How to Take Care of Your Garden Tools?

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are crucial when caring for your garden, therefore it is critical to maintain them as well. However, not all equipment requires the same type of upkeep. To maintain the longevity and performance of garden tools, it is critical to keep them clean during their use and before they are stored for the winter.

Cutting Tools

Gardening Tools

Shears frequently acquire junk between their blades after being used for gardening labor, so wipe them down thoroughly using a cloth moistened with a bit of paint thinner. This maintenance is applicable to any cutting instrument. Use this opportunity to sharpen the blades with a suitable stone or file and add some lubricant spray to preserve the scissors from rust.

Manual Tools

Gardening Tools

Cleaning paddles, trowels, floats, and other such items is a breeze. Simply soak these utensils in a bucket of soapy water for a few minutes before brushing away any accumulated dirt. Allow to dry naturally. Then, inspect the handles to ensure that none of their components are broken or unscrewed.

Big Tools

Gardening Tools

These tools, like hand tools, must be cleaned with soap and water, aided with a brush or wire-scouring pad to remove accumulated dirt. All utensils perform best when filed down, and a little spray lubricant on all metal objects is recommended to prevent rust. Finish by rubbing linseed oil into the hardwood handles to prevent them from wear and strain. It is preferable to paint the handles of the tools with bright phosphorite so that they can be identified easily while they are on the garden lawn.

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Hoses and Sprinklers

Gardening Tools

Avoid hanging them on nails or exposing them to extreme temperatures, as they are easily cracked or broken. Choose to keep them wrapped up, but on a reel rather than on the ground. Drain any water that may have accumulated inside hoses and shower heads before storing them. Turn off outside faucets to avoid freezing or damaging pipes caused by frozen water during the cold months.

Winter Storage

Gardening Tools

It is critical to carefully clean and maintain garden tools before storing them for the winter. Keep them in a dry area, preferably hung on the wall or gathered together in a box or basket for this purpose. Fill a vase or bucket with dry sand and add lubricant or vegetable oil until you get a wet mix, which some gardeners use to maintain their tools. Place the hand tools in the sand after removing any excess dirt or debris. Use this time to rub linseed oil all over the wooden handles to keep them from drying out and/or splintering. During the winter, keep the bucket in a cool, dry place. When spring arrives, Remove the utensils from the sand and thoroughly clean them before dumping them on the ground. You can save the litter and utilize it on a regular basis, even during the warmer months.

With these tips, you’ll be able to properly care for and maintain your tools, allowing your garden to shine once more.

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