Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair Review

Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair Review

Bringing the little ones to your family table during mealtimes is the best moment for the parents.

High chairs are stapled furniture designed for kids. Babies can start using it when they are around 6 months old once they are capable of sitting unaided. Your babies will love a comfortable high chair and they will like to sit for long times. Babies and foods are a mess-up combination. But with this chair, you would be enjoying feeding your little ones. They make it extremely easy to let the child is seated in one place. The heights of the chairs put up an advantage for feeding the little ones with ease as now it doesn’t require you to bend down.

Adjustable seat height positions in multiple angles.

light and strong.
Can’t be converted to toddle or youth chair.

Can’t be converted to a booster seat.


  • Small footprint of 530 square inches that takes up less floor space.
  • 5 point harness straps help baby to position itself comfortably in the high chair and safely fastens your toddlers.
  • Three reclinable seat backrest that can be customized as per requirement.
  • Dishwasher safe tray is removable through the use of one hand.
  • Easy to fold for convenient storage
  • Up to 50-lb. maximum weight (Ages 6 months to 1 year)
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair Review

Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair

The trait mark that makes this product exceptional is the flip fold design and smart folding function. Foldable backrest helps to pack it compactly. One-hand tray removal allows you to hold the baby while detaching the tray for cleaning or taking the baby out from the chair. This easy to clean product are dishwasher safe and can be easily washed in a machine, or it can be wiped clean with a cloth without any mess. Less crevices in the cushion help to wipe away the crumbs with ease. Safety is always the first priority when it comes to your child. Five harness buckle safety designs are very stable and will fit your baby in chair with null difficulties and shake.

The food tray can be adjusted to different positions to accommodate the kid’s height. Trays can be clipped off very easily. Reclinable seat positions can help you change your seat back into three different angles. This helps the baby to sit for some time and then allowing to lean back to give some rest to the kid. Well-padded seats make your child sit comfortably without the feeling of uneasiness. Edges of the seats are also slightly raised to add security features. The footrest parts are also included. High-quality fabrics offer durability. Different positions can be adjusted for your kid to give them optimal comfort. Seats can be raised so, which allows the parents to spoon-feed the kid even from a standing position.

Fisher-Price EZ Clean High Chair Review

The 5-point harness incorporates waist as well as shoulder and crotch straps to provide extra safety to your baby from falling. Adjustable seat height and seat back provides the most suitable postural angle. Talking about the external beauty designs, they’re seeking, simple but attractive designs. It’s a combo of three different colors- white, light shade of brown and grey. The cushions are loaded with beautiful embroidery of these three colors blended. This versatile product will keep your baby happy, super comfortable, and secure. The white-colored meal tray allows for easy detection of the dust or any other food spills for easy cleaning. The chair has two legs joined with each other at the back with the help of three horizontal beams. The intersection of each beam is covered with extra material and complimentary colored. This adds to beauty and strength to the legs.

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