Electric Hedge Trimmer vs. Gas, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Electric Hedge Trimmer vs. Gas

How do you maintain your garden hedges? Perhaps you use the standard hedge shears, which are highly effective but relatively slow for fences of many meters in length. If your job is becoming increasingly tough for you, it may be time to modernize. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, electric hedge trimmers are a good alternative to gasoline hedge trimmers.

Hedge shears, the traditional two-handed type with a wooden handle, are ideal for trimming small bushes or for occasional use. A good pair of scissors will always be precise and inexpensive, making them ideal for various jobs. However, when the task becomes difficult, who wants to “spend all day working”?

In such a case, the option of using an electric hedge trimmer gains points and becomes quite appealing. Unlike gasoline models, access to this instrument is not restricted in any way.

Comparison, electric hedge trimmer vs. gasoline

Perhaps you have considered purchasing it, but you have some reservations. Is their strength sufficient? How do they feel about their independence? Or, if they use a wire instead of a battery, do they provide enough mobility?

These unknowns are quite reasonable; I raised them as well at the time. What is certain is that, while they are less expensive than gasoline vehicles, we must not be too frugal. It is obvious that its performance will always be influenced by its cost.


Once the main disadvantages have been identified, let us move on to the benefits, which are numerous, beginning with a significantly lower cost.

They do not degrade

Yes, electric hedge trimmers must be categorized as clean, regardless of the source used to ensure network supply. These hedge trimmers, unlike those powered by internal combustion engines, do not require fuel and hence produce no polluting gases into our polluted atmosphere.

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They are quieter

They already have the sympathy of many environmentalists for the reasons stated above. But it doesn’t stop there… as a direct result, kids get a sound benefit: they’ll be respectful of your ears and those of your neighbors.

Because they are electric, you will just hear the friction or collision of their blades – they will sound, but much less-. They are more appropriate than gasoline models in areas near schools or hospitals.

They are lighter

Electric hedge trimmers are also significantly lighter because they do not utilize motors (no cylinders, no pistons) (over 3kg in weight). Given that the stances are sometimes somewhat forced, this must be given due weight.

The lighter and thus more ergonomic these devices are, the longer you will be able to continue without tiring.

Watch the video below to see how it behaves, and you’ll also learn some basic hedge trimmer control techniques.


Are electric hedge trimmers less powerful than gasoline-powered hedge trimmers? It all depends… It could have been true before, but now I’m not so sure. Manufacturers provide a diverse range of options, ranging from higher to lower power depending on your requirements.

Its advantages will always be sufficient to eradicate new shoots from any shrub without difficulty. Choose the most powerful hedge trimmers, either electric or gasoline, if you intend to operate with consistent plant material. They would be just about 600W for lignified stems of a certain diameter.

As you can see, it is not an issue of selecting one sort of motor over another, but of getting a hedge trimmer with adequate power. Trimming Pyracantha hedges, which have fast lignifying shoots, is not the same as trimming mastic hedges.

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Consider the size of the sword you require, as well as the space between its blades. You’ll have an adequate standard for pruning medium-sized hedges at 60cm in length and 25mm apart.


In versions with cable, the presence of a plug and an extension reel is always required. It is obvious that it will become an annoyance for people who seek complete freedom of movement, or worse, a hindrance for those who do not even have these requirements.

However, it is evident that corded hedge trimmers, as opposed to electric hedge trimmers, will provide the most autonomy. And, to top it all off, they are usually the cheapest and have the most power.

Electric hedge trimmers are perfect for use in private gardens and are suitable for both individuals and gardeners. That is why it was my decision, and it is the one I recommend as long as the circumstances permit.

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