10 Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Home from Burglars

Home Security

In order to secure your property from potential intruders, we are providing you with this advice and suggestions as home burglaries rise throughout the summer.

Do you already have your travel bags packed? No matter how eager you are to leave for your ideal vacation, take your time and leave your house as securely as you can before closing it for two or three weeks.

By keeping the doors and windows closed for longer than usual during the summer, there are more home burglaries. However, the unease disappears when you guard it jealously like your most prized possession. The holidays are a prime time for burglaries, so we provide some solutions.

There are numerous possibilities for taking a trip while remaining at ease knowing that our home is a secure location and essentially a watchtower for intruders. Using the most up-to-date detectors and surveillance systems, the most sensitive places must be protected. Of course, you should also put some advice into effect as a precaution.

Let’s first review some aspects that you should take into account:

  • Keep an eye out for the entrance. Great if it is armored. If not, you can install security locks with multiple locking points (experts advise at least two for maximum security), digital peepholes, specialized bowlers, etc. Alternately, invest in smart locks, which let you remotely open and close the door and also serve as an alarm by instantly alerting you if the door opens unexpectedly.
  • Alarm mechanisms. For example, there are single-zone alarms for one-story apartments and multi-zone alarms for two-story or more residences.
  • Crack-resistant windows With locking mechanisms or opening detectors, such as those that release a thick fog if an incursion has taken place, they can be far more difficult to access places. The top? The material, opening type, and glazing all play a role. Select PVC or aluminum variants with tilt and rotation. Pay attention to the shutters as well because opening them is quite challenging due to the variety of locking mechanisms in use.
  • Video surveillance Pay close attention to the most recent information regarding IP cameras, which enable you to view what is happening in your house in real-time from a mobile device, tablet, or computer via an IP connection.
  • Exterior lighting The ideal situation would be to cover the entire garden with spotlights equipped with presence detectors that would illuminate at dusk, whenever someone came close to the house, etc.
  • Home automation systems. They let us control the lights and blinds in our homes even when we are miles away, keeping them connected and secure throughout the year. from a computer with an Internet connection or our smartphone.
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How can You Protect Your Home from Thieves?

Home Security

The eagerly anticipated vacation time has come. It is advisable to choose methods that are effective in stopping theft if you don’t want any unpleasant shocks in the future. Protecting the area where we spend the most of our time ought to receive the highest rating possible. Here are a few ways to go about doing that.

  • Hide or place your valuables in a safe; don’t make things simpler for thieves by leaving everything out in the open. Think more carefully and choose a decent hiding place. the ideal means of protecting all priceless items. There are ones that are surface-mounted or built-in (they do not require work).
  • Light up the outdoor space to let potential robbers know the home is occupied. The best lights for this are solar-powered, low-consumption, or LED ones. There are devices that can let you automate lighting control to prevent triggering consumption.
  • Install a three-point lock on the main door to strengthen the lock; other alternatives include flush, multi-point, or overlapping locks. They must include high-security light bulbs and shields of protection.
  • Keep the front door secure. You can install a digital peephole—or video intercom—with an LCD screen and battery operation in addition to armored doors to see who is calling.
  • Beware of windows! Select PVC or aluminum variants with tilt and rotation. When an attempt is made to open a window or door, magnetic sensors and detectors mounted to the frame will depend on the type, make a loud noise. Installing an inside bolt on the blinds would further strengthen the security of the windows and make it harder for criminals to break in.
  • Install a presence simulator or a timer that randomly switches on the lights in various rooms, the radio, or the television to give the impression that someone is home.
  • Never leave your keys in a visible location. Hollywood has done a lot of damage with its movies; placing your key on the doormat is NOT a good idea. Forget about hiding it in the flower pot or the mailbox. It is advisable to give it to a member of your family or a person you can trust.
  • To ensure there is no suspicious activity nearby, ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home. They can also verify that everything is still closed and in the same condition as when we left it. A mailbox overflowing with letters and propaganda is another option; it is a pretty obvious clue that no one is home.
  • Don’t share in the networks you’ve still got. We are aware that social media sites like Instagram and Facebook might be alluring but refrain from posting that you are on vacation or on a date because thieves are frequently well-informed and aware of this kind of thing.
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More Tips:

  • Everything using a mobile device. is as easy as switching your landline’s caller ID to your cellphone. You’ll stop it from ringing while you’re away.
  • Social media sites. These days, it will be a smart move to privatize its material before leaving to avoid providing burglars any hints.
  • Home visitors During your absence, a neighboring friend or family can move in and keep the house occupied.
  • Cut the water or gas supply stopcock.
  • Hire a service that will route calls from your landline to your cellphone.
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