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TV Units Designs: Ideas and Features of TV Units to Style your Home

by Blaky
TV Units Designs

For many, the TV remains an important part of the interior and equipment for relaxation. A special cabinet will help to complement and provide a convenient placement of this element. To make the accessory look beautiful and harmonious, do not rush to buy the first available option. From our article, you will find out which shapes, colors, and configurations are right for you so that the selection process itself will not be so difficult.


TV Units Designs

First of all, decide on the material from which the cabinet will be made. The style of this element of the interior will directly depend on it. Paying attention to this parameter, you will reliably decide whether the furniture is suitable for a particular room. Let’s try to systematize the most popular types.

Wooden TV Units

TV Units Designs

A representative of the eternal classics, a material that has remained relevant for many centuries. Natural, eco-friendly, and pleasant, it will harmoniously complement the current interior. It is possible to choose a TV unit following any interior, style, and financial capabilities of the owners. Manufacturers offer products both in standard colors and in more exotic and unusual colors. Even the most ordinary option – pine – can be painted in any shade.

Glass TV Units

An organic solution for modern interiors. Placing a heavy and bulky TV on such a table will most likely not work, but most models of recent years are extremely light. Such pedestals look unusual and elegant. It is not worth saving when choosing a glass unit since it must be durable and of high quality. At the moment, you can purchase a glass piece of furniture in all kinds of colors.

Metal TV Units

TV Units Designs

Such cabinets are not suitable for every room design. These tables look great in a minimalist or hi-tech style. You can also get a fascinating combination if you combine metal with another material, for example, wood – such furniture will fit into many styles.

TV Units Made of Chipboard or MDF

TV Units Designs

Particleboard or MDF offers a rather versatile modern design, but their durability leaves much to be desired.

Plastic TV Units

TV Units Designs

Another representative of available materials, which is highly practical and easy to clean. Cheap options can hardly be called durable since scratches and other mechanical damages appear on smooth surfaces. More expensive models are much more durable. The undoubted advantage of plastic is the wide variety of shapes and shades.

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TV Units Made of Combined Materials

Perhaps the most original solution for a TV stand. As a rule, such furniture is made to order, but many manufacturers still offer products from several types of surfaces. For example, there are tables made of wood or metal combined with glass or metal and wood.

Types of TV Units

TV Units Designs

TV Units Designs

Modern cabinets can be divided into several groups, based on the design features:

  • The stand is a familiar TV stand. To mount the TV, there is a bracket that rotates in different directions. Also, this design allows you to fix the LCD TV and not be afraid that it will fall.
  • Standard cabinet. Designed for TV installation only.
  • Chest of drawers. A convenient variety can also store various additional setups such as speakers, home theater systems, or game consoles.
  • Suspended. Such a solution will save a little useful space, but it is worth remembering that hanging pedestals cannot withstand a lot of weight. So try not to overload them.
  • Corner pedestals. It is convenient to place them in the corner of the room, but as the main disadvantage, we will designate the fact that you will not install a TV with a large diagonal. It differs from the previous options only in its angular shape, and configurations with shelves and drawers are similar.

What to Look for When Choosing TV Units

TV Units Designs

When choosing a TV stand, ask about characteristics such as withstand weight, storage space, maximum load, and more.

  • The size. Consider the dimensions of all the necessary items that will be installed on the cabinet, such as a TV, players, or tuners. They should fit into the curbstone and not go beyond it.
  • Load. Modern TVs are lightweight, but fragile cabinets are very unstable. If you have small children in the house, you cannot do without a sturdy TV stand.
  • Storage volume. This parameter is important for owners of small apartments because every square meter is a necessary part of the space. The curbstones can store books, place indoor plants next to the TV, or any other useful little things.
  • The form. The wide range of bollards can be quite confusing. Try to focus on the overall design of the interior, as well as the parameters listed above.
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Factory-made furniture has a variety of options. But are all of the high quality? First, choose a brand that has a lot of positive reviews. Then, take a closer look at the build quality, material, and warranty period. This will allow you to choose the highest-quality copy.

It is important to understand that a TV stand is not an element of the interior on which you need to save money because expensive equipment will be installed on it. Plus, the poor-quality look of the furniture will ruin the impression of the whole room, especially if the electronics occupy the central part of the composition.

Functional Details of the TV Units

TV Units Designs

TV Units Designs

When choosing a cabinet in a store, pay attention to several features:

  • Wheels. Convenient for moving the table under the TV, but this design is unstable. Therefore, if you have children, it is better to refuse such a function.
  • Compartments and drawers. The more there are, the more spacious your cabinet will be. It can be both open and hidden behind glass shelves. Please pay attention to their number, size, and purpose.
  • Holes to hide wires. They can be located in the back wall of the cabinet or on its tabletop. Of course, they can be made independently, but their presence will not be superfluous.
  • Doors. The choice of the door opening system also depends on the size of your room. If you have a large room, then swinging ones are suitable, but it is better to choose a sliding option in conditions of limited space.

Choice of Color for the TV Units

TV Units Designs

Not many will agree to buy furniture without looking. Color is of great importance, and it determines the mood and motive of the room. Pay attention to the following aspects: the overall design of the cabinet, as well as the color of all parts; shades of other furniture elements; the color of equipment and other details on the pedestal.

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If you prefer an eco-style, it is better to choose a white cabinet or natural wood patterns. But if the interior is decorated in a classic style, then the wood from which the cabinet is made should be in darker tones, and the structure itself may become more massive, with pleasant and neat patterns.

For modern interiors, glossy bedside tables are preferable, the color of which will repeat the shade of the TV case. This way, you get an amazing effect – the stand and the technique will merge into one whole. At the same time, the stand can rhyme with other details of the space design.

Features of the TV Room

TV Units Designs

TV Units Designs

When you have decided on the shape, color, and design of the cabinet, it’s time to pay attention to another important aspect – the room’s purpose.

A multifunctional cabinet is perfect for a spacious living room, which can be made in the form of a chest of drawers or the modular composition element.

If you are decorating a small room, it would be appropriate to install a fairly spacious drawer chest. But it is worth remembering that there should not be other large elements along the wall, which will have this piece of furniture.

When choosing a bedside table for your bedroom, look at compact, minimalist models that will not overload the sitting area.

As the proud owner of a spacious country house, you are almost unlimited. The main thing is that the curbstone fits the overall interior design and takes its place of honor.

When decorating a children’s room, give preference to the safest materials, rounded shapes, and structural strength. This will help protect your child’s equipment and health.

In the kitchen, there is hardly a convenient place for a full-fledged cabinet. Better to hang the TV on the wall.

No matter how detailed and colorful the descriptions and characteristics of various types of TV units, our article can most clearly demonstrate their useful qualities and configurations.

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