What is The Meaning of a Kiss on The Hand: Types of Kissing

Types of Kissing

Kissing someone has always had a good connotation: it can range from a greeting gesture used in some countries to expressing our affection and love for our partner, family member, or friend without having to use words. It also depends on where we offer the kisses, as giving one on the forehead is different from giving one on the face or on the lips, for example. What does a kiss on the hand mean in this sense?

A kiss on the hand, like other areas, can convey a variety of emotions: appreciation, want, love, or respect. It’s also a symbol of trustworthiness. If you’re curious about the meanings of hand kisses, keep reading this article and you’ll find out.

Meaning of a Kiss on The Back of The Hand

Kisses on the hand can be delivered in a variety of ways, as we’ve already mentioned. One of them is that it happens in the back, or in the upper part of this body area.

A traditional technique of welcoming someone was with a kiss on the back of the hand. It was also known as besamanos, and in most cases, the male kissed the woman’s hand, yet some men were given this form of kiss if it was someone socially important, such as a prime minister or a high ecclesiastical position, such as the Pope.

The person receiving the kiss did not have to raise his arm, but the person administering the kiss did have to bow to him/her. Currently, this form of hand kiss conveys respect, devotion, and commitment to the person who receives it.

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A Kiss in The Palm of Your Hand

Another typical hand kiss is one that is administered on the palm or inside of the hand. This is a frequent gesture among couples who have been together for a long time and are content in their relationship. If your lover gives you a kiss in the palm of your hand, it shows they care deeply and passionately about you. It’s also a sign that he thinks highly of you, respects you, and trusts you completely.

One of the most tender gestures you may receive is a kiss on the palm of your hand. In addition to the meanings we’ve mentioned, if he or she kisses you while gazing you in the eyes, it also expresses thanks and a genuine love for you.

Meaning of a Kiss on The Fingers of The Hand

Types of Kissing

Kisses on the fingers of the hands, in addition to kisses on the back and palm of the hand, are quite prevalent in new relationships and in very passionate couples.

On the one hand, if your spouse bites you or sucks one of your fingers slowly, it suggests he adores you and wishes to spend a passionate night with you. When someone flirts with you and wants to entice you, they usually make this move.

If he gives you a very soft and tender kiss on the bones of your fingers, on the other hand, that person feels a great deal of care for you. This is more typical in couples or unions who have been together for a long time.

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Meaning of Other Types of Kisses

Aside from the various kisses that can be offered on the hand, it’s also fun to learn about the meanings of kisses on other parts of the body:

Kiss on The Forehead

Types of Kissing

It’s a loving gesture from someone who cares deeply about you. It is one of the most expressive gestures, implying that the individual feels compelled to protect and look after you at all times.

Kiss on The Neck

Types of Kissing

It’s a passionate gesture indicating that this individual is attempting to seduce you.

Kiss on The Lips

Types of Kissing

If there is a peak, it is a fairly typical manner for couples to greet each other. If, on the other hand, the kiss is long and the person giving it closes their eyes, it means they are completely dedicated to the relationship.

Kiss on The Ear

Types of Kissing

It’s a hint that the other person wants to have a good time with you.

French Kiss

Types of Kissing

It’s the most sensual and passionate of all the gestures. The tongues of one and the other play and tenderly caress each other in this type. They normally only happen during sexual activity.

Kiss on The Eyes

If someone kisses you on the eyelids tenderly, it signifies they adore you fully.

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