Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair Review

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair Review

A house with a baby needs a high chair. Choosing a correct high chair is of utmost importance since they are going to accompany your baby for a prolonged moment. The most trusted choice that can grow with your kids is the high chairs. High chairs are a versatile baby product that possesses transitional preferences to accommodate your baby’s upbringing.

Can be switched and converted to a booster seat.

Number of reclinable seat positions is 3.

Adjustable seat height positions to provide comfort from all perspectives.

Lots of features are available with the utilization of a very little space.
Can’t be converted to a toddle seat for young kids.


  • It’s a newborn recliner to a compact high chair.
  • This high chair can strap to your dining table.
  • 5 point adjustable safety straps that tuck your baby perfectly.
  • They can be folded up hence making it a good choice for occasional uses.
  • Trays can be removed by one hand for easy cleaning.
  • Machine wash features are included.
  • Maximum child weight: 50 lb.
  • Compact size for easy storage and travel

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair Review

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

Meticulously fabricated Fisher Price Space Saver design is one of the best choices for a baby high chair.

The amount of floor space it occupies is very less. This is extremely beneficial in those homes having tight rooms where you would prefer to have a chair that takes up less floor space. To say, for them, these are the best ones they can choose.

A small footprint of 495 square inches will now lessen your worries from the feeling of the room being crowded.

Minimal storage space is achieved due to its ability to fold over compactly. Multiple-use modes have been introduced into the chair, making it an exemplary high chair. Trays attached to the arms of the chair are detachable. The tray allows the parents to place the food so that they can easily feed them, or the child can pick up from the tray if they have a habit of eating themselves. No one likes to wash the food stains on the clothes- its a difficult task too. An adult can take preventive measures not to drop the food or its stains on clothes. But what about kids? They would definitely create shambles all over.

Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair Review

The attachment of trays to the chair ensures that the feeding food does not fall on the clothes and make them dirty. What’s more, you want. The legs of the high chair can be removed and strapped to convert it into a booster seat. These booster seats can be joined into the table. The rectangle-shaped trays borders are raised slightly from all four sides. This helps to prevent the food from falling into floors in case of kids who eats themselves. The trays have three depressions, one of large size, and the other two are of small size, placed at extreme opposite ends of the tray. The puffy seat provides all the care that you want your baby to experience.

The booster seat has a broad, semicircular bottom, which becomes thin and arched in the middle. For this reason, they can be placed easily. The outer appearance of the chair cushion is a merged version of different green color shades. The seat cushion at the top forms a curvature at both top ends, showing little resemblance to a baby sleeping bag. It would act as a covering shade from both the sides to provide softness for the baby’s head. The chair is sturdy and stable and can stand up for heavy use. The legs of the high chair are like the normal chairs without any horizontal beams, but they strong enough to hold a heavyweight too. A small vertical beam is placed through the middle of the seat to provide additional support to the tray.  The child can place his legs out from the chair through the two cavities on either side formed by the vertical beam.

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