5 Best Mouse for iPad 2021 – Get the Best One for You

Best Mouse for iPad 2021

The power of the new iPad Pro matches that of today’s laptops. We offer you a complete selection of mice that you can use together with iPadOS to take advantage of your new iPad or iPad Pro.

The possibilities of creating content with the iPad Pro or the new iPad Air are overwhelming. You just have to make sure you have the best accessories for your devices. Thus, we wanted to find the best mouse with which you can work with your iPad.

If you decide to buy the iPad Pro together with the new Magic Keyboard with USB-C port, you should know that you will have backlit keys as well as a trackpad to handle iPadOS, with which you will see that the possibilities and ways of use are reinforced.

In the same way, accompany this new device with a mouse and you can handle the new iPad Pro as if it were a complete but tremendously light laptop that you can carry everywhere.

With the advent of iPadOS 14, connecting a mouse to the iPad has become much easier than before. Beyond having improved the overall experience, it is finally possible to connect the Apple Magic Mouse 2 without having to go into system settings.

The easiest way to use a mouse with your iPad is to set it up with Bluetooth and avoid cables. Any old Bluetooth mouse should work, including Apple’s Magic Mouse 2.

We wanted to gather the best mouse for iPad, serious alternatives to Apple’s proposal with which you can work comfortably and get the most out of the iPadOS 14 operating system.

1. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Best Mouse for iPad 2021

Apple’s Magic Mouse is the company’s official one for its MacBook and iMac, which does not imply that it may be the best solution for the new iPad Pro, since its size may exceed what you can consider compact to carry everywhere. .

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In fact, the most Apple fans are divided as there are those who find it too flat and uncomfortable, making its handling less practical. Many others see it as elegant, simple and consistent with the Apple aesthetic.

You can use the multi-touch surface of the Magic Mouse 2 to make simple gestures in the interface of iPad OS and be able to move from one web page to another in a simple way, as well as the act of scrolling through your different documents.

You can buy the mouse in both silver and space gray, a color that was previously exclusive to the iMac Pro, although keep in mind that choosing this color will cost you a little more.

2. Logitech MX Ergo

Best Mouse for iPad 2021

If this wireless mouse differs in anything from the rest of the solutions discussed here, it is in the inclination that it presents of about 20 degrees on the horizontal plane in order to eliminate the tension of the carpal tunnel of your wrist after working for several hours with it.

It keeps the scroll wheel located in its central part, in order to be easily accessible. In addition, it has a trackball that matches the natural position of your thumb so you can move more comfortably.

And the fact is that the MX Ergo from Logitech is a mouse that despite not being compact at all, is aimed at all those who spend long hours working in front of the screen, even if it is that of a tablet like the iPad Pro.

You can connect it to two devices simultaneously and work at the same time jumping from one to another with the press of a button, thanks to Logitech Flow technology, such as copying and pasting text, as well as images and files between computers.

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Its internal battery can be charged through the micro USB connector, which allows that with a full charge you can face up to 4 months of use. For its part, a single minute of feeding allows autonomy for a whole day of work.

3. Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

Best Mouse for iPad 2021

One of the wireless Bluetooth mouse recommendations made by Microsoft for its Surface computers can be another great option to accompany your new iPad Pro if you want to provide it with a mouse-supported interface management.

The Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse is a mouse developed for ambidextrous, quite flat and compact in size that will allow you to store anywhere. It is quite similar to the official Apple, but with the mind set on Windows.

It has a scroll wheel, in addition to the two left and right buttons. It is powered by two AAA alkaline batteries with which it offers a long autonomy, estimated at almost a year, due to the great efficiency it offers when using Bluetooth 4.1 low consumption.

4. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

Best Mouse for iPad 2021

The MX Anywhere 2S is a tremendously compact mouse, belonging to the renowned Logitech brand, with which you can work anywhere and on any surface, because it uses a 4000 dpi sensor that allows it to work even on surfaces such as glass.

Another of the peculiarities of the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S is that you can work with up to three computers at the same time, admitting in all of them the function of copying and pasting text between them by simply selecting a button to jump from one computer to another, either Windows , macOS or iPadOS.

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The mouse is wireless and supports fast battery charging, since with just 3 minutes of charging it is possible to reach enough power to work all day. With a full charge, the estimated usage time can be up to 70 days.

It has a USB receiver and 7 buttons to which you can associate actions. It also includes a gesture button and a super fast scroll wheel to move quickly and precisely through documents, spreadsheets or the web browser.

Finally, its weight of just 106 grams makes it extremely compact for easy grip and handling. It also has light indicators to report battery status and 3 additional ones located at the base of the device.

5. Razer Atheris

Best Mouse for iPad 2021

Available with two finishes in white or black, the mouse proposed by Razer maintains the essence of the brand within the world of the gaming enthusiast, but without losing the functionality that a compact wireless mouse should offer to be associated with any tablet .

The Razer Atheris stands out for offering key features such as dual connectivity and more than 300 hours of continuous use in an ergonomic and compact format. Its 7,200 dpi optical sensor is one of the highest for this type of mobile mouse.

With this figure, you can move through spreadsheets displayed on your iPad Pro quickly and precisely, even if you have chosen to add a second screen to your iPad and work with multi-window mode or 4K screens.

It has up to 5 fully customizable buttons to suit the user, and in the design Razer has taken into account the development of a solution for ambidextrous, so that everyone can enjoy its functionality. It is powered for use by 2 AA batteries.

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