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What is The Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

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Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

Christmas has arrived, and the various celebrations have taken center stage on the calendar. Because each holiday celebrates a historical event, these days are unique in terms of traditions and significance. Hanging mistletoe is one of these customs: it’s a plant that’s been shrouded in tales and stories since the 17th century in Scandinavian countries, eventually spreading throughout Europe.

Mistletoe (Viscum album) is one of the most popular Christmas decorating plants. What does it really mean now? At Christmas, what do you do with mistletoe? When should you install it and how can you utilize it to beautify your home? Continue reading this intriguing post if you want to learn more about the Christmas mistletoe tradition and get answers to all of your questions.

What is the Mistletoe Tradition at Christmas

Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

Christmas mistletoe is a Scandinavian mythology that first gained popularity in the seventeenth century. The current legend, which originated in Scandinavian countries, can be traced back to the Celtic history of mistletoe. It was a sacred plant for the Druids, who belonged to the priestly class in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Celtic Europe, and northern Spain, and were credited with functions such as curing and riddling, as well as teaching and judging.

The Druids thought the mistletoe plant to be magical since it remained green throughout the year and included other mystical and medicinal characteristics, according to the Christmas mistletoe mythology. They also believed it was a plant capable of bringing peace, so you could celebrate a wedding or call a ceasefire from a conflict under the mistletoe.

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The significance of mistletoe at Christmas began to take on a more romantic sense in the 18th century. The Scandinavian population believed that under the influence of the plant, young people would be unable to refuse a kiss, resulting in the start of a passionate love connection. This belief extended across Europe to the point where it was seen as a formal wedding request and a forecast of a long-lasting marriage with many children.

The Christmas story about mistletoe says that it should never touch the ground after being cut. As a result, it is commonly displayed in many homes throughout the year as a symbol of protection against large storms and calamities.

When to Put The Mistletoe

Where should the mistletoe be placed for good luck? When are you supposed to put it on? According to custom, the kiss under the mistletoe must take place on Christmas Eve by hanging the plant on the threshold of a door. As a result, this day is chosen to put it on, and it is thought that the kissed person will be able to discover love and, if they already have it, will be able to preserve it for a long time.

Tradition of Mistletoe at Christmas

Currently, this custom is associated with love and good fortune. As a result, if you try to figure out what mistletoe symbolizes during Christmas, you’ll find more references to love stories nowadays, despite the fact that the plant was once thought to be a medicinal medicine and a symbol of peace.

And it’s true that in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the mistletoe was thought to be a beautiful plant with fantastic properties since it was thought to be a unique species: the roots were never in contact with the earth because it grew on tree branches.

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How to Decorate with Mistletoe for Christmas

Decorate with Mistletoe for Christmas

After discussing the Christmas mistletoe ritual, its history, and its significance, it’s crucial to specify when the mistletoe should be burned. It is customarily put on the front entrance of the house around Christmas to capture all of the bad vibes and horrible things that occur within.

If you desire to follow this practice, the mistletoe is kept hanging all year, and the old mistletoe is burnt on December 13 of the following year. The fire is used to burn away the afflictions that the mistletoe has captured, and new mistletoe is hung, which must be done by Christmas Eve, December 24th.

If you’re wondering how else mistletoe can be utilized to decorate the house for Christmas than hanging it on the door threshold, here are a few ideas, although there are bound to be more.

  • Mistletoe is supposed to be presented as a gift at Christmas, according to tradition. As a result, if you receive mistletoe as a gift, you can hang it on or near the front entrance to deter evil spirits from entering the house. It will be placed in the hall in this manner, contributing to a more festive mood.
  • The living room is another location in the house where you can put the plant because it is where you receive visitors and spend the majority of your time. Placing a flower in the dining room, preferably high so that everyone can see it, will be enough to draw good omens.
  • You can hang mistletoe on a table where you gather with family and friends, as well as on the sofa, in addition to the ceiling or wall of the living room. You will spend many times with your loved ones in these rooms during the Christmas holidays, so it will help to create a pleasant mood and protect everyone present from evil spirits.
  • Even if you have stairs inside the house, a bouquet of mistletoe can be hung on the top to cover the entire house in this plant.
  • You can also mix and match this Christmas plant with others. Mistletoe and holly, for example, are frequently combined to create bouquets and wreaths, which can be placed on the front entrance, in the centre of the table, or on top of an exposed shelf or on the shelf. from the fireplace.
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Now that you have known the history of mistletoe well, we encourage you decorate this Christmas like a pro.

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