CVS Health GVP110 Humidifier Review

CVS Health GVP110 Humidifier Review

Dry air negatively affects some people. It can trigger nasal congestion, flu, or asthma attacks. Such people should stay in a moisturized environment. CVS health GVP110 humidifier can easily add warm mist in your house. Continuous use of CVS health GVP110 humidifier can improve the health of an individual. The warm mist makes it easier to breath while relaxing inside the house. Also, the bacteria level in the air reduces.

It is easy to refill because you don’t have to remove the tank.

People can add their medicines in the humidifier through the medicine chamber.

This humidifier doesn’t produce white dust.

It eliminates bacteria in the air.

It is affordable.
It is dangerous for those who don’t know how to operate?

It uses more energy.


  • One gallon top fill tank– This humidifier has an estimated one gallon tank. Therefore, individuals are assured up to 14 hours of nonstop warm mist depending on the output settings. Also, you don’t have to remove the tank to refill this humidifier.
  • Directional spout– CVS health GVP110 humidifier has a spout that can be directed to almost eight directions. This means you don’t have to move your humidifier from one point to another for your personal needs.
  • Medicine chamber– This humidifier has a medicine chamber where you can add solutions to make the warm mist more soothing. A lot of humidifiers don’t have this feature.
  • 70 inch cord– CVS health GVP11O humidifier cord is 70 inch long. As a result, it can be placed a few steps from the socket.
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Claimed Humidification Area150
Daily Output ( GAL )2.5
Claimed Maximum Run Time ( HRS )12
Cord Length ( IN )70
Claimed Wattage696


  • Silent Operation– This humidifier doesn’t have a fan. As a result, it operates in silent. The water boils to facilitate vapor without making noise. In fact, some people can’t differentiate when the humidifier is on and off. Therefore, light sleepers can comfortably use this humidifier.
  • Night light– CVS health GVP110 humidifier has a night light that can help you move around within a room. The light is installed in a strategic location that it doesn’t blind your eyes when relaxing.
  • Warm mist ejection– The system of CVS health GVP110 ejects warm vapor in the air. This moisturizes air in the room and also improves the room’s temperature. The feature helps maintain flu during winter.
  • Finger grips– This humidifier has side grips which make it easy to carry from one spot to another without sliding.
  • Antimicrobial materials– You don’t have to worry about bacteria building up in your humidifier. It is made using antimicrobial materials.
Cool Mist OnlyNo
Warm Mist OnlyYes
Dual MistNo
Antimicrobial ClaimsNo
Daily Maintenance RequiredYes
Weekly Maintenance RequiredYes
Need to Replace Filter or WickNo
Need to Replace CartridgeNo
Nightlight or Glow in the DarkYes
Indicator for Empty TankNo
Automatic Shut Off When EmptyNo


Individuals with medical problems can benefit from CVS health GVP110 humidifier. Its warm vapor also makes it stand out. Therefore, make an effort of acquiring it the next time you go shopping.

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