Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair Review

Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair Review

Baby high chairs are the most acceptable solutions to both adults and the baby when it comes to ‘caring.’ An essential thing that you should use in an early parenting stage – “a high chair.” With the introduction of a high chair, now even the father can feed the baby alone, without requiring the help of a ‘mother’s cradle’ to control the picky eating. Baby can also learn various things by sitting on a high chair such as learning to feed themselves properly, pick up good table manners, sit properly, etc. But most prominent is that they will enjoy sitting in such comfortable high chairs. You now don’t need to run after the child in the whole house to get the food eaten.

Built with the essence of beauty blended with simplicity.

Basic and compact.

Easy to shift it from one place to another.
Can’t be converted into a booster seat or toddler chair.

One-hand tray removal features are absent.

It can’t be machine washed.


  • The weight of the product is about 16 lbs.
  • Medium footprints of 672 square inches will not make your rooms to look packed.
  • 3 point harness type consisting of Y shaped arrangement to hold your baby secure on the seat.
  • Helps the baby have to earn a habit of sitting at a good angle.

Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair

Evenflo compact fold high chairs are specially designed to give all the comfort that a baby needs. It even provides all the convenience and luxury required by the kids from 6 months of age. It also grasps the child well for their safety.

The iconic dappled pattern of black and white on the cushions gives it a contemporary look, which makes it visually appealing to the modern design lovers. The product has a little reminiscence with the beach chair. Features are simple but elegant. Cleaning has been made easy by a simple “wipe out” with damp cloths or through the use of sponges. You can also use dish gels to clean it up. No rough edges are there to make your baby uncomfortable. Fewer crevices in the seats and cushion lessen the chances of the food being struck or trapped inside. This ensures that cleaning is no more a matter of concern.

Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair Review

When the child is strapped in the high chair safely, you can carry out your household work routines without worries. The designs would attract babies; they would love to spend and enjoy their time in the high chairs. The trays are meticulously designed to hold a wide variety of food utensils. There are circular depressions on the tray to keep the water glass. An extra pinkish plate is also included to serve the meal, consisting of four dents – one big, one medium size and two of small size to dish up different ingredients in each without the need to put all in one. The baby will definitely love this color of the plate and would prefer you to serve the food on these plates.

White colored footrest to allow the baby to keep their small legs. Four legs of the chair are strong and sturdy, forming two pairs. Legs in each pair are joined with each other through a horizontal support beam. It helps to spread the weight load to make the chair balanced rather than concentrating the load on one side. This also disallows the chair to shift to one side when the baby moves its body into a particular direction, thereby reducing the risk of a chair getting fallen and hence provide protection. No wonder this product is one of the best choices for a high chair.

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