7 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas in Times of Crisis

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you’re broke; you can’t afford to take her out to dinner or get her a gift. Don’t worry, it’s time to ignore the commercial offers that flood our inboxes around these times and instead use our imagination to celebrate love and make our partner feel special without spending money we don’t have. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas:

Make Food in The Shape of a Heart for Valentine’s Day

To prepare a heart-shaped sandwich, bake heart-shaped Valentine cookies and cut out children’s sandwiches with a heart-shaped cookie cutter.

Serve Something Red at Lunch or Dinner

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Strawberry milkshake, strawberries, crimson gelatin, red apples, tomato soup… Alternatively, red food coloring can be used in any recipe. The objective is to remember and have a detail, so get red napkins and place red rose petals on the tablecloth.

Prepare a Treasure Hunt for Your Partner

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Begin by writing him a letter or sending him an email with the first clue. Then, at your house, yard, automobile, or even your office, leave clues indicating where the next clue might be found.

Finish your hunt with a backyard or park picnic. You must utilize your imagination and have a good time. People remember the simple things.

Send a Card or Love Letter

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We may also send a love letter or card to our partner’s workplace (a real card would be highly cherished in the era of email); and we can send you a virtual valentine card to your email.

Messages of Love for Every Corner

Cut out a number of heart-shaped pieces of paper (ideally red) and write something we love about our partner on each of them (one item per heart); fold them and arrange them in an empty chocolate box or other lovely container, wrap the box, and tie it with a red bow. Alternatively, sprinkle “Why do I adore you?” notes throughout the house.

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Hide them in your clothes drawers, bathroom cabinet, gym bag, or favorite cereal box, for example. For days, he’ll remember how much you love him/her and why! Use lipstick to draw hearts and love notes on her car’s rearview mirror and windows the night before for a wonderful surprise when she gets out to go to work. We can also use kisses and hearts to embellish the bathroom mirror.

Romantic Dinner at Home

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If we don’t have enough money to go out, we may organize a romantic dinner on the floor, complete with cushions, candles, and a drink; and create some romantic recipes. What a great opportunity to have a soothing bath together before (or after) supper. Decorate the bathroom with candles and rose petals in the bathtub. Surprise him with a bottle of cava in an ice bucket!

Valentine Puzzle

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Make a puzzle out of one of the two’s favorite photos. Place the photo on a piece of cardboard that is the same size as the original. Divide the back of the card stock into equal-sized squares after the adhesive has dried.

Then, to construct puzzle shapes, draw circles on the squares and cut off the pieces. Scissors with good cutting ability are required. Finally, place all of the pieces in a nice box or jar for a lovely Valentine’s gift.

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