What is and How to Make an Advent Wreath?

How to Make Advent Wreath

Discover the significance of this traditional Christmas ornament and incorporate it into your home design.

The most anticipated time for decorators is yet to arrive. The holiday season has begun, and with it, everything is being done to create ideal environments in which to receive Christmas. If you want to decorate your home with vintage ornaments, you’ll enjoy learning about the history of the advent wreath and how to construct one.

What is an Advent Wreath?

The crown of this decoration is constructed of pine branches, and it is surrounded by four candles. This Christmas season, it’s customary to see it in centerpieces or as Christmas wreaths on front doors.

What is the Meaning of Advent Wreath?

How to Make Advent Wreath

The crown is a Christian symbol that marks the beginning of Advent, a four-week period of spiritual preparation for the celebration of Christ’s birth and the arrival of Christmas.

This crown was a sign of hope and prosperity for the Europeans who witnessed the beginning of this custom. After the winter season, the circle depicts nature’s rebirth.

Candles, on the other hand, were lit to worship the sun deity. They are a celebration of life, and their light serves as a beacon to guide us through the darkest and coldest days of the year.

Christians then embraced this practice to convey their faith and the significance of Christmas as evangelizing progressed.

The circle represents the seasons, the branches and leaves represent nature, and the candles signify the beginning of life through light in Christian beliefs.

When does Advent 2021 Start?

This year, Advent began on November 28. It is customary to begin four Sundays before the Christmas feast.

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For Christians, the first Sunday of Advent marks the start of the religious year, signaling the start of the countdown to Christmas.

When are the Advent Wreath Candles Lit?

How to Make Advent Wreath

Every Sunday, a candle must be lit on the Advent wreath, which is made up of four candles that signify the four Sundays before Christmas.

The Dates for Each Sunday of Advent

First Sunday of Advent: The 28th of November. It sends a message of alertness to the devout as they await the return of God.

Second Sunday of Advent: 5th of December It is a symbol of patience and diligent preparation for the Lord’s coming.

Third Sunday of Advent: 12th of December It is a symbol of joy for the impending arrival.

Fourth Sunday of Advent: 19th of December. With a message of serious preparation for the Christmas mystery.

How to Make an Advent Wreath?

How to Make Advent Wreath

Using pine or fir branches, create a circle. You can use items like cardboard, sheets of paper, ribbon, and recycle material if you want to get creative.

If you don’t have any natural branches, you can construct some out of fabric or paper, or use plastic ones.

They place four candles, in general, in three colors: white, red, or purple, once the crown circle has been formed.

Place it in the center of the table or wherever it looks best with decorating components like red ribbons, garlands, berries, and Christmas flowers.

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