What Kind of Relationship Do You Have? Is It Healthy, Toxic, or Abusive?

What Kind of Relationship Do You Have

A spouse can give you a lot, but they can also take everything away from you. It can bring you a lot of happiness, love, laughter, and affection; however, it can also take away your self-love, hope, dreams, and friends…

You deserve a relationship that benefits you, helps you grow, and adds value to your life. A person who makes you happy and encourages you to appreciate the positive aspects of life. That is why you must understand the distinction between a healthy, toxic, and abusive relationship:

A Healthy Relationship is

What Kind of Relationship Do You Have

One that is built on the principles of equality and respect. You make the decision to be together, but you recognize that everyone has their own life and that you also deserve time with friends and family.

This individuality is precisely what binds you together. You love each other, but you aren’t reliant on one other to make it through the day. You are supportive of one another.

In a Healthy Relationship There is:

  • I respect
  • Good communication
  • Fellowship
  • Trust
  • Equality
  • Growth: the relationship grows and you with it

A Phrase That Defines a Healthy Relationship Can be:

“I just want us to be fine. But I prefer the good than the with you”

A Toxic Relationship is

What Kind of Relationship Do You Have

One that is built on a foundation of emotional instability. The relationship has worn you down, but you are confident that you can save it. You attack each other to cause personal injury because there are more bad times than good.

There is no respect between you, and even if communication is fine, there is no respect between you. You’re both destroying each other. It’s a gradual and painful death of love.

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In a Toxic Relationship There is:

  • Tension
  • discussions
  • Attempts to control or change the other person
  • Lack of respect
  • harmful attitudes
  • Emotional blackmail
  • Stagnation: the relationship has stopped growing and you are stuck.

A Phrase That Defines a Toxic Relationship Can be:

“Neither with you nor without you”

An Abusive Relationship is

What Kind of Relationship Do You Have

One that is based on command and control. Accusations, dishonesty, sick jealousy, manipulation, and continual tension are all part of the picture.

Family and friends have taken a back seat, and the person’s life has become centered on the abusive relationship. There are no joyous occasions, and respect, affection, and communication have all but vanished. One of the two components is harmful to the other.

In an Abusive Relationship There is:

  • Jealousy
  • Control
  • Distrust
  • Aggressiveness
  • Possession
  • fights
  • Handling
  • Isolation
  • Afraid
  • Decline: the relationship sinks.It takes away your happiness and affects your self-esteem and personal well-being.

A Phrase That Defines an Abusive Relationship Can be:

“I like you so much that I don’t like other people liking you”

Love isn’t about pain, jealousy, or dependence. Love is growth and freedom. It isn’t love if you don’t have that.

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