree, which makes us feel so good. Of all the materials, wood is synonymous with warmth.
  • You use rugs. This decorative resource is not very practical in winter, so we recommend that you opt for natural fiber rugs when good weather arrives.
  • You use neutral tones, white, beige, gray, and earth tones, orange or reddish.

Neutral Tones

Living Room Furniture Design

We can impose neutral tones and fill homes. As the main characteristic, we will say that they provide peace and relaxation, as you will see in line with the trend of cozy living rooms since they are a widely used resource to create comfortable environments.

Another advantage of neutral tones in decoration is that they are timeless. They never go out of style for more new arrivals and passing trends. They are also perfect for all types of environments and easily combinable. If you decide to take advantage of the living room furniture you already have, the neutral tones will combine with them regardless of their design, color, shape, or style.

Nature, Wood, Natural Fibers, and Plants

Living Room Furniture Design

Wood, clay, natural fibers, and many many plants, raw materials are the most desired.

We can make furniture of natural wood, auxiliary rattan or bamboo, handmade clay or ceramic decorative accessories, wicker lamps, jute rugs.

Fabrics such as velvet, wool, mohair, linen, cotton, etc., will help create a comfortable and relaxing living room.

The plants flood the houses. Without measure, they are never enough. Are you one of those who die even cacti? Because in that case, you will have to do a course if you want to follow the trends in living room decoration 2021.

Finally, point out that this harmony with nature strongly links to the taste for Eco Decoration or the rise of Eco-friendly interiors. Practicing responsible and respectful decoration with the environment is another of the significant trends in interior decoration.

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