How to Keep Birds Away from Fruit Trees?

How to Keep Birds Away from Fruit Trees

When your trees and bushes begin to develop fruit in the summer, birds will frequently fly to your garden throughout the day to enjoy the sun-ripened fruit. They gorge themselves, frequently at your expense. They also attack the foliage of trees and plants, inflicting considerable harm in rare cases. It is natural to wish to keep birds away from your fruit trees, and we describe how to do so in this post.

Place a Scarecrow

It is one of the oldest methods still in use today. To dissuade birds from approaching your fruit trees, the scarecrow you buy or build yourself should give the look of a human.

The scarecrow can be formed of any material, but for the sake of your garden and the environment, it is advisable to use recycled materials, such as wood or metal, but not plastic. It should also be securely fastened to the ground with a metal stake, but easily moveable to reinforce the illusion.

Feel free to use bright colors to embellish your scarecrow, especially red and yellow, which birds instinctively avoid.

Dazzle The Birds

Birds in flight may be startled by sunlight reflected off certain things. These reflections distract them and cause them to forget their bearings. Sparrows and other birds that assault your garden will naturally avoid areas with a high concentration of reflectors.

You can employ this approach by hanging CDs from tree branches, stakes, or even clotheslines. Little mirrors or other reflective objects can also be hung. Simply make sure they are not in the shadow and are exposed to the sun throughout the day.

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Scare Them Away by Making Noise

Birds are easily frightened and take flight as soon as they hear a noise. This is a flaw you can use to secure your orchard. You can, for example, hang empty cans or cans in clusters that will move and rattle in the wind, making an unpleasant and terrifying noise for the birds. It’s a basic but incredibly powerful strategy.

There are plenty of scare devices available at specialized stores if you’re a techie. They have pretty powerful speakers and may be set to generate various noises at regular or random intervals.

Another option is to add a wind chime. This one makes a pleasant noise, yet it still terrifies birds.

Scare Them Away with Menacing Smells

Birds have a well-developed sense of smell, which serves as an alert mechanism when approaching potential hazards in the environment. By planting olfactory scarers in your orchard, you can use this enhanced sense of smell against the birds.

They are available in stores, as well as the option of producing them yourself. To achieve this, soak a cloth or cotton ball in cade oil, which may be purchased at a drugstore. Put the scarers on wooden posts in your trees and around them.

Another method is to place a few mothballs in a cone or funnel fashioned by cutting a plastic water bottle. Hang the cones on your trees to see how quickly the birds leave your orchard.

Scarers can also be made with pickled herring and smoked herring.

Protect Trees with Garden Nets

Garden nets are a novel approach to the problem of birds damaging fruit plants. They actually form an impenetrable physical barrier for birds that entirely protects fruits and fruit plants.

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Individual nets, which entirely cover a single tree, can be used to deploy these nets. You can also buy larger nets that can cover multiple trees if they are close together. This final option is especially suitable for tiny trees and fruit-bearing bushes.

But, if you install nets, make sure to safeguard the birds by tying colored threads or cloths to advertise the presence of the nets and discourage birds from approaching them because they may become entangled in them. The diameter of the meshes of the net must also be significantly smaller than the size of the birds to prevent them from being entangled in it.

Net quality varies by brand and model, and in order to be effective, you should invest in heavy-duty nets that are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. As a result, using cheap mosquito nets is pointless because they shred easily with the least gust of wind. The mesh size of the protective net must also be large enough to allow pollinating insects, particularly bees, to move freely. As a result, it is critical not to use mosquito nets, which can obstruct bee passage.

Feed The Birds

To keep birds from pecking at your fruit, try this softer method of keeping bird food away from fruit trees. Birds will quit attacking your fruit trees now that they have a more readily available food source. Nevertheless, make sure to set the food at a well-planned distance, not too close to the trees, so that the birds do not travel from the food you serve them to the fruit of the trees, and not too far, because the goal here is to attract birds that nest or eat on your fruit trees.

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